Reptile Questions

Why did the snake-lizard kill his mother?

Why did the snake-lizard kill his mother and himself? The snake-lizard gave his mother seven baskets of raw vegetables to cook. When they yielded only three baskets of cooked vegetables, he killed her. Then, he brought another seven baskets of raw vegetables and cooked them himself; again they yielded three baskets of cooked vegetables.

How Fast Can A Venomous Snake Kill You? Beside this, how fast can the most venomous snake kill you? Black mamba The black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) can move at speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour (5.5 meters per second), and its bite can kill a human being in less than 30 minutes. How fast can a taipan snake kill you?

Can A Platypus Kill A Snake? The male platypus carries venom and can kill a small animal with its venom but can be painful for humans but not likely to kill a human. Will a snake die from a platypus's venom? Platypus venom would certainly be enough to kill a snake - but the snake could well inject its own venom in the platypus at the same time.

Can A Saltwater Crocodile Kill A Large Snake?

Its smaller relative the Nile crocodile, which also has a weaker bite than a saltwater, has been known to kill animals much larger than an anaconda. So the saltwater crocodile, with the strongest recorded bite in the world, would most likely crush the snake, figuratively and literally.

Is There A Snake That Can Not Kill In Two Steps? That would be the many banded krait, Bungarus multicinctus. It was a false belief - the snake can not kill within two steps, yet it is an extremely venomous elapid. In fact it is in the top 10 most toxic snakes (as measured by the LD50 scale).

How Many Times Does Snake Kill Big Boss In Metal Gear? Metal Gear Solid V ended with the revelation that you hadn't been playing as Big Boss, but as a man who had been brainwashed and surgically altered to think and look like he was Big Boss. It was a leftfield twist but one that explains how Snake kills Big Boss twice in the Metal Gear games.

Will A CCI Big 4 Shot Kill A Snake? A few years ago, CCI introduced what it calls its Big 4 shotshell load that substitutes the tiny No. 9 or No. 12 shot with No. 4 lead pellets that gives each individual pellet more penetration power. In doing so, it will still kill snakes, but it also makes the load viable for larger critters like close-range skunks and vermin.

Will Tesla's New Snake Arm Kill Us In Our Sleep? The gleaming tentacle is equal parts cool and unsettling. You may recall Tesla CEO Elon Musk promising this robotic snake arm back in December. He never did say whether it might also kill us in our sleep, but there's still time.

Did Venom Snake Kill Big Boss In The Phantom Pain?

Originally, Solid Snake killed Big Boss at Outer Heaven, but it was retconned that he survived. Come The Phantom Pain, however, and it turns out that Big Boss never came because Snake actually killed Venom, not Big Boss. With that in mind, this means that Venom Snake has had a presence in the franchise since its very first installment.

Can You Kill A Tree Snake With Acetaminophen? For some reason, the snakes are almost uniquely sensitive to acetaminophen, the active ingredient in the ubiquitous over-the-counter painkiller. If you can get a tree snake to eat just 80 milligrams, you can kill it.

What Size Shot Do You Need To Kill A Snake? However, the payloads and shot sizes are naturally very small - typically No. 9 or No. 12 shot - so don't expect to take them duck hunting, but one shot to a snake's head is likely all you'll need. As such, snake loads are perfect for small, close-range and fast-moving critters such as snakes, mice, pigeons, rats and unruly iguanas.

What Animal Does Jake The Snake Use To Kill His Opponents? Jake The Snake uses pythons against his wrestling opponents. 81. The Mummy Returns (2001) Error: please try again. The mummified body of Imhotep is shipped to a museum in London, where he once again wakes and begins his campaign of rage and terror.

Did A Snake Kill Two Boys In New Brunswick? The deaths of two young boys found strangled in New Brunswick, Canada, early Monday morning have been blamed on a snake that escaped from an exotic pet store located beneath the apartment where they were staying.

Does Snake Repellent Spray Kill Snakes?

This snake repellent spray is registered by EPA and is approved to not harm snakes. It contains 28% sulfur and 7% naphthalene as active ingredients. It has a 91% success rate in keeping snakes away from the property they would otherwise visit often.

Why Was Solid Snake Sent To Kill The Pentagon? Metal Gear Solid. Liquid Snake: The Pentagon only needed for you to come into contact with us. That's what killed the ArmsTech president and Decoy Octopus. / Solid Snake: You don't mean... / Liquid Snake: That's right. You were sent in here to kill us so they could retrieve Metal Gear undamaged along with the bodies of the genome soldiers.

Can A Black Snake Kill A Copperhead? "Black snake" is very broad but the most famous black snake that kills other snakes is the blue indigo. I've never heard of one killing a copperhead but I'm sure they would.

Does Solidus Snake Kill Foxhound? Solid Snake destroys Metal Gear REX and kills the renegade FOXHOUND members, with the exception of Revolver Ocelot . A third Snake brother known as Solidus Snake is introduced as the United States President at the end of Metal Gear Solid and serves as the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Can A Snake Kill Itself By Biting Itself? A snake would kill itself only if it bites itself too hard and consequently leaves a grave wound. Snake does not intentionally kill itself. It may only be instinctively biting itself, which is caused by its own sudden movement making the reptile believe there was either a prey around or a life threat.

Is It Possible To Kill A Snake With Poison?

It is almost impossible to poison a snake because they do not eat food in the traditional way, rather choosing to kill live prey. One of the most important things to do if you are thinking about trying to kill a snake is to ensure that it is really necessary.

Is It Legal To Kill A Snake In Tennessee? In Tennessee, you can't kill a wild snake without a permit. However, as is often the case, you're within your rights to defend yourself if you are genuinely threatened by the snake. If you find a snake within your home, for example, you can kill it instead of calling pest control.

Can A Ringneck Snake Kill A Dog? A Ringneck Snakes can bite a dog if they feel threatened or provoked but its Venom is not going to cause any damage to the dog. There venomous are very weak to kill a household pet.

Is It Good Luck To Kill A Poisonous Snake? The more poisonous the snake, the better is the good fortune. The king cobra is described as a snake of extreme good fortune. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as they are also associated with some spiritual presence. They usually slither away themselves when they sense human presence.

What Kind Of Snake Can Kill A Hyena? The rare kill underscores the incredible hunting skills of Africa's largest snake, the African rock python. An African rock python (Python sebae) swallows a spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) in this footage from Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve.