Reptile Questions

What is the scientific name of the lizard with a snub nose?

Scientific name: Phrynosoma hernandesi. Common name: Greater short-horned lizards, mountain short-horned lizard. The greater short-horned lizards are flat bodies with short spines that crown their heads. They have short legs and a snub nose, growing to around 6 inches (15cm) in total length, males are smaller than females.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Frilled Lizard? Frilled Lizard Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus kingii is the scientific name of the frilled lizard. The Latin word chlamydo means small cloak while saurus means lizard. It's also called the frilled dragon and the frilled agama.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard Of Kronos? Kronosaurus, meaning "Lizard of Kronos", was named after the most powerful Titan in Greek Mythology, Kronos. Kronosaurus was a genus of large carnivorous marine reptiles that belong to the order of Plesiosauria and the suborder of Pliosauroidea.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard Sarmiento De Gamboa?

Sarmiento de Gamboa is commemorated in the scientific name of a species of South American lizard, Liolaemus sarmientoi. A Spanish research vessel, BO Sarmiento de Gamboa, also carries his name.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Spiny Lizard? The Sceloporus genus of the Phrynosomatidae family is commonly known as spiny lizards. The genus, Sceloporus, consists of 110 species such as the Texas spiny lizard, desert spiny lizard, crevice spiny lizard, Clark's spiny lizard, granite spiny lizard, yarrow's spiny lizard, yellow-backed spiny lizard, and many more.

What Is The Scientific Name For A Sun Looking Lizard? They have a habit of looking up towards the sun, which gave them the common name 'sungazers'. Smaug giganteus, formerly known as Cordylus giganteus, is the largest lizard in the girdled lizard group.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Indo-Chinese Forest Lizard? Calotes mystaceus. Calotes mystaceus, the Indo-Chinese forest lizard is an agamid lizard found in China, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Glass Lizard? European Glass Lizards (Pseudopus apodus) are sometimes known as Scheltopusik which when translated from the original Slavik word means 'Yellow Belly'. They can also be called 'Legless lizard' in some circles.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard With Two Black Bands?

Common name: common collared lizard, eastern collared lizard, Oklahoma collared lizard, yellow-headed collared lizard, collared lizard. This lizard is easily identified by its two black bands around the neck. Adults have green scales combined with yellow, blue, brown, and olive scales.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Sand Dune Lizard? Sceloporus arenicolus. The dunes sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus arenicolus, (formerly known as the sand dune lizard and the dunes-sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus arenicolus, a subspecies of sagebrush lizard ), is an insectivorous spiny lizard species which only occurs in the shinnery oak sand dune systems of extreme southeast New...

What Is The Scientific Name Of Monitor Lizard? The generic name Varanus is derived from the Arabic word waral [Standard Arabic] / warar [Colloquially] / waran [Colloquially] ورن / ورر / ورل, from a common Semitic root ouran, waran, warar or waral, meaning "lizard beast". In English, they are known as "monitors" or "monitor lizards". The earlier term "monitory lizard" became rare by about 1920.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Dragon Lizard? Agamidae Family. Description: Agamids, commonly known as dragons or dragon lizards, are one of the most widely spread lizards in the world. They can be found in many sizes, (5 in. to 1 ft in length) and wide variety of colors. Geographical range: Africa, Asia, Australia, Southern Europe.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Viviparous Lizard? Viviparous lizards are among the most common lizards in Europe and have one of the largest continuous ranges of any reptile. These animals may also be referred to as the common lizard. The scientific name of this species was formerly, Lacerta vivipara. Their name, viviparous lizard comes from a word meaning 'to bear live young.'

What Is The Scientific Name For A Galapagos Lizard?

The Galapagos land iguana ( Conolophus subcristatus) is a species of lizard in the family Iguanidae. It is one of three species of the genus Conolophus. It is endemic to the Galápagos Islands ( Ecuador ), in the dry lowlands of Fernandina, Isabela, Santa Cruz, North Seymour, Baltra, and South Plaza Islands.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Hole Lizard? The correct name for the lizard on which the "Holes" lizard is based is the yellow-spotted tropical night lizard . Sometimes, it's called the yellow-spotted night lizard, but its scientific name is Lepidophyma flavimaculatum.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Bobtail Lizard? A Increase font size. The Australian bobtail lizard (Tiliqua rugosa) has a short, stumpy tail that resembles its head to confuse predators. Other common names include shingleback, stump-tailed skink, bogeye, pinecone lizard and sleepy lizard.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Great Earless Lizard? Greater Earless Lizard Scientific name: Cophosaurus texanus. Common name: Greater earless lizard. The greater earless lizard can grow up to seven inches (17.8cm) in total length with the males being larger than the females.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard Called? The fossil remains of the species were first discovered in Argentina, Chubut Province - Bajo Barreal Formation. The generic name xenos refers "strange", tarsos, refers "tarsus", and sauros refers "lizard".

What Is The Scientific Name Of Italian Wall Lizard?

Italian wall lizard. The Italian wall lizard, ruin lizard, or Ä°stanbul lizard ( Podarcis sicula from the Greek meaning 'agile' and 'feet') is a species of lizard in the family Lacertidae. P. sicula is native to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia and Switzerland,...

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Giant Lizard? The sungazer (Smaug giganteus, syn. Cordylus giganteus), likewise famous as the giant zonure, giant dragon lizard, or giant girdled lizard, is the most populous species of the Cordylidae, a family of lizards from sub-Saharan Africa.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard Salvator? Salvator (lizard) Salvator is a genus of lizards known as Tegus which belong to the family Teiidae.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Australian Lizard? Australian lizards ( Lacertilia) belong to the order Squamata which also contains the Serpentes, the Australian snakes. Between the lizards and snakes Australia has over 700 different species, and that number is growing as more species are discovered.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Lizard That Can Run? Racerunner, any of about 60 species of lizards in the family Teiidae. The genus is common in North America, particularly in the southwestern deserts, and its range extends through Central America and across South America to Argentina. It is so named because some species can run almost 28 km (17 miles) per hour.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Spiny Tailed Lizard?

Uromastyx nigriventris (formerly U. acanthinura acanthinura) Moroccan Spiny Tailed Lizard, Algerian Uromastyx) Uromastyx yemenensis (Rainbow Benti, Mountain Benti, Yemen Uromastyx (?), South Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizard)

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Yellow Spotted Lizard? Binomial name: Lepidophyma flavimaculatum. The yellow-spotted lizard (Lepidophyma flavimaculatum), lives in a habitat that extends from Texas to central Mexico, and is a nocturnal lizard. They are divided into two subspecies, Lepidophyma flavimaculatum Obscurum and Lepidophyma flavimaculatum flavimaculatum.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Texas Horned Lizard? Scientific Facts Common Name: Texas Horned Lizard Scientific Name: Phrynosoma cornutum Life Span: Less than 2 Years Size: 3 to 5 inches Habitat: Open grasslands and semi-desert areas 1 more rows ...

What Is The Scientific Name For Lizard Head? Also known as: Lizard Head or the Lizard Peninsula n. 1. any scaly reptile of the suborder Lacertilia (Sauria), order Squamata, typically having a long body, long tail, and four legs, as the chameleon.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Night Lizard? The Bezy's night lizard is a small and smooth-skinned lizard that is yellow/brown or gray/brown in color, measuring up to 7cm without the tail. They have flat heads and dark patches on the back. They prefer pine woodlands and desert highlands, where they hide under rocks. 56. Desert Night Lizard Scientific name: Xantusia vigilis.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Arizona Alligator Lizard?

Scientific name: Elgaria kingii. Common name: Arizona alligator lizard. The Arizona alligator lizard is a large 5.5 inch lizard with a long body and small limbs, with a long and thick tail. They have stiff armored scales.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Water Monitor Lizard? In Indonesian and Malay, the water monitor is called biawak air, to differentiate it from the biawak pasir ("sand lizard"), Leiolepis belliana. The Asian water monitor, V. s. salvator, the nominate subspecies, is now restricted to Sri Lanka, where it is known as the kabaragoya (කබරගොයා) in Sinhala and kalawathan in Tamil.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Mohawk Dunes Lizard? Scientific name: Uma thurmanae. Common name: Mohawk dunes fringe-toed lizard. The Mohawk dunes fringe-toed lizard is tan to brown in color, which helps them blend into their surroundings, hiding from predators. They have fringes on the sides of their toes, helping them with traction when moving through the loose sand dunes.

What Is The Scientific Name For A Giant Lizard? Megalosaurus is Greek for "big lizard." Bear in mind that all that was discovered of dinosaurs at this time were small fragments, perhaps a section of jaw and a few teeth and a piece of a femur.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Beaded Lizard? Though it is a venomous reptile and its scientific name means "horrible studded lizard", it is a true showpiece. The Mexican Beaded Lizard is one of two species of venomous lizards in the family Helodermatidae.

What Is The Scientific Name For The Monitor Lizard In Animal Crossing?

Varan's name likely comes from either the scientific genus name Varanus, commonly known as the monitor lizard, or the extinct synapsid family name Varanopidae. The villagers that worship Varan refer to him as "Baradagi-Sanjin" or just "Baradagi." In the American version of Varan's debut film, he is only called "O-baki."

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Giant Lizard On The Canary? Gallotia bravoana - La Gomera Giant Lizard, formerly G. (simonyi) gomerana and G. simonyi bravoana (Miras & Pérez-Mellado 2005a) Barahona, F.; Evans, S. E.; Mateo, J.A.; García-Márquez, M. & López-Jurado, L.F. (2000): Endemism, gigantism and extinction in island lizards: the genus Gallotia on the Canary Islands.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Agama Lizard? Agama (Suriname creole name for a lizard) is both the genus name of a group of small, long-tailed, insectivorous Old World lizards as well as a common name for these lizards. The genus Agama is composed of at least 37 species found across Africa, where they are the most common lizard.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Kangaroo Lizard? Otocryptis beddomii, commonly known as the Indian kangaroo lizard, is a diurnal, terrestrial, insectivorous agamid lizard, endemic to the Lizard camouflaged in the sand.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Sri Lankan Kangaroo Lizard? The Sri Lankan Kangaroo Lizard (Otocryptis wiegmanni) is endemic. It is called Pinum Katussa in Sinhala. It occurs throughout the wet zone. Another lizard from this genus was found recently and named (Otocryptis nigristigma).