Reptile Questions

What happens if Cobra premiums go up?

If the premiums rise for the plan's active employees, so too will your COBRA premiums. COBRA law provides no cost-containment measures for premiums, although you can't be billed for more than 102 percent of the premiums.

What Happens If You Don't Pay Cobra Premiums? If you continue your COBRA continuation coverage after the premium assistance period, you may have to pay the full amount of the premium otherwise due. Failure to do so may result in your loss of COBRA continuation coverage. Contact your plan administrator, employer sponsoring the plan, or health insurance issuer for more information.

When Are Cobra Premiums Due For September? But assuming payments are due on the first of the month, they'd have until September 30 to pay September's premium. While premium payments for ongoing COBRA coverage should be paid by the date the plan says they're due, you have a little more flexibility than you did with your initial COBRA payment.

How To Calculate Cobra Premiums?

Cobra Premium= ICHRA/EBHRA monthly allowance + 2% administration fee The Past Cost Method is used to calculate the COBRA premium with the following formula: COBRA Premium = Average amount reimbursed per employee during the previous plan year + inflation factor + 2% administration fee

What Happens To My COBRA Insurance When I Leave My Job? After leaving a job, you may also be eligible for COBRA health insurance coverage. Under COBRA continuation coverage, you're entitled to continue your former employer's group plan for up to 18 months at your own expense. Beneficiaries may be able to keep COBRA coverage even longer depending on the circumstances.

What Happens If You Don't Refill A Cobra? If you have never drained and refilled a Cobra, you must follow the procedure in the manual, or you may wind up with an air bubble trapped inside, which will rise to the top and it will then be underfilled, which will wipe out the upper gears.

What Happens To Cobra If You Terminate Your Health Insurance? Some health plans will even charge you extra for using COBRA insurance. Under the COBRA guidelines, you may be subject to up to 102% of the insurance premium. Not only does COBRA protect you if you're terminated; it also helps you rest easy knowing that your family will be taken care of if you die suddenly.

What Happens To My COBRA Subsidy When I Get Medicare? Once you become eligible for other group health coverage or Medicare, you're no longer eligible for the COBRA premium subsidy, regardless of whether you actually enroll in the other group health coverage or Medicare.

What Happens If I Waive Cobra Coverage During The Election Period?

If you waive COBRA coverage during the election period, you must be permitted later to revoke your waiver of coverage and to elect continuation coverage as long as you do so during the election period. Then, the plan need only provide continuation coverage beginning on the date you revoke the waiver.

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What Happens To Cobra When You Turn 65 And Have Medicare? Think of it this way: If someone turns 65, is still working and remains eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance but enrolls in Medicare, there is not a loss of coverage and, therefore, no COBRA-qualifying event. Medicare Eligibility but No Enrollment: COBRA coverage is not considered a group health plan based upon current employment.

What Happens When You Go On Cobra? Once you go on COBRA, you pay the entire premium plus a 2% administration fee. Additionally, your first payment can be an extra punch to the pocket book. There is often a lag between when your group coverage was scheduled to end and when your first payment is due. This often results in an initial payment equal to two months of premium. Ouch.

What Happens If You Get Bitten By A Cobra?

The Venom Sac and Venom Duct of the Cobra. Cobra Venom coming in contact with human eyes causes an immediate and severe irritation of the conjunctiva and cornea that, if untreated, may result in permanent blindness. The cobra venom, a neurotoxin, acts powerfully on the nervous system.

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What Happens To Cobra When You Get Fired? COBRA. Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, known as COBRA, you are entitled to continue your health insurance plan through your employer, and pay your own way. Even if your insurance was cut off when you were fired, the employer must notify the plan administrator within 30...

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What Happens If You Get Bit By A Cobra?

Like other snakes, cobras have a very slow metabolism that allows them to go for days or even months without feeding. "Cobra bites can be fatal, especially if left untreated," said Viernum. Fortunately, antivenin is available and sometimes lives can also be saved with the use of an artificial respirator.

Are COBRA Health Insurance Premiums Deductible? Yes. You can deduct the amount you paid for COBRA premiums under medical expenses. Please keep in mind the following about deducting your medical expenses, including health insurance: You don't get the benefit if you are taking the standard deduction.

Can My Employer Require Me To Pre-pay Cobra Premiums? However, "the IRS does not require the employer" to allow the employee to pre-pay the Cobra premiums (either pretax or after tax). That's why it is important to read the employer's "Sec 125 plan document" ... to see if this specific employer plan even allows any pre-payment.

What Happens If You Overspend FSA Before Cobra? If the employee has overspent their FSA account (YTD claims paid exceeds YTD contributions) as of their COBRA qualifying event date, then the Employer is not obligated to offer COBRA. This exception only applies if the Employer qualifies for the limited COBRA obligation.

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What Happens After A Cobra Qualifying Event?

When a COBRA qualifying event occurs, coverage could be lost either immediately or, in many cases, at the end of the month in which the event occurs. Notice of COBRA rights (which will now explain Marketplace rules) is not provided for weeks and, sometimes, a couple months after the qualifying event.

What Happens If A Mongoose Is Bitten By A Cobra? When it does, it consumes everything, including the venom sacs. The mongoose is not 100 percent immune to the cobra's venom, but there has to be a substantial amount of venom for the mongoose to die. The mongoose can only get bitten by the cobra when its leaps are inaccurate.

What Happens When FMLA And Cobra Cross Paths? Confusion may arise when FMLA and COBRA cross paths. A few problematic areas include determining when a qualifying event occurs, when calculating the maximum coverage period, and the consequences of an employee's failure to pay their share of premiums during FMLA leave.

What Happens If My Cobra Runs Out? (If your COBRA runs out after the normal period, which is typically 18 or 36 months, you should be eligible for a Special Enrollment and could sign up for coverage through the Exchange). To continue coverage, you can enroll in private insurance.

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What Happens If I Cancel My COBRA Insurance?

COBRA premiums are based on how your previous employer pays for their company health insurance plans. Payments cover 30 days of coverage and may not be prorated or refunded if you cancel in the middle of coverage month.

What Happens When A King Cobra Attacks? When a king cobra attacks, it strikes at the base of its target's head. It then holds on for several minutes, to inject as much venom as possible. Like most snakes in the Elapidae family, king cobras have extremely potent venom. The amount of venom delivered in one single bite is enough to kill 20 people.