Reptile Questions

Why is my crested gecko not pooping?

If your crested gecko has not pooped for 10 days or more, it could be a sign of impaction & constipation. Are you keeping it on the loose substrate?

Why Is My Crested Gecko Pooping Solid Poop? Usually, it only means that your crested gecko needs more rough food in the diet to produce solid feces. In this case, offer your crested gecko live or at least freeze dried insects, such as these crickets, once or twice a week.

Can Baby Gargoyle Geckos Live With Crested Gecko? Juvenile or baby gargoyle geckos however should not be housed together as they tend to be more cannibalistic. Crested geckos and the other New Caledonian geckos have a couple options when it comes to feeding.

Which Terrarium Plants To Use In A Crested Gecko Tank?

Pothos plant - a beautiful plant with broad leaves. ...Dracaena plant - another beautiful plant that crested geckos can use to hide under. ...Ficus benjamina, or a weeping fig - make sure branches are strong enough to hold your crested gecko or place a branch underneath the leaves.Peperomia, such as Peperomia orbaBird's nest fern, or Asplenium nidusMore items...

Can A Crested And Gargoyle Gecko Breed Year Round? Crested and Gargoyle geckos can be breed year round but keep in mind that temps and light cycles are really important for a female to know when to start and stop producing eggs. If you live in an area that gets super cold in the off season and you can not regulate temperature, then you are better off just waiting for it to get warmer.

How To Tell If A Crested Gecko Is Skinny? Skinny crested geckos will have pelvic bones sticking out and will be thin around limbs and neck. Hatchling and baby crested geckos should grow quickly, and gain around 1-2 grams each month until they become adults at around 18-24 months.

What Does MBD Look Like In A Crested Gecko? MBD in crested geckos generally takes the form of disfigured bones, especially in the spine, hips and tail. Weak jawbones are also a sign of MBD, as are swollen limbs. Providing a balanced diet is crucial to prevent this crippling disease!

Why Is My Crested Gecko Making A Chirping Noise? You will usually find that your crested gecko makes a chirping noise when it feels uncomfortable. This can be because of any number of situations but being handled tends to be the most common. If your crested gecko makes to many chirping noises when it is being handled it is probably time to give it some alone time.

What Do You Feed A Crested Gecko?

The Crested Gecko Diet 1 Diet basics. Before you start feeding your crested gecko you'll need to know what can be fed to your little lizard. 2 Vitamins and mineral supplements. When offering insects and worms, you should be gut-loading and dusting them. ... 3 Treats for crested geckos. ... 4 Harmful foods. ...

What Is An Axanthic Crested Gecko? The axanthic crested gecko is a black and white crested gecko that has been proven to be a simple recessive crested gecko morph. The axanthic gene removes all the color from the gecko. Multiple breeders are working with the Axanthic line, Altitude Exotics, A woman in Florida, Wild Things, and probably a few others.

What Should My Crested Gecko's Humidity Be? Ideal crested gecko humidity is around 50-60%, with some periods (up to few hours a day) of up to 70-75%. If after shedding the problem persists, clean your crested gecko's feet with a cloth or cotton buds. If your crested gecko is dehydrated, it will have issues with sticking.

What Else Can Live With Your Crested Gecko? Can a green anole live with a crested gecko? Providing you have a large enough terrarium, reptiles like crested geckos are fine housed together. The same goes for smaller rainforest lizards such as green anoles, which can even be housed together with crested geckos generally without incident, giving you a greater variety in your reptile home.

What Type Of Enclosure Is Best For A Crested Gecko? There are a variety of different enclosure styles that'll work for crested geckos, but plastic storage boxes and glass terraria are the two most popular (and effective) options.

How To Make Your Crested Gecko Grow Faster?

Some aspects you would especially like to consider on this decision include:Give more importance to height than width. So if it is a fish tank in which you plan to house your crested gecko, make sure it is high enough for ...Provide branches within the habitat that your crestie can climb up or down on.The habitat must have a secure cover so that your crestie cannot leap out and get hurt.

Why Is My Crested Gecko's Skin Red? Very wet environment can result in your gecko's skin becoming inflamed and red. Furthermore, the skin can even slough off and become infected Most Crested gecko skin infection cases are 100% preventable by providing your gecko with good husbandry.

How To Take Care Of Crested Gecko? Part 3 Part 3 of 3: Handling Your Crestie Download ArticleGroup your geckos if you have more than one (Not recommended). Crested geckos will live just fine all by themselves.Avoid handling your gecko at first. It takes cresties some time to get used to a new environment. ...Handle your gecko gently. ...Don't be alarmed if your gecko loses its tail. ...Note that crested geckos get stressed out easily. ...

What Is The Habitat Of A Crested Gecko? Crested geckos are a species of gecko that is native to the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. They live in moist forest habitats with dense vegetation such as rainforest canopies, vine thickets, or mangroves. While they're endemic in their land of origin, these lizards are kept as pets in other parts of the world.

How Much Does A Full Grown Crested Gecko Weigh? Average weight of a full-grown crested gecko Fully grown male crested geckos - 25 grams Fully grown female crested geckos - 35 to 55 grams When is a crested gecko considered underweight?

Why Is My Crested Gecko Bury Itself In The Substrate?

If your crested gecko is a female and she is gravid, this is normal behavior and you should make all the arrangements for laying eggs. If she has been digging, check the spot for eggs (1-2 per laying). Another reason why your crested gecko is burying itself in the substrate is too cool down in the hot tank.

How To Decorate A Crested Gecko Terrarium? However, as you select and arrange decorations for your gecko, keep in mind these 3 basic requirements for crested gecko terrarium decorations: Crested geckos will use the foliage in their enclosures as makeshift hides, often picking one or two favorite spots.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Sick Crested Gecko? Main symptoms that your crested gecko is impacted is a bloated belly, weight gain, no pooping and refusing to eat. However, if your crested gecko has been declining for some time, then this is potentially something that has been going on for a while.

What Kind Of Water Do You Spray A Crested Gecko With? The water you use to mist should be tap water, which contains minerals vital for crested geckos. Never use distilled, softened or filtered water! If you don't want to spray each day with a misting bottle or live in a dry area and keep the humidity levels up is a problem, you want to invest in a humidifier.

Can A Crested Gecko Bite With Its Small Teeth? Crested geckos have very small teeth and can bite, but they shouldn't normally do it too often. Usually, their bites don't break skin. But if it bites with more power, it can break your skin. Sometimes, crested geckos might become aggressive or generally bite you for some other reasons. Well, there are few reasons for crested gecko biting:

What Size Kritter Do I Need For A Baby Crested Gecko?

I use small, medium, and large kritter keepers for young and juvenile crested geckos. guy1 on January 18, 2011: how big should a baby geckos tank be Whitney (author) from Georgia on January 11, 2011: It is very important for the tank to be taller than wider.

How Long For Crested Gecko Eggs To Hatch? The most important points to remember are the following:Laying the eggs. ...Storing and looking after the eggs. ...Checking on the eggs. ...Hatching. ...After hatching, the babies can either be kept together in the same enclosure (10 gallons) until the male geckos reach sexual maturity; or can be placed in individual enclosures (5 ...

What Can I Feed My Dalmatian Crested Gecko? The easiest way to feed your gecko is to use a commercial diet and supplement insects like crickets, roaches, wax worms, and silkworms occasionally. It's important to select gut-loaded insects so that the gecko gets all of the calcium and vitamin D3 it needs. As a treat, you can feed your Dalmatian Crested Gecko smashed fruit.

What Is The Difference Between A Leachie Gecko And A Crested Gecko? The Crested Gecko is a similar species, originating in the same region, but is more friendly and easier to care for. A Leachie Gecko can be quite expensive to take care of.

What Is A Fired Up Crested Gecko? A fired up crested gecko is the term that is used when a crested geckos skin tone changes color. You will notice that the skin goes a lot darker and this can make it look more defined. The reasons for this happening are not known exactly but there are many theories.

What Kind Of Crested Gecko Is White With Black Spots?

Moonglow Crested Gecko The moonglow morph produces beautiful snow white crested geckos, which are definitely a stand out gecko. Mixed with the dalmatian trait, the spot contrast beautifully against the start white of their body. 7. Black Crested Gecko

What Is The Average Growth Time For A Crested Gecko? Most breeders estimate it takes 1 to 2 years for a baby to become an adult, with the average being around 18 months. This is not always the case. Sometimes, it appears that crested geckos hatched and reared in certain locations grow slower than others.

Is It Normal For A Crested Gecko To Sleep A Lot? But during other times, and mostly through the day, your crested gecko will be either hiding and sleeping, or very sluggish. Don't be alarmed if your crested gecko is not climbing or moving around too much during the day - it is normal.

Can A Crested Gecko Live In A 10-gallon Tank? If they can find their food in it, juvenile crested geckos (weighing more than 10 grams) can also live in a converted 20-gallon long tank. However, smaller juveniles need to be kept in smaller tanks like a 10-gallon tank or terrarium.

What Is The Best Crested Gecko Habitat For My House? Flunker's Repta Vines is a personal favorite and will work perfectly for any Crested Gecko setup. One package should be more than enough (nearly 6 feet in length). Every proper Crested Gecko habitat needs a feeding ledge. These natural-looking ledges attach to the side of your terrarium via magnets and house your gecko's food and water dishes.

Why Does My Crested Gecko Look More Defined?

You will notice that the skin goes a lot darker and this can make it look more defined. The reasons for this happening are not known exactly but there are many theories. So now we know what the term means, have you seen it in your own crested gecko?

How Big Is A Crested Gecko Enclosure? Measuring 17.7 x 17.7 x 35.4 inches, it provides excellent height for crested geckos who enjoy climbing. You can absolutely set up lots of plants and vines as well as other accessories to create a climbing space for pets.

How To Tell If My Crested Gecko Is Shedding? The crested gecko will start by licking off the old skin from its snout. The skin will slowly come off. Your crested gecko will use its mouth and tongue to peel off the entire old skin layer and eat it. It's sometimes not easy to tell if your crested gecko has shed because it will eat the skin (also called ceratophagia ).

What Does A Crested Gecko Look Like? Crested geckos are among the largest gecko species and typically range from 6 - 10 inches (15 - 25 cm) in length, including 4 - 6 inches (10 - 15 cm) of tail length. Among the most distinctive features of these geckos are the hair-like projections found above the eyes, which greatly resemble eyelashes.

Why Is My Female Crested Gecko Not Laying Eggs? If your gravid female crested gecko stops moving, you might want to check that she does not have egg binding. This is when the eggs become stuck in the oviducts. This can be caused by certain deficiencies in her diet, such as calcium, or if she is physically too small, or even if there is not a decent place for her to lay the eggs.

What Is Bedding For Crested Gecko?

The substrate used with crested geckos should be one that not only promotes humidity but is easy to spot clean as well. Orchid (fir) bark, cypress mulch, coco bedding, or a combination are all excellent choices.

How To Find A Crested Gecko That Has Escaped? If you are sure your crested gecko has escaped, you need to find and bring it back. But how to find your gecko? One of the ways is to place newspaper or bags on the floor in evening/at night and close the doors (if there is no chance it went to another room).

What Is The Difference Between A Dalmatian Crested And Red Flame Gecko? Red flame crested geckos are also Harlequins. They are red in color and have yellow lines on the back. Creamsicle crested geckos are Flames or Harlequins. They have an orange background and white or cream stripes on the back and the head. Dalmatian crested geckos have a different number or small spots (usually black) on their bodies.