Reptile Questions

What is the best thing to feed a tortoise?

Tortoises, especially female tortoises and hatchlings, need calcium, so you can sprinkle tortoise food with calcium carbonate or feed us boiled crushed chicken egg shells. Some people scrape a cuttlebone over tortoise's food.

Can You Feed A Vegetarian Tortoise Meat? But if you try to feed a strictly vegetarian tortoise any kind of meat or insect matter, they can become extremely ill. An example of a Mediterranean tortoise is the Greek tortoise.

What Should I Feed My Digging Sulcata Tortoise? If you want to supplement his normal diet...which is great btw, offer a little chopped cactus (opuntia) and a little chopped pumpkin (including the seeds). You should soak him a minimum of 30 minutes a day...EVERYDAY! If you keep him don't need to supplement with calcium.

What Can I Feed My Komodo Tortoise?

It is very important to vary your tortoises diet as much as possible with plants, fruit and vegetables and our Komodo complete pellet food. It is essential to add a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement to any fresh foods you give your tortoise.

What Kind Of Food Can You Feed A Tortoise? In captivity, tortoise accepts a variety of dark leafy vegetables, grass, hay, and weed. Occasionally, you can feed them fruits. Very few tortoises actually to eat animal-based foods such as insects, worms and mollusks. However, it is important to know exactly what the species of your pet eats.

What Should I Feed My Sulcata Tortoise At Night? There should be a cage temperature gradient during the day of approximately 85-95 F. Night time temperatures should remain above 70 F. Feed a mixture of dark leafy greens and offer grasses and grass hay. Commercial pelleted grass diets (Zoomed Grassland Tortoise diet) can be soaked in water and also fed.

What Should I Feed My Turtle And Tortoise? For example, a Leopard tortoise should be fed grasses and hays that contain a high level of silica yet the Hingeback, Redfoot and Mediterranean breeds are not equipped to digest these types of grasses even though they too eat greens. To help remove confusion, in this section we will cover what each type of turtle and tortoise should be fed.

What Do You Feed A Tortoise? Optimal Diet for A Sulcata TortoiseHays and Grasses. The main sources of a Sulcata tortoises' diet should be from hays and grasses though it's important to get the right types for your tortoise's needs.Suitable Greens & Vegetables. ...Occasional Fruit. ...Colorful Food. ...Water Needs. ...

What Do I Feed My Pet Tortoise?

Produce: About 80% of your pet tortoise's daily diet should be fresh vegetables like kale, dandelions and collard greens. For fun, toss in a little green or yellow bell pepper, sweet potato, squash or cauliflower.

Can I Feed My Tortoise Nopales? You can also feed your tortoise nopales, or prickly pear catcus pads (just make sure to remove all the needles first!). Leafy greens should not form the core of your tortoise's diet. These plants usually have a high water content and salts called oxalates, which can be bad for your tortoise if they eat too much.

How Often Should I Feed My Sulcata Tortoise Fruits? Excessive feeding of fruits can cause diarrhea and other health issues. Therefore, you should feed your sulcata tortoise with fruits only once or twice a week. The fruits should only comprise 10% of your sulcata tortoise's diet .

How Often Do You Feed Sulcata Tortoise? What to Feed Your Sulcata TortoiseBasic Diet of a Sulcata Tortoise. Sulcatas need a high-fiber, low-protein, calcium-rich diet. ...Additional Foods. There are many other plants and flowers that can be fed on a regular basis (following the 80% - 20% rule) to provide valuable nutrients and variety.Toxic Foods. ...When to Feed and How Much. ...

Is It Bad To Over Feed A Sulcata Tortoise? AVOID over-feeding your tortoise. Sulcata tortoises can experience a variety of health problems when they are fed the wrong foods-but they can also have problems when they are fed too much of the right foods. Overfeeding is the single biggest mistake that most tortoise keepers make.

How Much Do You Feed A Tortoise Pellets?

Great nutrition for your tortoise. Product Form: Extruded pellet: 1/2" x 3/4" length. Product Size: 25 lb. net weight paper sack. Feed approximately 2-4% of body weight. It is not necessary to moisten pellets with water, though it may help acclimate animals to the diet.

How Often Should I Feed My Househermann Tortoise? Hermann's tortoises should be fed once a day. Aim for a food quantity that the tortoise can eat in 15 to 30 minutes. For those reptiles living indoors, it's good to provide some additional supplements as well. You can provide occasional worms dipped in calcium and vitamin supplements.

How Do You Force-feed A Tortoise? There are three ways of force-feeding your tortoises which are listed below: When it comes to hand-feeding this generally entails encouraging your tortoise to feed as they would normally. Syringe-feeding on the other hand, sees owners having to gently syringe selected food down the tortoise's throat.

What Can You Feed A Tortoise? You can feed your tortoise small pieces of fish, chicken, earthworms, and other types of protein. To make sure that your tortoise is getting all the vitamins and minerals that it needs, consider getting a tortoise protein powder that can be added into its diet.

Can You Feed A Tortoise Only Lettuce Leaves? Contrary to what some may think, you can't only feed a tortoise lettuce leaves. For them to thrive, a tortoise diet needs to be balanced and sufficient in a wide range of nutrients. This will not only help them to develop physically.

What To Feed A Hermann Tortoise?

CornTomatoesAsparagusBeetsPeppersPumpkinCauliflowerBrussels SproutsCarrotsBroccoliMore items...

What Should You Feed Your Tortoise? Each species of tortoise, however, has its own specific dietary needs. Be sure to identify the species of tortoise that you have and feed it a diet that is recommended for that species. Desert tortoises should be fed a combination of grasses, leafy greens, and cactus flowers, with a small amount of fruit.

Can I Force Feed My Tortoise With Animal Food? It is, therefore, not appropriate to force-feed tortoises which are naturally herbivorous with high-fat and high- protein animal derived products such as cat or dog food. Such foods will only serve to raise blood urea levels to potentially lethal concentrations.

How Often Should I Feed My Hermann's Tortoise? Feed it once daily at the same time every day from several food trays spread throughout the enclosure. Give them as much food as they will eat within 15 to 30 minutes, or you can estimate the pile of food to offer should be about the size of the animal's shell.

What Should I Not Feed My Hermanns Tortoise? Foods to avoid (or to use in very *tiny* amounts) because they interfere with the uptake of calcium: spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, beans, peas, cauliflower, collard greens, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard greens. Fruit also should be avoided because the hermanns tortoise's digestive system can't process it.

Is It Safe To Feed A Tortoise Treats?

We can handle digesting treats without it seriously messing with our health (within healthy limits, of course). A tortoise has a much more limited variety of enzymes, so feeding things with e.g. too much sugar can have much more serious repercussions.

How Do You Feed A Tortoise? You can also feed them by making different kinds of salads. You can make it interesting as well and can check to which diet your tortoise responds more positively by using several kinds of fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Loading... Loading...

How Often Should You Feed My Tortoise? The general rule seems to be feeding at least once a day for babies and younger torts. You can also feed your tortoise every other day or even three times a week , but this all depends on your particular tortoise and the amount of nutrients in their meals.

What Can I Feed My Hermann Tortoise? A Hermann's tortoise's diet consists of vegetation. Good foods include dandelion, clover, honeysuckle, leafy salads, watercress, curly kale, brussel tops, spring greens, coriander, parsley, rocket, carrot, parsnip, courgette and bell peppers.

What Kind Of Flowers Can You Feed A Tortoise? Besides the shop bought stuff, it's good to throw in wild leaves (or what you might commonly think of as weeds), in particular dandelion flowers and leaves, clover, sow thistle and bramble leaves (nothing too prickly!), and a range of other flowers and weeds.

Can You Tube Feed A Tortoise With Critical Care?

They are quite high in fibre, and although not as easy to tube as he Oxbow Critical Care, they can add some much needed variety to a potentially long-term tube feeding regime. With juvenile tortoises in particular, we recommend adding some extra calcium in the form of Nutrobal or Zolcal-D to the tube feeding formula.

How Often Should I Feed My Russian Tortoise? What about different species of tortoise, how Often and what should I feed themBaby Tortoises. Whilst we did cover this previously in the article, I'll summarise the main points here. ...Sulcata Tortoises. ...Russian Tortoises. ...Desert Tortoises. ...Hermann Tortoises. ...Gopher Tortoises. ...Horsefield Tortoises. ...

What Kind Of Herbs Can You Feed A Tortoise? Posted 27 May 2007 - 11:49 AM. The tlady site says that in general tortoises do not eat herbs but will use them for shelter.Rosemary, thyme, sage, wild marjoram and bay can be used in tortoise enclosures.

What Can I Feed My Red Footed Tortoise? Red-footed tortoise: mainly leafy greens, vegetables, hay, some fruit and occasionally low-fat protein such as earthworms. Leopard tortoise: dark leafy greens, hay, grasses, sow thistle, dandelion and green herbs as treats. African spurred tortoise (also, sulcata tortoise): leafy greens, lawn grasses, grape leaves and hibiscus flowers.

How Often Should I Feed My Desert Tortoise? Commercial Produce. In general, commercial produce is less nutritious than native plants for tortoises due to higher water and lower fiber content.Foods to Avoid. Many tortoises will eat foods that are not part of a healthy diet. ...Fruits as Snacks. Fruits, should only be offered as a special treat. ...

What To Feed A 1 Year Old Horsefield Tortoise?

I bought a 1 year old Horsefield tortoise on the 5th August. I have fed him so far on rocket and red leaf lettuce with the occasional sprinkle of Reptavite. I have been told to feed the tortoise 5/7 days of the week.

Can I Feed My Tortoise Dog Food For Cats? Many people recommend supplementing a tortoise's diet with food for dogs and cats, particularly dry food. This is often the case with tortoise species like the red-footed tortoise as they need some protein in their diet. However, this is a mistake.

How Often Should I Feed My Hermann Tortoise? You can either feed your hermann tortoise once every two days, the amount of food that it will take to fill their head. Or you can feed them half of that amount every day. There is no difference for them if you feed them every day, or if you feed them every two days, as long as the amount of food is right.

What Can I Feed My Tortoise For Calcium? You can occasionally feed them the leaves of the romaine or red and green lettuce and endive, escarole, radicchio and chicory are all good for them. Some people make a mistake in giving egg shells to their tortoise as a source of calcium.

What Should I Feed My Pet Tortoise? An important thing to keep in mind while feeding your pet tortoise is that you need to replicate its wild foraging behavior. Tortoises, in general, are omnivorous, and they eat a mix of leaves, fruits, small insects, and so on.

What Is The Best Grass To Feed A Sulcata Tortoise?

My two recommendations are timothy grass and orchard hay. A great type of grass to feed your Sulcata Tortoise is Bermuda grass. Another great type of grass for your tortoise is clover.

What Can You Not Feed A Leopard Tortoise? Avoid feeding a leopard tortoise anything high in oxalates, such as beet greens, swiss chard, and spinach, or fruit, which can cause digestive problems and diarrhea, leading to dehydration. Never feed it dog food, cat food, or other animal protein.