Reptile Questions

Which mammals are like reptiles?

A Dimetrodon skeleton, a well known mammal-like reptile. Mammal-like reptiles is a term used to describe the prehistoric animals that appear to be the reptilian ancestors of mammals. They were the dominant terrestrial animals by the Middle Permian period.

Why Don't Reptiles Have Nephrons Like Birds And Mammals? This is because they lack a specialized structure called a loop of Henle, which is present in the nephrons of birds and mammals. Because of this, many reptiles use the colon to aid in the reabsorption of water. Some are also able to take up water stored in the bladder.

Are There Any Reptiles That Are Like Mammals? Towards mammal-like reptiles. According to present thinking, mammals evolved from an extinct group of 'mammal-like' reptiles called the therapsids, and therapsids from a family of pelycosaurs called the sphenacodonts.

Why Don't Reptiles Hibernate Like Mammals?

Hibernation in reptiles is not as well studied as hibernation in mammals. One of the challenges is that reptiles' metabolic rate - compared to mammals' - is low even when they aren't hibernating, Tattersall said. "In a mammal, the decline in metabolic needs is dramatic," Tattersall said.

Which Mammal-like Reptiles Gave Rise To Mammals? A. amniotic egg B. scales on skin C. four-legged body D. skull and vertebral column E. animals living completely on land amniotic egg The mammal-like reptiles that gave rise to mammals were the A. coelacanths.

Do Reptiles Have Complex Brains Like Mammals? They don't have a prefrontal cortex, but their brain isn't really structured much like a mammalian brain at all. Different parts of it handle different functions from where things are situated in mammals. Reptiles certainly have emotions. As for 'complex,' that really, truly depends on what you mean by complex.

Do Reptiles Breathe Like Mammals? Reptiles and amphibians have lungs and exchange gases in the capillaries like mammals, but there are some differences in how they ventilate their respiratory systems. Reptiles don't typically breathe the same way as mammals, since many reptiles lack a diaphragm.

Are Mammals Like Reptiles A Paraphyletic Term? The term "mammal-like reptiles" includes groups that are not united in this way, which makes it a paraphyletic term. The monophyly of Synapsida is not in doubt, however, and the expressions such as "Synapsida contains the mammals" and "synapsids gave rise to the mammals" both express the same phylogenetic hypothesis.

Do Birds And Reptiles Hibernate Much Like Some Mammals?

Mostly no. For the most parts birds do not hibernate because they have adapted other strategies for surviving the cold winters, such as migration. Many kinds of birds do not leave the Rocky Mountains during the winter, such as the black capped chickadees.

Do Reptiles Like To Be Held? This is particularly true of the species that already have ornery dispositions and double true of species that have been captured from the wild and not bred in captivity. Again, reptiles are not tame or domestic animals so there is never a guarantee that your pet will like being held or handled.

What Did Ancient Marine Reptiles Look Like? Unlike sharks and other fish, ancient marine reptiles were air breathers, like whales. That's because ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs and other ocean-going reptiles had evolved from creatures that once lived on land. For a long time, though, paleontologists had no idea of what the land-dwelling ancestors of these species might look like.

How Did The "mammal-like Reptiles" Survive? The "mammal-like reptiles" survived because warm-blooded animals have the capacity to produce their own body heat which allows them to live in colder environments or in areas with huge seasonal temperature contrasts.

What Is It Like To Work With Reptiles? Working with reptiles is an interesting field that allows you to travel, research and work with a team of naturalists. When working with reptiles, you can choose where to work, whether in the outdoors or behind a computer desk. Learning the different jobs that involve reptiles can help you decide if this field is the right choice for you.

What Are The Teeth Of Reptiles Like?

Reptiles have simple cheek teeth, unlike mammals which have two sets of teeth. The teeth of mammals are both deciduous and permanent along with complex cheek teeth. The bony palate of reptiles is usually incomplete.

What Do Azurophils Look Like In Reptiles? Mature azurophils are similar in size to heterophils and vary in shape from round to monocytoid in appearance. The nuclei are usually eccentric and the cytoplasm is bluish grey with azurophilic granules. Azurophils occur at relatively low numbers in healthy reptiles.

What Did Early Mammals That Lived With Dinosaurs Look Like? People used to think that the early mammals that lived with the dinosaurs were all dull and dreary. Yeah, they were all tiny, they were all kind of generalized. They couldn't do very much; they're eking out this meager existence in the undergrowth. But now we know that they seized on those small niches. So that's one example.

Do Reptiles Lay Eggs Like Birds? Like Class Aves, many reptiles are also oviparous and the production of eggs is very similar to that seen in birds. Unlike the avian egg, the normal reptile egg is thin-shelled and pliant. The male intromittent reproductive organ also displays diversity in Class Reptilia.

Are Dinosaur Eggs Like Birds' Eggs Or Reptiles' Eggs? New fossil egg discoveries show early dinosaurs and marine reptiles laid soft-shell eggs like those of turtles, snakes and lizards and not the hard shells of bird eggs today, according to a new study.

Do Humans Shed Skin Like Reptiles?

While humans "shed" millions of skin cells every day, snakes and other animals shed a layer of skin in one continuous piece, a process called ecdysis, which occurs between four and 12 times a year. Within a few days, the snake will rub its head on something abrasive - like a rock - to tear open the outer layer.

Are Alligators Emotional Like Other Reptiles? , Reptile keeper and breeder, wildlife observation and ecology hobbyist. Alligators are archosaurs, which means they are more like dinosaurs/birds than they are like other reptiles. They are more sophisticated, perhaps. But in general, most non-avian reptiles appear, based on their behavior, to experience the following emotions:

Does Cheryl Burke Like Her Reptiles? Cold-blooded! As it turns out, Cheryl Burke lives in a house filled with reptiles, and she doesn't exactly seem thrilled about it. The Dancing With the Stars pro sat down for a chat on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, and was asked about the many, many pets that she and her husband, Matthew Lawrence, care for -- whether she likes it or not.

Do Birds And Reptiles Cry Like Humans? (CNN) Birds and reptiles may not resemble humans in many ways, but they cry similar tears. The composition of human tears is well known, but until now, there was very little research into the composition and structures of tears in reptiles, birds and other mammals. It's not just humans and apes who help each other.

Do Pet Reptiles Like To Be Handled? As a pet, they will need to be handled at some point, whether by the vet or when you clean their tank. It's in both of your interests to get them to the point where they tolerate being handled, but many can learn to like it for short periods. What Reptiles Like To Be Handled?

Do Birds And Reptiles Shed Tears Like Humans?

Photo by Arianne P. Oriá Aug. 13 (UPI) -- The tears shed by birds and reptiles are surprisingly similar to human tears, according to a new study. However, researchers also identified key differences.

Can Reptiles Like A Lizard Live Without Water? Most animals cannot survive for very long without water. Lizards are no exception. In general, lizards should not go without water for longer than a few days. Some lizards, such as bearded dragons, are accustomed to a dryer habitat and are generally better adapted to dehydration than lizards from tropical climates. However, we don't advise you to let your lizard go too long without water.

Do Reptiles Have Vision Like Humans? Vision is a major sense for reptiles, too. Although some believe that reptiles have relatively poor vision compared to humans, the truth is that reptiles arguably have better vision than humans do.

How Are Chameleons Like Other Reptiles? When should you hold a Veiled?Intelligence. Chameleons have evolved to be highly intelligent. ...Individual Personalities. In the wild, a friendly chameleon would be eaten by a bird or a snake. ...Tips for Handling: Use a sturdy stick if they are not comfortable walking on you. ...Things to avoid: Never grab your chameleon. ...

Do Reptiles Have Scales Like Amphibians? No, reptiles have scales but amphibians just have skin which needs to be kept moist. Write your answer...

Are There Any Modern Reptiles That Look Like Dinosaurs?

It is generally agreed that modern reptiles, like turtles and crocodiles, are nearly identical to those we find preserved with dinosaur remains.

Why Are Platypuses Like Reptiles? The legs of the platypuses come out from the body from the sides, just like reptiles such as crocodiles. The legs of most mammals come from underneath their body structure. Others think of the animal as a bird species because its mouth closely resembles the beak of a duck.

Why Are Birds Fundamentally Like Reptiles? In spite of the fact that the feathered creatures are assembled as a different vertebrate class "Aves", aside from the energy of flight and elements which are associated with it, they are fundamentally like reptiles. Because reptiles broke into two evolutionary branches: one leading to birds and the other to mammals.

Why Are Birds Urecotelic Like Reptiles? The birds are urecotelic like reptiles, because in them the end product of urinary excretion is relatively insoluble uric acid which is synthesised in liver.

Why Did Birds Evolve To Be More Like Reptiles Than Reptiles? That is, birds and reptiles separated have a common ancestor, and at some point their evolution diverged. At that point, birdoids which better filled the "bird" niche had higher fitness, and reptiloids which better filled the "reptile" niche had higher fitness, so birds evolved to be more like birds, and reptiles evolved to stay reptiles.

Did Dinosaurs Feed Their Young Like Mammals Do?

(Credit: Getty) A THEORY THAT SOME dinosaurs fed their young using a process similar to lactation, a function mostly associated with mammals, may change the way we look at dinosaur babies says an Australian academic. The idea, published this week in The Journal of Experimental Biology is little more than a hypothesis at this stage.

How Did Dinosaurs Act Like Mammals? They did not act like mammals or birds, nor did they act like reptiles or fish," said University of Arizona evolutionary biologist and ecologist Brian Enquist. "Instead, they had growth rates and metabolisms intermediate to warm-blooded and cold-blooded organisms of today.

Do Reptiles Like To Be Played With? While it's true that many reptile species are best kept as "decorative" pets, there are species out there that bond with their owners and like being taken out of their cage to be played with. Read on to find out which species we've ranked as the most interactive pet reptiles.

Do Reptiles Like To Walk Around With Their Owners? "I have seen [reptiles] happily wearing harnesses and walking around with their owners and even bearded dragons complacently seated on their owners' shoulders as they walk around," she said. It's also a trust issue, and calm reptiles that let you handle them - and even seem to enjoy it - are the best candidates, she said.

Do Reptiles Lay Jelly Like Eggs? Reptiles were the first animals to lay shelled eggs. These new animals - the reptiles - had evolved from amphibians who lay jelly like eggs. Although the first reptiles laid their shelled eggs on the land, they were still mostly aquatic creatures. * Advantages to laying eggs on the land:

Do Reptiles Sweat Like Birds?

Reptiles have thicker skin, which is protected by a layer of keratin, but they don't have glands. On the other hand, birds use their uropygial glands to produce a kind of oil that allows them to preen and waterproof their feathers. The vast majority of mammals sweat, but not all in the same way.

Do Reptiles Have Ear Flaps Like Humans? They do not have visible ear flaps like humans but then such flaps would possibly get in the way while crawling through narrow places or are simply not needed. Instead, they have pits behind the eyes that are covered by thin membranes that connect to ears very much like human inner ears. Most reptiles hear sounds in the same range as humans.

What Is It Like To Work At All Reptiles? I have been going to All Reptiles for a while, since it opened with Chuck. Now with Karen and her staff, they are such wonderful people. Always willing to help out no matter the issue with the animals. Kind, friendly staff and of course the best employee of all Soleil. I truly enjoy my weekly trips in.

Are Dinosaurs More Like Birds Or Reptiles? Dinosaurs (including birds) are quite different from reptiles - they are endothermic, feathery, lay hard-shelled eggs and have their legs drawn in directly under the body, none of which is true of reptiles. But because they are descended from reptiles, they are part of the clade of all reptiles and all things descended from reptiles.

What Do Reptiles Like To Do? In their natural habitat, many reptiles enjoy swimming, climbing, jumping, burrowing, and exploring their territories, which range from about a square mile to hundreds of square miles in size. Reptiles kept as "pets" for human amusement are denied these essential pleasures, relegated to lives devoid of joy or meaning.

Why Did Steve Irwin Like Reptiles So Much?

Handling animals since a little - Irwin's parents were naturalists and it became the reason why he had a special interest in reptiles even when he was still in elementary school. Scared of parrots - From all the Steve Irwin's famous quotes you find here, you will know how much he loved anything about wildlife.

Why Don't Cats Have A Retina Like Reptiles Do? Further, while cats get to have blood vessels allll over their retina, reptiles get no such wonderful adaptation and instead have a separate structure feeding their retina called a conus papillaris. Reptiles are also pretty cool (like birds, fish, and amphibians) in that they have bone IN THEIR EYE. So cool, man, but cats definitely don't have it.

What Are The Different Types Of Lizard Like Reptiles? LIZARDS: There are five 'lizard like' reptiles that I will deal with in this article. They are the Agamid lizards, Geckos, Chameleons and Monitor Lizards. The agamid lizards are called Katussa in Sinhala and Onnan or Karata in Tamil.

What Is The Sequence Of Mammal-like Reptiles? The sequence of mammal-like reptiles is simply a group of reptilian fossils that have some features not seen in modern reptiles, but that only demonstrates some of our world's lost reptilian biodiversity. It does not demonstrate that they were in the process of evolving into mammals any more than observable embryonic development does.

What Is The Respiratory System Like In Reptiles? Part land animals, part water creatures, reptiles have developed unique respiratory systems. Reptile respiration differs among these classes of reptiles: the testudines (turtles). Snakes and lizards don't have diaphragm muscles for lung ventilation: muscles used for locomotion are the same used for their respiratory systems.