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What is an AH-1G Cobra?

The AH-1G or "Cobra", was the high performance attack helicopter in Vietnam. Although not officially sanctioned for such maneuvers, the photographer saw one pull a full loop down in the Delta.

When Did The AH-1W Cobra Come Into Service? The AH-1W variant entered service with the USMC in 1985 and 1986. USMC Cobras provided escort in the Persian Gulf in the late 1980s while the Iran - Iraq War was ongoing. The Cobras sank three Iranian patrol boats while losing one AH-1T to Iranian anti-aircraft fire.

How Many Years Did The AH-1W Super Cobra Last? ^ U.S. Marines retire Bell AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter after 34 years of service. Air Recognition. 20 October 2020. ^ John Pike. "Iranian Ground Forces Equipment". Archived from the original on 3 March 2010. Retrieved 25 May 2012.

What Is The AH-1G Cobra?

ICM's AH-1G is the first large scale kit of the Cobra in decades and it is very well done. It meets the standards of modern kit design, manufacturing, and detailing. The options and extra details provided in the kit make it a natural for super-detailing and dioramas.

What's On The AH-1 Cobra - Page? The Bell AH-1 Cobra -page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this aircraft.

Where Can I See A Bell AH-1 Cobra Helicopter? This is a list of displayed Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopters. AH-1 at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in Wollongong, Australia. 69-15092 - National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Phillip Island, Victoria. 76-22592 - Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in Albion Park Rail, New South Wales.

What Is A AH-1W Super Cobra? AH-1W Super Cobra. Categories. Service: USMC Armament: 20 mm M197 Gatling cannon; Hydra 70 rockets; 5 in Zuni rockets; TOW missiles; AGM-114 Hellfire; AIM-9 Sidewinder. Originating from a concept demonstrator delivered to the U.S. Army in 1962 based upon a UH-1 Huey, the AH-1W Super Cobra is the world's first attack helicopter.

Is ICM's AH-1 Cobra 1/32 Kit Better Than Revell? Earlier this year, ICM released the first new-tool kit of the single-engine AH-1 Cobra in 1/32 scale, the only other option being the venerable Revell kit released back in the early 1960s, also in 1/32 scale. One might automatically assume that the ICM kit is superior to the Revell kit, but that is more subjective in this case.

When Was The AH-1G Cobra Introduced To The Military?

The AH-1G Cobra was introduced to D Troop, 3/4 Cav in June of 1968. Bruce Powell: We received word that our new Cobras were due in on 14 May 1968.

Which Countries Have Used The Ah-1b Cobra? The Israeli Air Force (IAF) operated the Cobra most prolifically along its land border with Lebanon, using its fleet intensively during the 1982 Lebanon War. Turkish AH-1s have seen regular combat with Kurdish insurgents near Turkey's southern borders.

How Many Hours Did The AH-1W Cobra Fly? The AH-1W racked up 933,614 hours flying with the Marines during its service life, taking part in campaigns from Operation Desert Storm to Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The AH-1W is the most advanced, most powerful of the twin-blade, twin-engined Cobra variants.

What Is An AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter? The AH-1 Cobra attack helicpter was developed by Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited (Bell model 209) in 1965 as a successor to the UH-1B and UH-1C Huey utility helicopters that served in Vietnam. It was the world's first dedicated armed attack helicopter and had a crew of two in tandem, the pilot in the rear seat and the gunner in the front.

When Did The AH-1Z King Cobra Enter Service In Turkey? Initial operating capability of the AH-1Z Cobra took place in February 2011. The Turkish Army selected the AH-1Z King Cobra in July 2000 with a request for 50 out of 145 helicopters required.

When Was The Last AH-1 Super Cobra Delivered To The Marines?

Marines have been flying the AH-1W Super Cobra since 1986. The last AH-1W was delivered in 1998. The AH-1W is being replaced by the AH-1Z, starting in 2006 as part of a remanufacture program.

What Happened To The AH-1T Cobra Attack Helicopter? A heliborne operation with marine airlift from the USS Guam was planned. Using marine helicopter squadron 261 CH-46s, with supporting fire from USAF AC-130 gunships, ships off the coast, and the marines' last two surviving AH-1T Cobra attack helicopters. American suppressive fire would continue until 20 seconds before the Rangers were committed.

Why Is The AH-1G Called Cobra? The Army applied the Cobra name to its AH-1G designation for the helicopter. The Bell 209 demonstrator was used for the next six years to test weapons and fit of equipment. It had been modified to match the AH-1 production standard by the early 1970s.

Is The Bell AH-1Z Viper A Direct Replacement For The Boeing Super Cobra? MaxDefense's industry sources confirmed that Boeing has even made its displeasure known to the Pentagon due to Bell's advantage in such an offer, considering the Bell AH-1Z Viper is actually a direct replacement of the AH-1W Super Cobra.

What Is The Difference Between The UH-1C And AH-1 Cobra? The UH-1C was introduced in September 1965, but only about 750 were built, as by that time Bell was getting ready to introduce the optimized AH-1 "HueyCobra" gunship, which was based on UH-1C technology. The AH-1 "Cobra" provided greater speed and maneuverability and was a much more difficult target than the Huey gunships.

What Kind Of Engine Does An AH-1G Cobra Have?

The AH-1G helicopter protected unarmed Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters during the Vietnam war and was first used in 1967. A flight also formed hunter-killer units together with scout helicopters. The Cobra was powered by a Lycoming T53-L-13 turbine engine.

What Is The AH-1W Cobra? The AH-1W is the backbone of the United States Marine Corps's attack helicopter fleet, but will be replaced in service by the Bell AH-1Z Viper upgrade. The AH-1 Cobra was developed in the mid-1960s as an interim gunship for the U.S. Army for use in Vietnam.

What Is The AH-1F Modernized Cobra? The AH-1F is also referred to as the "Modernized AH-1S", "AH-1S Modernized Cobra", or "AH-1S (MC)" prior to 1988 The AH-1S Modernized Cobra was redesignated as AH-1F Modernized Cobra, and could be identified by the air data sensor mounted above the right side of the canopy.

What Is A Bell AH-1 Cobra? The Bell AH-1 Cobra is a single-engine attack helicopter introduced in 1967. It was manufactured by Bell Helicopters and was the fundamental part of the fleet of attack helicopters of the United States Army.

Who Supplied The Tvdl For The AH-1W Super Cobra? An Elbit Systems US subsidiary was awarded a $15.6m contract to supply tactical video data links (TVDL) for the US Marine Corps AH-1W. The AH-1W Super Cobra is the US Marines' attack helicopter. It is supplied by Bell Helicopter Textron, and entered service in 1985.

What Is The Best Book On AH-1 Cobra?

(An account of the US Army's final offensive of the Vietnam War, in 1971.) Richardson, Doug. Modern Fighting Aircraft, Volume 13, AH-1 Cobra. New York: Prentice Hall, 1987. ISBN 0-13-020751-9. Verier, Mike. Bell AH-1 Cobra. Osprey Publishing, 1990. ISBN 0-85045-934-6. Wikimedia Commons has media related to AH-1 Cobra.

What Happened To The AH-1 Cobra Helicopter? Meanwhile, two Army fliers were killed Friday when their Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter crashed during a training exercise near Fort Irwin, California, an Army spokesman said.