Reptile Questions

Why is my leopard gecko so aggressive?

Other reason for aggressiveness in leopard geckos can be improper temperatures in the tank. Very low temperature is likely to make your leopard gecko angry and lethargic. If the temperature is too high, a leopard gecko will be trying to hide a lot and climb the glass to escape.

Why Is My Leopard Gecko Aggressive? There are many reasons why a leopard gecko could be displaying aggressive behavior, but this one is by far probably one of the most common ones. If you don't know what cohabiting is, then basically it's when two or more animals live in the same enclosure or area.

How To Tame An Aggressive Leopard Gecko? The best way to tame an aggressive leopard gecko is to present yourself as not a threat. To them, you will find that leopard geckos, especially when they are new, have a natural fear towards human beings.

Why Does My Leopard Gecko Keep Trying To Escape The Tank?

Non-stimulating environment - Leopard geckos can get bored with their environment and the habitat in your gecko's tank is too bare or boring they will start to try to get outside their tank where it looks more interesting. Confusion - Most animals don't understand glass and will not know why they cannot pass through it.

How Do You Know If Your Leopard Gecko Is Sick? You might also notice sick leopard geckos staying in their hides or under other objects in the tank. These animals might be too weak to lift themselves off their stomachs onto their legs or remain in the same spot. If you see your Leo acting like this, an immediate trip to the veterinarian is in order.

What Is A Super Stealth Leopard Gecko? A Super Stealth is a combination of the Leopard Gecko genetic traits RADARand Super Snow. It combines three different homozygousgenetic traits, Eclipse, Bell Albino, and Super Snow. It also includes the Patternlesstrait.

What Kind Of Leopard Gecko Has Yellow Spots? The high yellow is a very unique leopard gecko in that the morph often varies from one breeder to the next. These geckos have very few spots but are easily identifiable by their bright yellow body. 8. Jungle This leopard gecko displays black spots which connect in order to form a unique pattern. This is often similar to camouflage.

Is 85 Degrees Too Low For A Leopard Gecko? December 14, 2016 at 11:20 pm If the 85 is on the floor (as measured by a digital thermometer with probe) it's a bit low (low 90's is best). If it's the air temp it's a bit high (while leopard geckos can do fine during summer heat waves, consistent temps are best in the 70's and consistent high temps can lead to dehydration).

When Is The Best Time To Feed A Leopard Gecko?

The best time of a day to feed your leopard gecko is the in the evening, when they naturally start hunting. Feed hatchling and baby leopard geckos (up to 4 months old) every day - they will eat around 4-8 crickets or 1-3 worms per feeding.

Will A Leopard Gecko's Tail Grow Back? If you see a leopard gecko in a pet store that is lacking a tail or if you accidentally injure your own leopard gecko to the point of losing its tail, you might be wondering if the gecko's tail will grow back. It is in fact true that some species of lizards can regenerate their tails and leopard geckos are fortunately one of these species!

How Long Is Leopard Gecko Lifespan? The leopard gecko lifespan varies between wild geckos and those in captivity. In the wild, the common leopard gecko lifespan is around 6 to 8 years. A pet leopard gecko may live much longer, even up to 20 years! If well cared for, leopard geckos can live long and fulfilling lives.

What Kind Of Supplement Do I Give A Leopard Gecko? If you are using Repashy CalciumPlus, no additional multivitamin is necessary. Since leopard geckos are insectivores and unlikely to be able to convert carotene to vitamin A, they need a supplement that contains vitamin A (retinol) rather than beta carotene . Leopard geckos readily drink water from a dish, so fresh water must be available.

How Long Do Leopard Gecko UVB Light Bulbs Last? This UVB bulb can last up to a year and it is significantly longer than other bulbs. Therefore, you can save a decent amount when not having to invest too much light bulbs with low life. And you do not have to have trouble changing light bulbs too often. Not only has this long life, this leopard gecko UVB bulb can emit beneficial UVA and UVB light.

Why Does My Leopard Gecko Keep Opening His Mouth?

Leopard gecko opening mouth and shaking head Your leopard gecko might be suffering from a neurological disorder if it's opening mouth, shaking its head and running in circles. Leopard geckos do sneeze normally, but it's often quick. Your leopard gecko might also open its mouth when trying to swallow a bug or when it's choking.

Why Is One Of My Leopard Gecko's Eyes Closed? If there is shed skin stuck on top of your leopard gecko's eye (s), he/she will try to wipe it off with his/her tongue or claw it off and might keep one eye closed during this process as it could be irritated from this shedding process.

Can You Brumate A Sick Leopard Gecko? It is always wise to have your vet inspect your leopard geckos (or any other reptile) before brumation begins. Sick or stressed lizards should not be brumated, and your vet will be better able to spot the subtle signs of impending illness than you will.

What Happens When A Leopard Gecko Molts? Leopard geckos are susceptible to skin infections which can occur when they're molting. Molting can cause leopard geckos to lose weight and this can lead to other health problems. Leopard geckos are sensitive to extreme temperatures. If they get too cold, their skin can dry out and they won't be able to shed properly.

What To Do If Your Leopard Gecko Has Parasites? Take your leopard gecko's stool, put it in a plastic box or a Ziploc back, refrigerate it and take it to the vet for the test. If a parasitic infection is confirmed, your vet will start leopard gecko's treatment. In this case, you will need to move your leopard gecko to a temporary housing with paper towels as a substrate.

How Old Is This Female Leopard Gecko?

gorgeous female leopard gecko. dad is an albino eclipse (she may carry the eclipse gene) and mum is a hypo tangerine. lovely temperament, healthy and potential breeder. Female leopard gecko believed to be approx 1 year old.

Can A Leopard Gecko Be A Good Pet? Few lizards make better pets than leopard geckos ( Eublepharis macularius ). They're small, without being so diminutive that they present husbandry challenges, they're typically docile and easy to handle, and they are easy to house.

How Big Does A Leopard Gecko Get As An Adult? As they grow, young juvenile geckos measure between three grams to 30 grams for ten months. A leopard gecko reaches adulthood at 12 months of age and can grow up to 120 grams. Adult female geckos reach 7 inches to 8 inches.

How Often To Feed My Leopard Gecko? Leopard Gecko Feeder Insect InformationLeopard Gecko Feeder Insect Nutritional Breakdown. Reptiles need an equal amount of calcium to process phosphorus. ...Benefits of Buying Leopard Gecko Feeder Insects in Bulk. ...Benefit #1: It's Convenient. ...Benefit #2: It Allows for Gut-loading. ...

Why Is My Leopard Gecko Bleeding From His Toe? Toe bleeding can be caused by a stuck shed which your leopard gecko has pulled off, causing injury or it can be due to injury. It is important that you keep the toe clean and dry. You can use an iodine solution, such as betadine, gently dabbing it onto the bleeding toe twice daily to reduce the risk of infection.

What To Do If Your Leopard Gecko Is Brumating?

If you think your leopard gecko is brumating, you should: Keep the basking area between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Reduce the tank temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Reduce daylight period to between 8 to 10 hours a day. 2. Eating Old Skin

Can You House A Leopard Gecko With ES? It is highly advised to house leopard geckos with ES alone. This is because they are more vulnerable and have trouble eating, and other leopard geckos can bully affected leopard gecko and cause it stress. Stress will worsen the ES symptoms in your leopard gecko, so try to avoid it fully.

What Side Of The Tank Should A Leopard Gecko Live In? Leopard gecko moist hide placement If you are thinking whether you need to place leopard gecko's moist hide in a warm or cool side of the tank, then the answer is the warm side. Placing a moist hide in the cool side of the tank will make it cold inside, causing respiratory and other issues in your leopard gecko.

What Is An Enigma Leopard Gecko? An Enigma is a Leopard Gecko which is a dominant morph. When classifying an Enigma, there are a few common features which all Enigmas seem to have. When they hatch out, their spots tend to be blotches rather than bands.

How To Feed A Leopard Gecko Crickets? To dust your feeder insects, you will need to purchase a commercial calcium powder, often also containing vitamin D3, and place it on the insects before each feeding. Most Leopard geckos will eat about two crickets per inch of body size. We recommend mealworms for most people because they are quiet, long-lasting, and nutritious.