Reptile Questions

What would it take to kill a dinosaur?

No vehicles since of course, a tank or aircraft carrier could take out a dinosaur. This is the big gun of the US military. We have been using this beast since before WWII. It packs a .50 Cal round and can fire on full auto. If you get a dino in your sights it will likely tear him down in a matter of shots.

How Many Rounds Would It Take To Kill A Dinosaur? Smaller dinosaurs could be eternally subdued with .50 cal. rounds [3]. These might even take down the largest, but would require marksmanship to hit the brain... some dinosaurs had exceptionally thick skulls, but armor-piercing rounds should do it. The smallest dinosaurs would succumb to even .22 cal. rounds.

How Many Joes Did It Take To Kill Cobra? A pair of Cobra commandos kill most of the group (who mistake them for their opponents), leaving three essentially unarmed Joes (Cover Girl, Downtown and Tripwire) to take on the Cobra soldiers. Pie in the Face: A Macguffin Device-created Super-Deformed version of Leatherneck splats Dr. Mindbender with a cream pie in "Once Upon A Joe."

How Did Alan's Flare Gun Kill The Dinosaur In Jurassic Park?

Seeing Paul's plight, Alan dives under water to retrieve the flare gun. When he surfaces, he fires directly at the reptile's head, which doesn't faze it in the slightest ... but when the flare falls on the water, it ignites all of the leaked fuel. Suddenly flames leap up around the dinosaur, and it knocks over the crane before leaving the scene.

Is There A Way To Kill Barney The Dinosaur? In 2001, a comedy website posted a guide to killing the dinosaur, titled 150 Ways to Kill the Dinosaur. This warranted legal action on behalf of the producers as well. Unfortunately, the live comedy sketches and the book are far from the only artistic endeavors subjecting Barney to extreme violence.

Can Roland's Rifle Kill A Dinosaur? That all depends on what kind of dinosaur you're trying to stop. Speaking of Roland's rifle, that particular model is a .600 Nitro Express double barreled rifle. Not a very common sounding rifle is it? Why not just a regular old AR-15 or AK model variant? Because trying to kill your average dinosaur with one of these would get you killed.

Can A Dinosaur Kill An Elephant With One Blow? At the risk of sounding "awesomebro-ish", this dinosaur should have been able to kill an adult bull bush elephant with one blow to the head with a tail that massive.

Can Sonic Kill The Dinosaurs In The Dinosaur Jungle? Description Dinosaur Jungle is meant to represent a prehistoric area, thus it has crystal clear waters, bright blue skies, and a lot of rough terrain. There are also several cacti around, probably because game is based off the Arabian Nights. None of the dinosaurs can be killed by Sonic, as most are either used as terrain or obstacles.

How Long Does It Take An Olive Python To Kill A Crocodile?

In 2014, an olive python was video-recorded killing and eating a freshwater crocodile at Lake Moondarra, which is near Mount Isa. In that case, it took five hours for the snake to slowly stretch its jaws around the constricted croc.

How Long Would It Take A King Cobra To Kill A Tiger? However, if the King Cobra does manage to bite the tiger, the venom will still take time to kill the tiger. This could take several minutes or maybe even an hour or so.

How Long Does It Take For Spider Venom To Kill Snakes? It could take anywhere from hours to days for the spider venom to kill the snakes, 30% of which were venomous themselves. Spider attacks were fatal to snakes in 86% of the reported incidents, while only 1.5% of snakes escaped on their own. Another 11% were rescued by human observers.

What Is The Meaning Of The Poem Kill The Dinosaur? The earlier verses set up the narrator and his lady friend as living in a naive state of nature, like the dinosaurs or (anachronistically) cavemen. The final "kill the dinosaur" verse could be a plea for disarmament or it could be an ironic cheerleading of destruction.

How Long Does It Take A Komodo Dragon To Kill Its Prey? Conservation Status. However, if it is able to bite its prey, bacteria and venom in its saliva will kill the prey within a few days. After the animal dies, which can take up to four days, the Komodo uses its powerful sense of smell to locate the body. A kill is often shared between many Komodo dragons.

How Long Does It Take For A Snake Bite To Kill A Dog?

The amount of venom that just causes swelling and discomfort in a large breed dog can kill a little pooch. Larger poisonous snakes usually inject more venom in a bite than smaller species. A large snake biting a small dog means that, based on body weight, little dogs receive higher amounts of venom.

How Many Times Can A Therizinosaurus Kill A Dinosaur? Therizinosaurus can kill almost all dinosaurs with relative ease. Each hit has a 3 or 4 times damage multiplier. If 1 hit is 350 damage, the damage it will deal to the opponent is 3 or 4 times more than 350. Very low bleed heal rate.

What Is The Biggest Dinosaur That Can Kill A T Rex? Capable of killing almost any dinosaur, Acrocantho saurus should be number 1 Acro is like 5 feet bigger than the largest T. Rex and had high bite force 16 Albertosaurus Albertosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaurs that lived in western North America during the Late Cretaceous Period, about 70 million years ago.

How Much Venom Does It Take To Kill A Sea Snake? Venom Potency (required mg/kg of body weight to kill): 0.02 mg Many consider the Hook-Nosed Sea Snake to have the most potent venom of any snake species. The Hook-Nosed Sea Snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It is also one of the most aggressive species, and even herpetologists are reluctant to go near them.

What Dinosaur Could Kill A Tyrannosaurus? 18 Stegosaurus Stegosaurus is a type of armored dinosaur. Their fossil bones have been found in rocks dated to the Late Jurassic period, between 155 and 150 million years ago, in the western United States and Portugal. No one beats this Dino! It could individually kill packs of anything including tyrannosaurus!

How Much Plastic Does It Take To Kill A Turtle?

Once a turtle had 14 plastic items in its gut, there was a 50% likelihood that it would die. "Even a single piece of plastic can kill a turtle," explains University of the Sunshine Coast marine biologist Dr Kathy Townsend.

How Long Does It Take For A Taipan Snake To Kill You? After striking its prey, this snake follows it until the venom incapacitates it. Inland Taipan - The inland species, also known as the "small-scaled" or "fierce snake," lives in central East Australia. Its venom can kill an adult man in 30 to 45 minutes without treatment.

How Many Fireflies Does It Take To Kill A Lizard? Just one firefly, with its poisonous lucibufagin chemicals, is enough to kill a lizard, a lesson that American zookeepers and pet owners are learning the hard way.

How Many Lions Would It Take To Kill A Saltwater Crocodile? Even on land it would take two or three large male lions to kill a mature saltwater crocodile. , SF/Fantasy reader since I was 5 years old. On land the lion would stand a fair chance; I've seen video of a lion driving off a large Nile crocodile and forcing it to flee back to the water.

How Did Dinosaur Tank Kill The Ultra Guard? During a seven hundred kilometer race one of the Kill agents on a motorcycle was defeated, as Dinosaur Tank struck what should have been two Ultra Guard members, but instead caught another racer. Just then, someone began firing on them with a machine gun that turned out to be Alien Kill.

How Long Does It Take To Kill The Biggest Snake?

Published on Jul 22, 2015. World's biggest snake found in America's Amazon river , it has killed 257 human being's and 2325 wild animals / snake . It is 134 feet long and 2067 kgs. Africa's Royal British commandos took 37 days to get it killed.

How Long Did It Take The Heron To Kill The Alligator? The Heron caught the alligator a few hundred yards away where I spotted it first, then it flew with it in its mouth to this spot where the GBH spent about 25 minutes finishing the alligator off and consuming it. Wow! Nature and wildlife never fail to amaze me!

How Long Does It Take For A Snake Bite To Kill Cats? The symptoms of a snake bite with venom may onset within fifteen hours to twenty-four hours for cats. If untreated, a cat will die from snake venom within forty-three hours.

Could A 577mm Firing From A Rifle Kill A Dinosaur? Fired from a normal bolt action rifle, the .577 would be crippling to the shooter. In actuality any military grade weapon above .30 caliber firing FMG rounds would shred any dinosaur. Those bullets can penetrate steel, and up to twenty inches of ballistic gellatine and a similar thickness of pine boards.

Why Does Eckels Say It Is Impossible To Kill The Dinosaur? He says that it is "impossible" to kill this dinosaur and that they were "fools" to come. In other words, Eckels has seen the size and scale of the dinosaur and has lost his nerve. When the dinosaur...

How Long Does It Take For A Komodo Dragon To Kill You?

Professor Fry said attacks on pigs and deer were extremely successful, with about 75 per cent bleeding to death within 30 minutes and a further 15 per cent dying within three to four hours from venom in the salivary glands of the Komodo dragons. Is there an antidote for Komodo dragon bite?

How Long Does It Take A Snake Bite To Kill You? Depending on several factors a bite if left untreated as the potential to killsomeone in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. 39 Related Question Answers Found What animals are immune to snake venom?

How Likely Is It That A Modern Firearm Could Kill A Dinosaur? How likely and how often it could would depend on the dinosaur, the type of modern firearm and the caliber of the bullet, and the aim/skill of the shooter. On the other hand, I suspect a properly aimed single shot from almost any modern firearm could take down almost any dinosaur.

How Long Does It Take To Kill A Lizard With Spray? You need to spray on it for few seconds as it tries to run away or attack you, even with little spray it can be killed. Once this is done, the lizard will quickly hide to some place, wait for 5 - 10minutes, it will try to come out in the open half dead, spray some more and leave it. Kills in 5 minutes. Sure shot.

How Long Did It Take For The Tortoise To Kill The Chick? "The giant tortoise pursued the tern chick along a log, finally killing the chick and eating it. It was a very slow encounter, with the tortoise moving at its normal, slow walking pace - the whole interaction took seven minutes and was quite horrifying."

How Long Does It Take For Cobra Venom To Kill You?

Venom from a king cobra can kill a human in around 45 minutes. However, they do not attack unless they feel cornered and only around 5 people a year die from king cobra bites. They shed 4 to 6 times per year.

How Many Shots Does It Take To Kill A Snake? It only put 2.5 shots in the bullseye at 2 yards on average, and while this is enough to kill a big snake, its pattern was not overly impressive. It is available in larger calibers, however (see below) and these hold more pellets per cartridge and therefore display fuller patterns.