Reptile Questions

What is the snake called in Greece?

Your Personal Trip Adviser and Driver in Greece. The Snake Commonly Known in Greece as ' OCHIA .' When walking in the hills, especially during the first month of Spring, be very careful and on the look out for the famous Poisonous Snake of Greece ....THE OCHIA!

Why Is The Black Mamba Called The Fastest Land Snake? The Black Mamba is called the fastest land snake in the world because it can travel up to 5.4m per second! This helps it escape from predators which is mostly humans. Its speed also helps the snake attack more quickly and its venom ensures that the attack is fatal.

Why Is Venom Snake Called Big Boss? Having his genetic code used as part of the government project Les Enfants Terribles, Big Boss was the genetic father of Solid Snake (his subordinate and later nemesis), Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake. He was also the mental and physical template for his body double and former subordinate, Venom Snake, with whom he shared the title of "Big Boss".

Why Is It Called A Fer De Lance Snake?

She reportedly worked as a mercenary and assassin in the Latin American underworld, apparently with some contacts with international terrorist the Viper. The name "Fer de lance" means spear's head in French. This species of snake was presumably named that way due to the shape of their head.

Why Is Caboolture Called The Carpet Snake's Ground? There is also a theory the town's name was derived from the Aboriginal word "Cabbool" (carpet snake) and "cha" (the ground), according to local history book Spear and Musket - hence "The Carpet Snake's Ground." Today, tens of thousands of cars each day stream up Morayfield Road - Caboolture's main arterial.

Why Is It Called The Snake Lemma? The snake lemma derives its name from the fact that one may draw the connecting homomorphism it appears as lemma 1.3.2.

Did You Know Harry Potter Has A Snake Called Nagini? The world of Harry Potter is filled with tiny details that many fans are never aware of - especially about Nagini. If there is one thing the Harry Potter universe has an overabundance of, it's snakes. Whether it's Slytherin House, the basilisk, or Harry's affinity for a second language, there are just too many snakes.

What Is It Called When A Snake Is Defanged? A snake that has been defanged, or otherwise rendered non-venomous, is called a venomoid. This can be achieved by removing the fangs themselves, or removing the venom glands. This procedure is common, but illegal in some parts of the world.

Is There A Game Called Snake Except It's Hacked?

GitHub - Georg-Stoyanov123/hacked-chrome-extension-snake-game: The google chrome extension game called 'Snake' except it's hacked! This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

What Is The Snake Dance Called? And for imitating the movements made by a snake, Eskista has come to be known by many as the snake dance. Eskista, which means "dancing shoulders" in Amharic, is a traditional Ethiopian dance, native to the Amhara region.

Why Is Rhodes Called The Snake Island? Rhodes. In antiquity the island was infested with snakes, and the name may derive from erod, Phoenician for "snake." Farmers still wear leather boots for protection from a surviving poisonous species. Winter temperatures average 50° F (10° C), and constant winds account for the many windmills on Rhodes.

What Is A Five Headed Snake Called? Five headed snake. The five headed snake or five headed naga Five headed snake. The five headed snake or five headed naga A snake and a big bank note. A snake and a big bank note isolated on a white background Naga statue, Thailand. Naga or serpent, a belief in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Why Are Rahu And Ketu Called Sarpa Or Naga Or Snake? The people of previous centuries called that shadow as Sarpa or Naga or Snake. Similarly, they called these Rahu and Ketu also as Sarpa or Naga or Snake. They also gave the forms for Rahu and Ketu like a snake to indicate that they contaminate our fortunes like snakes.

Why Is It Called Snake Ophiasis?

It gets its name from Greek ὄφις ophis 'snake' because of the apparent similarity to a snake-shape and the pattern of hair loss. The term "sisaipho" is used to characterize the inverse pattern. Sisaipho is, almost, the reverse spelling of ophiasis. It is also called "ophiasis inversus".

What Is A Japanese Striped Snake Called? Japanese striped snake. Elaphe quadrivirgata, commonly known as the Japanese four-lined ratsnake or the Japanese striped snake (Japanese: shimahebi = striped snake), is a species of non-venomous colubrid snake native to Japan.

What Is A Deadly African Snake Called? (SC) subcutaneous (most applicable to real bites): 0.32 mg/kg, 0.28 mg/kg.(IV) intravenous: 0.25 mg/kg, 0.011 mg/kg.(IP) intraperitoneal: 0.30 mg/kg (average), 0.941 mg/kg. 0.05 mg/kg (the last quote doesn't make it clear if it is either intravenous or intraperitoneal ).

What Are The Beads On A Snake's Tail Called? Instead of seeing them as a constantly tapered tail, it's better to imagine them as a string of beads - which confirms closer to the curved rib shape that actually makes up the snake's body. "Neck" beads are a bit narrower than "chest" ones", and then they get smaller and smaller, but not very rapidly.

What Is This Snake Called? There are diverse names you can use to describe a group of snakes. However, the most common include den, bed, pit, and nest. This is except for rattlesnakes which are called a knot or Rhumba. Other collective nouns exist for snakes, such as; a bunch or family of snakes. People tend to use these names as they appeal to them.

Why Is A Cottonmouth Snake Called A Water Moccasin?

The mouth feels as though stuffed with cotton. A Cottonmouth (erroneously called "Water Moccasin") is a snake in the Viper family (Viperidae, called that because they give birth to live young - "vi" from Latin for living, and per from "partum" for birth).

What Is A Snake's Tongue Called? A snake's tongue is just called a tongue. Each 'fork' of the tongue is called a tine. Tine is a word that generally refers to the individual sharp prongs on something, for example, the forks we eat with, rakes, combs, antlers and so on. The word tine is of ancient origin, dating back to the 12 th and 13 th centuries.

Why Is It Called A Fenny Snake? Well, while Shakespeare's take on plants is that of a dramatist, not a herbalist, fenny snake has two initial explanations: 'fenny' meaning 'of the fens' or damp, boggy places, it is conceivable that it could refer to what is otherwise known as 'a snake's head' i.e., a leech.

Why Is It Called A Racer Snake? It's an excellent swimmer, as well as climber, and can move at incredibly quick speeds (which is why it aptly has the term 'racer' in its name). Although nonvenomous, a technique often performed by a Racer snake when it's corned is to bite its prey.

Is There A Venomous Snake Called A Vipera? Vipera latastei is a species of venomous snake in the subfamily Viperinae of the family Viperidae. The species is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and northwestern Maghreb. Two extant subspecies and one extinct subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate subspecies described here.

What Is A Japanese Rat Snake Called?

The Japanese rat snake ( Elaphe climacophora) is a medium-sized colubrid snake found throughout the Japanese archipelago (except the far South West) as well as on the Russian-administered Kunashir Island. In Japanese it is known as the aodaishō or "blue general".

What Is Snake Movement Called? What is a snake's movement called? Serpentine movement This is the motion used by most snakes. The serpentine movement consists of a wavy, S-shaped movement, for that reason is also known as lateral undulation. The snake will contract its muscles starting at the head, moving its body from side to side, creating a series of curves.

What Is The Original Snake Game Called? If you ever played the game "Snake" on your early model Nokia cellphone, then you're familiar with "Nibbler," the original "snake" game. MAN VS SNAKE tells the story of Tim McVey (the gamer not the bomber) who in 1984, on a single quarter (and over forty-four hours of non-stop pl...

What Is The Snake In Jungle Book Called? What's the best name for a black cat?Luna.Jack.Stella.Loki.Shadow.Pepper.Oreo.Smokey.

Why Is Byron Jones Called Snake? Byron Jones (6'8″ U-Tex, Honda, Crispa, Toyota) - the goateed import earned he nickname "Snake" because of his snake-like moves inside the shaded area. He was the very first import hired by Toyota and almost led the team to a grandslam in the league's inaugural season. He also had stints with U-tex and Honda and Crispa.

What Is The Snake In Kung Fu Panda Called?

Warrior Viper is a green tree snake who is a member of the Furious Five and the tritagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Along with the other four members of the same group she is a master of the Kung Fu martial art, restricted mainly in the snake style.

What Is A Speckled King Snake Called? Speckled King Snake. The Speckled King Snake (or, speckled kingsnake), also known as the 'Guinea Snake', or the 'Say's Kingsnake', is a species of snake endemic to the United States, spread especially across the state of Louisiana.

What Are The Two Snake Skins On A Carburetor Called? The two snake skins (tan colored) are called (1) a pump diaphragm and (1) check diaphragm in a double pump stack on one style of carburetor like Tillotson HL Carburetors. This is the pump stack used for alky carbs and high performance Carburetors in the HR line up. Now ever one wants to think these Carburetors are double pumper carbs.

What Is The Snake Spirit Called? Introduction to the Snake spirit - Black Serpent The Snake spirit, Black Serpent ( Kāla Nāg) is the third in the hierarchy of ghosts in ascending order as per their spiritual strength. The relative spiritual strength of the snake spirit is 100.

Why Is MIT Called The Snake Dormitory? It received its name in 1950, after the MIT's Dean of Students Everett Moore Baker was killed in an airplane crash that year. Save this picture! The dormitory is a curving snake slithering on its site and reflects many of Aalto's ideas of formal strategy, making it a dormitory that is both inhabited and studied by students from all over the world.

What Is A Chinese Spectacled Snake Called?

"Chinese spectacled snake", i.e. Chinese cobra ), Zhōushān yǎnjìngshé (舟山眼鏡蛇, lit. " Zhoushan spectacled snake", i.e. Zhoushan cobra) or, in Cantonese, faahnchaántàuh (飯鏟頭, lit. " rice paddle head"). "Spectacled snake" refers to the markings which the snake may at times have on the back of the hood that resemble eyeglasses.

What Is A Water Snake Called? The grass, ringed or water snake is scientifically known as Natrix natrix. Like the rest of the snakes of the UK, grass snakes are protected by law from harm of any kind.

Why Is It Called A Glossy Snake? Arizona elegans was given the common name "Glossy snake" because of the shiny appearance of its smooth scales. Graphs display the ratio of individuals caught by age (above) and by sex (below). Average snout-vent length for Arizona elegans is 606 mm (24 in). Scale shown in feet. Map of Stone Canyon Arizona elegans capture locations.