Reptile Questions

What kind of reptiles are omnivorous?

Reptiles that are omnivorous Ocellated lizard : They are reptiles over 50 cm long, green or brown. Land turtles : Some species of turtles, in addition to feeding on vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, chard or broccoli, and fruits such as apples, pears or watermelons, are capable of eating crickets or worms.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Reptiles? Which wood should you avoid for your Reptile?Cedar. Cedarwood is a popular wood that is used for furniture products, such as closets, it is used because it is good at avoiding long-term decay of furniture.Eucalyptus and Pine Trees. These trees have similar issues to cedar wood. ...Wood that has been treated with chemicals. ...Trees that have sharp Thorns. ...

What Kind Of Reptiles Can You Keep As Pets? After deciding that you want to keep a reptile, you need to next decide what species you wish to keep. The reptiles that people start with as pets are pythons, dragons, skinks and turtles. Other reptiles such as geckos, legless lizards, monitors, crocodiles and venomous snakes require more knowledge and experience.

What Kind Of Reptiles Does Indiana Reptiles Specialize In?

We specialize in quality reptiles, including: Sand Boas, Honduran Milk Snakes and California King Snakes. Stop by and see us at the August 25th show! Breeder of crested and gargoyle geckos located in East Central Indiana. We specialize in bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and crested geckos!

What Kind Of Lizards Do They Sell At Backwater Reptiles? Green iguanas are probably the most common large lizard sold at Backwater Reptiles. They are very recognizable with their large dewlaps, spiky spines, and brilliant green coloration. Most people will purchase their green iguana as a hatchling and raise it to adulthood.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are For Sale For Sale? Snakes For Sale Tortoises For Sale Turtles For Sale Types of Reptiles Corn Snakes Albino Motley Cornsnake (c.b. babies) For Sale Chameleons Jackson Chameleon - adult (females) For Sale Turtles Map Turtles (c.b. babies) For Sale Agamids

What Kind Of Reptiles Live On Padre Island? The following reptiles have been documented at Padre Island National Seashore. The common and scientific names have been given for each. Snakes Texas Glossy Snake - Arizona elegans arenicola Texas Scarlet Snake - Cemophora coccinea lineri Mexican Racer - Coluber constrictor oaxaca Western Diamondback Rattlesnake - Crotalus atrox Great...

What Kind Of Pupils Do Reptiles Have? Reptiles usually have round or vertical (slit) pupils, although a few of them have horizontal pupils. Turtles and most lizards have round pupils. Snakes can have either round or vertical pupils. Crocodilians and geckos have vertical pupils.

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In The Adirondack Mountains?

Snakes either lay eggs or give birth to live young. Reptiles native to the Adirondack region include 5 species of turtle, 11 species of snakes, and a single lizard species (the Five-lined Skink). Adirondack amphibians include four families of salamanders, encompassing 11 species.

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In Daintree National Park? Reptiles - The range of reptiles in the Daintree is extensive and varied. With slender goannas, lizards without legs, tiny skinks and two types of crocodiles just to name a few, you never know what kind of weird and wonderful reptile you could find with 131 reptile species found in this habitat.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are In The UK? In addition to the six native reptiles, several species of non-native reptile can be found in the UK - these include the wall lizard, green lizard, aesculapian snake, European pond terrapin and the red-eared slider. A comprehensive guide to the native and non-native species of amphibian and reptile found in the British Isles.

What Kind Of Products Do Pet Stores Sell For Reptiles? Cleaning & Water Care Filter Systems & Pumps Filter Media Deodorizers Sanitizers Waste Removers Water Conditioners Substrate & Bedding Vitamins & Supplements Feeders & Food Storage Feeding Accessories Food & Water Bowls Food Storage Starter Kits Live Reptiles Snakes, Turtles & More Reptile Deals small pet Small Pet Shops

What Kind Of Reptiles Are In The Reptile Shop? Our reptile selection includes: alligators, crocodiles, snakes, turtles and more. We also carry playing cards, crafts to make rocks with reptiles on it, snake posters and much more.

What Kind Of Reptiles Do You Stock At Printpets To Go?

Pets To Go is also the home of Upscale Reptiles. We have many of our own hungry reptiles to feed, so we know how important it is to offer a diverse selection of foods for your reptiles. We also stock mice of all sizes (pinkies to adults) and rats ranging from small adult to jumbo size.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are Available For Sale At PetSmart? Free Same-Day Delivery! Choose from a variety of pet reptiles for sale including snakes, lizards, turtles and more. Find the perfect companion, from desert-dwelling dragons and sun-loving snakes to nocturnal geckos and invertebrates.

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In New York State? Reptiles, including turtles and lizards, are often characterized by cold-bloodedness and scaly skin. Below are the five largest (by length) reptiles, not including snakes, that can be found in the wild in New York State.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are There In The Park? All shades and variations of green is just the start. Get creative and make something beautiful. We have all sorts of reptiles. Lizards, snakes, iguana, turtles, sea turtles, chameleon, gecko, alligator and crocodile.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are In The Oceanarium? Crocodiles, water dragons, terrapins, a green iguana, and turtles including green sea turtles are amongst the reptiles at the Oceanarium. African dwarf crocodiles are mainly found in West and West Central Africa, inhabiting...

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In Spain?

Many of Spain's native reptiles are considered to be threatened or endangered species. Native reptiles include Spur-Thighed Tortoise, Iberian Worm Lizard, Spanish Pond Turtle, Iberian Cross Adder, and Mediterranean House Gecko.

What Kind Of Reptiles Have Webbed Feet? Reptiles have webbed-footed representatives that include freshwater turtles and geckos. While turtles with webbed feet are aquatic, most geckos live in terrestrial and arboreal environments.

What Kind Of Moss Is Best For Reptiles And Amphibians? Other mosses are marketed as good substrates for reptiles and amphibians but are not so. This is especially true of green mosses sold at pet stores in bricks or bales. This green moss has a tendency to mold and is not as good at holding moisture as the best kind of moss: sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is brown, tan, or pink in color.

What Kind Of Gloves Do You Use To Handle Reptiles? . Sporting Style's protective gloves have a soft cotton lining and lightweight design. Sporting Style's protective gloves have a soft cotton lining and lightweight design. . These gloves are made of durable leather to protect your skin when handling mammals, reptiles and birds.

What Kind Of Reptiles Were The First Dinosaurs? The first reptiles split into several other branches, including the turtles, the swimming reptiles (including ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs), lizards and snakes, and a group of animals called archosaurs. Archosaurs then split into flying reptiles (Pterosaurs), crocodiles, and dinosaurs.

What Kind Of Reptiles Do We Care For?

We care for lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, and more! Contact us today to learn more about our available reptiles. Have a question or just looking for more information?

What Kind Of Respiratory System Do Reptiles Have? Reptiles have a complete respiratory system. They have lungs, trachea, glottis and nostrils. The air is brought through the trachea which is composed of several cartilaginous rings. The trachea never divides into bronchial ramifications.

What Kind Of Reptiles Eat Pteranodon? Mosasaurs were the most common marine reptiles, with genera including Clidastes and Tylosaurus. At least some of these marine reptiles are known to have fed on Pteranodon. Barnum Brown, in 1904, reported plesiosaur stomach contents containing "pterodactyl" bones, most likely from Pteranodon.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are Plesiosaurs And Sauropsida? Plesiosauria. The Plesiosauria ( /ˌpliːsiəˈsɔːriə, -zi-/; Greek: πλησίος, plesios, meaning "near to" and sauros, meaning "lizard") or plesiosaurs are an order or clade of Mesozoic marine reptiles (marine Sauropsida ), belonging to the Sauropterygia . Plesiosaurs first appeared in the latest Triassic Period,...

What Kind Of Reptiles Are In Texas? This is a list of Texas reptiles, including all snakes, lizards, crocodilians, and turtles native to the state of Texas.

What Kind Of Light Bulbs Do Reptiles Use At Night?

Review of Reptile Heat Bulbs. Another type of bulb that is used at night is the Infrared type of bulbs; these are somewhat mislabeled, as all bulbs that emit heat emit "infrared" light. Infrared simply means light that is on the red end of the spectrum, but is a wavelength we can't see and is what creates heat.

What Kind Of Reptiles Do We Have? We have all sorts of reptiles. Lizards, snakes, iguana, turtles, sea turtles, chameleon, gecko, alligator and crocodile. Your options are limitless! And everything is free on this site.

What Kind Of Reptiles Do Vets Take Care Of? Parts of the Reptile CheckupBlood Testing. - Just as your own regular medical visit includes blood testing, so does a routine checkup for pets.serum biochemical profile. Fecal Analysis - Microscopic examination of the feces allows detection of internal parasites (coccidia, flagellates or other protozoa and intestinal worms.)Microbiological Testing. ...Radiological Testing. ...

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In The Galapagos? 1 Giant Tortoises. 2 Marine Iguana. 3 Galapagos Land Iguana. 4 Lava lizard. 5 Other endemic Galapagos reptiles.

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In Arkansas? List of Arkansas Reptiles alligator (American) anole (brown) anole (northern green) gecko (Mediterranean) lizard (eastern collared)

What Kind Of Waste Do Birds And Reptiles Produce?

Mammals such as humans excrete urea, while birds, reptiles, and some terrestrial invertebrates produce uric acid as waste. Uricothelic organisms tend to excrete uric acid waste in the form of a white paste or powder. Conversion of ammonia into uric acid is more energy intensive than the conversion of ammonia into urea.

What Kind Of Reptiles Make The Best Pets? The appeal of cold-blooded creatures may be less obvious than that of warm, fuzzy animals, but certain reptiles make prized pets. Tortoises, such as the plant-eating Russian tortoise, can live more than 50 years. Some snake species also make excellent pets, although constrictors should be avoided.

What Kind Of Reptiles Are Not Suitable For A Terrarium? Caution: This terrarium size is not intended for any terrestrial reptile species, or species that will quickly outgrow a tank this size. Avoid these small arboreal tanks for species like: leopard geckos, bearded dragons, ball pythons, iguanas, corn snakes etc of all ages and sizes.

What Kind Of Reptiles Live In Jamaica? Reptiles beginning with J. Jalapa Spiny Lizard. Jalisco Mud Turtle. Jamaica Boa. - Adults grow to an average of about 2 m in length. Jamaica Racer. Jan's Centipede Snake. Janetaescincus braueri - The Brauer's Burrowing Skink is a species of skink in the Scincidae family. Japanese Skink.

What Kind Of Light Do You Use For Reptiles? Zoo Meds Moonlite Reptile Bulb is the perfect bulb for viewing and heating nocturnal reptiles and amphibians. The bulb provides moonlight lighting so it doesn't interfere with your animal's sleeping patterns. Zoo Med infrared basking bulbs produce barely visible red light, yet provide heat to your animals day or night.

What Kind Of Eggs Do Reptiles Lay Out Of Water?

Reptile eggs, bird eggs, and monotreme eggs are laid out of water and are surrounded by a protective shell, either flexible or inflexible. Eggs laid on land or in nests are usually kept within a warm and favorable temperature range while the embryo grows.

What Kind Of Skinks Do We Sell At Strictly Reptiles? Some of the skinks we sell at Strictly Reptiles include: Red Eye Armored Skink- Also called the Red-eyed Crocodile Skink or simply Crocodile Skink, this lizard is native to New Guinea and enjoys life in the misty rainforest. Like many skinks, Crocodile skinks are primarily insectivores.