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What is the background of the Cobra Commander?

Cobra Commander is a Cobra character in the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series. Not much is known of the background of the man many call the Cobra Commander. What we can only tell is how he works and how he thinks. We know that he has deliberately started political and social...

What Is The Name Of The Cobra Commander? S.P.H.I.N.X. Commander is a parody of G.I.Joe's Cobra Commander, down to the rasping voice reminiscent of Chris Latta's performance in the G.I. Joe 1984 cartoon. S.P.H.I.N.X. Commander's hair, sunglasses, and outfit cause him to resemble Ric Ocasek of the American rock band The Cars or Nick Cave of Australian rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

How Does Destro Take Control Of Cobra Commander? Cobra Commander calls together the members of his organization, to let them know about his plan to take over the United States with nano-mites. Destro is the last to arrive, but after hearing the Commander's plan, he turns the tables on Cobra Commander, and takes control of Cobra.

What Kind Of Disguise Does Cobra Commander Have?

The two escaped and assumed civilian disguises to travel incognito. Cobra Commander was depicted as an average, physically fit Caucasian with a pony tail, large round green-spectacle sunglasses, and a long slender mustache. Although only a convenient disguise at the time, this civilian look would resurface on subsequent unmaskings.

Is Cobra Commander The Same Character As Joseph Gordon Levitt? On May 1, 2012, it was confirmed by Jon Chu that G.I. Joe: Retaliation's Cobra Commander is Rex Lewis, the same character that Joseph Gordon-Levitt played in The Rise of Cobra. Actor Robert Baker confirmed that he is the voice of Cobra Commander in the sequel.

Is Old Snake A Real Cobra Commander? Although it is never explicitly stated that "Old Snake" is actually an aged Cobra Commander, his raspy voice is again provided by Chris Latta, he wears the character's distinctive silver mask, and has visible traces of his blue uniform underneath his trench coat.

Who Is Cobra Commander In The Comics? In 1985, the decision was made to turn Action Force into G.I. Joe so Baron Ironblood formed a new organization known as Cobra and changed his name to Cobra Commander. In the continuity set up by IDW, Cobra Commander was a title and elected position in the Cobra organization.

Who Is Cobra Commander In GI Joe? In the classic original G.I. Joe cartoon series, Cobra Commander is the main antagonist in the first season. Using his organization, Cobra Commander attempts time and again to try and take over the world in a variety of ways, such as trying to force his own currency on people and creating his own TV station to brainwash the world.

Why Did Cobra Commander Let The Joes Capture The Robot?

Irked at the Joes' interference, Cobra Commander initiated a plan to let a sophisticated battle robot be captured by the Joes. The robot was meant to be transported to the Joes' headquarters, the Pit, where it will activate by itself, attempt to escape and beam the Pit's location.

How Did Cobra Commander Get To Zartan? Cobra Commander came to Zartan whilst being sought after by the Joes: Mutt & Junkyard, Tripwire and Torpedo. After a skirmish in the swamp, the security of Zartan's hidden shack was compromised, forcing him and the Dreadnoks to abandon it.

Is The GI Joe Rise Of Cobra Movie Related To Cobra Commander? From the tidbits that leaked online we know indeed that the upcoming GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie is a kind of Origins story for Cobra Commander. At the beginning of the GI Joe movie Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is actually called the Doctor. He's working for James McCullen who's a the head of the powerful company MARS.

What Kind Of Eyes Does Cobra Commander Have? In G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, Cobra Commander's profile has been modified, stating that he considers himself a warrior king. This rendition of the character possesses snake-like eyes as well as full battle armor. He wears a helmet that resembles a snake's head and covers his face with a hood.

Who Is Cobra Commander In The Doctor Who Movie? Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Dr. Rexford "Rex" Lewis who would eventually become Cobra Commander at the end of the film. The Doctor was a reinvention of everything about the Commander, starting with the fact that he wasn't even called Cobra Commander for most of the movie.

Would The GI Joe Crew Be Able To Stop Cobra Commander?

The G.I. Joe crew would not be able to stop Cobra Commander or his forces if it weren't for the use of extreme force and violence. It goes to show that the cartoons and toys really did instill a sense of violence into our children's culture. To say that there is a large fan base for the G.I. Joe franchise would be a huge understatement.

What Episode Of Transformers Is The Cobra Commander In? Cobra Commander (of G.I. Joe fame) made an appearance in the 1986 Transformers episode "Only Human" as "the former leader of a terrorist organization" who is now operating as an underground arms and technology dealer.

What Happened To Cobra Commander In Devil's Due? In the new continuity of Devil's Due, 2005's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #43 ended with the breakup and collapse of the Cobra organization, the disbanding of G.I. Joe, and the escape of Cobra Commander. In G.I. Joe: America's Elite #13, it was revealed that Cobra Commander had disguised himself as White House Chief of Staff Garrett Freelowe.

Who Is The Doctor In Cobra Commander? Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Dr. Rexford "Rex" Lewis who would eventually become Cobra Commander at the end of the film. The Doctor was a reinvention of everything about the Commander, starting with the fact that he wasn't even called Cobra Commander for most of the movie. Cobra Commander also didn't wear a hood.

Who Are The Plague Troopers In Cobra Commander? The Plague Troopers make their official debut after the G.I. Joe Team successfully prevents the assassination of the Israeli prime minister during the early stages of Cobra Commander's ultimate plan to dominate the world. Several small fights break out, but the Plague has the upper hand.

Why Is Cobra Commander The Best Action Figure?

Hence, this makes loose and boxed versions the Holy Grail for many Joe collectors. Despite some of his ineptitude, Cobra Commander is one of the best leaders of the organization. Thus, it makes sense his action figure is the most prized in any form.

Did Cobra Commander Ever Actually Work With The Joes? In a later event, Cobra Commander (at the request of a Crimson Guardsman) actually agreed to partner with the Joes in combating a drug dealer named the Headman, after the Headman had gotten Lt. Falcon (in another embarrassing moment for the character) and said Crimson Guardsman's sister addicted to his special brand of drugs.

What Kind Of Helmet Does The Cobra Commander Wear? He wears a helmet that resembles a snake's head and covers his face with a hood. The snake staff he carries contains a number of hidden weapons systems. The Commander was voiced by Marc Thompson . Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Resolute.

How Did Cobra Commander Get Into The US Government? Meanwhile Cobra Commander, who has been rebuilding his forces since the end of the previous series, infiltrates the U.S. government by disguising himself as White House Chief of Staff Garrett Freelowe. He tries to convince the President to shut down the G.I. Joe team.

What Happened To Cobra Commander In Retaliation? Cobra Commander is still out there after escaping Fort Sumter in the heat of battle. It makes sense why the filmmakers didn't let Dwayne Johnson's hero get to face off with the villain in the finale of Retaliation - clearly they were saving it for a dramatic climax in the originally planned third film.

What Is The Origin Of Cobra Commander?

Origin. Little is known about the Cobra Commander's early life. He was probably born and raised somewhere in the United States, and had at least one sibling, an older brother named Dan. Dan volunteered for military service and served a number of tours in Vietnam to keep his younger brother from being drafted.

What Movies Has Cobra Commander Been In? Cobra Commander appeared in the direct-to-video CGI animated movies G.I. Joe: Spy Troops and G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom, voiced by Michael Dobson .

Why Did Zartan Pose As Cobra Commander In Cutting Edge? In "Cutting Edge," Zartan posed as Cobra Commander in order to fool Jinx when she was hired to assassinate Cobra Commander. Zartan is played by Arnold Vosloo in Stephen Sommers's film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, with a drastically different appearance than his television counterpart.

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Who Is Cobra Commander? Cobra Commander always had a flair for the dramatic such as when he built his Cobra temple in the secret mountains and creating a reputation for it that scares the locals. He also maintains an Arena of Sport for his amusement.

What Is Cobra Commander?

COBRAAAAAA! Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Led primarily by Cobra Commander and sometimes by Serpentor, they've had their ups and downs in their struggle against the G.I. Joe team. They sometimes team up with or rebuild Transformers, primarily the Decepticons .

How Did Lady Jaye Get Caught By Cobra Commander? Lady Jaye tries to run to the helicopter, but her foot is caught by Cobra Commander. As the three players in the Gamesmaster's game argue and fight one another, the Gamesmaster drives a large lawnmower over the helicopter via remote control.

What Happened To Cobra In The Movie Cobra Commander? Under the command of Cobra Commander, Cobra established extensive operations in the United States. In 1985, G.I. Joe attacked a Cobra shipping facility commanded by Destro. While the facility was largely destroyed, Destro and Scrap-Iron managed to escape via Trouble Bubble.

How Did Snake Eyes And Cobra Commander First Meet? Snake Eyes had an encounter with Cobra Commander prior to the formation of Cobra, where Cobra Commander befriended Snake Eyes and tried to recruit him into murdering a judge.

What Happened To Cobra Commander After GI Joe? Picking up after the events of G.I. Joe: The Movie, Cobra Commander was left in a snake form, and was now being kept as a "pet" of Serpentor (who took great enjoyment in taunting and torturing the former leader and kept him in a cage).

Is Cobra Commander GI Joe?

Cobra Commander is a Cobra character from the GI Joe films Rise of Cobra and Retaliation.

Who Is Cobra Commander In The Rise Of Cobra? He was portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and by Luke Bracey with the voice of Robert Baker in the 2013 sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation . Cobra Commander is a fanatical leader who rules with an iron fist and demands total loyalty or allegiance.

What Happened To The Cobra Commander In Snake Eyes? Just as Snake-Eyes sank his blade into the villain's heart, the Commander discharged his gun directly into Snake-Eyes's face. The plane was subsequently consumed in the detonation of its creeper bomb cargo, and Cobra Commander and the Baroness were believed dead by the Joes.

Who Is Cobra Commander Voice Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt? For the voice of Cobra Commander, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was partly inspired by Christopher Collins's voice from the cartoon, but he also used a bit of his own imagination as he felt that copying Latta's voice fully would be unoriginal and ridiculous.

What Happened To Cobra Commander's Son Billy? Baroness brought him to back to power and semi-human form. Cobra Commander has been mocked, shunned and even replaced but always comes back. He's even been killed and returned. One of the first times was in Marvel continuity where Cobra Commander's son Billy was injured and put in a coma.

How Did Cobra Commander React To The Joes'traps?

The Joes delve further into the jungle, deactivating and avoiding more traps as they go. Again, Cobra Commander is observing from his monitor in the temple and is dismayed that they're still alive. He personally activates another trap, setting striped hyenas on them.

Is Cobra Commander In Wave 2 Of The GI Joe Classified Series? Wave 2 of Hasbro's new GI Joe Classified Series has been revealed as part of last weeks Fan First Friday. This wave will have 6 total figures, with 3 of them being exclusives. The regular Cobra Commander will be the same figure reported on a few weeks ago that was pre-released through the NTWRK App.

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