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What happened to Solid Snake and gray fox?

Solid Snake retired from the unit, while Gray Fox was suspected to have followed his former commander after he disappeared. Following the Outer Heaven Uprising, FOXHOUND's existence became public knowledge and gained worldwide fame, thanks to Solid Snake's actions.

What Happened To Liquid Liquid Snake And Solid Snake? Liquid dies due to FoxDie, Solidus is killed by Raiden, old age gets Big Boss, and Solid Snake dies due to accelerated aging, albeit presumably peacefully. The only Snake who was straight up forced against his nature to be a clone of Big Boss, it's actually quite tragic how Venom meets his end. He lives as he died: in Big Boss' shadow.

What Happened To Zero After Solid Snake Killed Big Boss? After Solid Snake (a clone from Les Enfants Terribles) defeated Big Boss during both incidents, Zero had the "legendary mercenary" placed in a nanomachine-induced coma. Having lost Big Boss as an icon and still bitter over his former friend's betrayal, Zero began to rely on an advanced AI network as the Patriots' "successors."

Are Snake And Gray Fox Friends In Metal Gear?

In the first game, while the two don't actually interact much, it's implied by Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake that they built a bond during their brief time together. Come Metal Gear Solid 2 and Snake refers to Gray Fox as a true friend. This makes Gray Fox's parting words to Snake all the more impactful.

What Happened To Solid Snake After Guns Of Liberty? Solid Snake was officially retired as a character at the end of Guns of Liberty where Liquid's role was always up in the air. It's also easier to further flesh out a main villain than an outright main character. It's worth noting that Liquid appeared in Kojima's final Metal Gear game and not Solid Snake.

What Happened To Liquid Snake In Metal Gear Solid? The rest of Liquid's remains were used to restore Big Boss's wounded body with spare body parts. Liquid Snake's next official appearance is in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (a prequel set 21 years before the events of Metal Gear Solid ).

What Happened Between Solid Snake And Raiden? After declaring that he was Solid Snake, the real Solid Snake (under the alias Iroquois Pliskin) attacked him from a Kasatka helicopter. During an exchange of heated dialogue between the two, Raiden learned of their true identities. Snake also demanded that Solidus stop impersonating Big Boss.

Is Gray Fox The Only Ninja To Never Fight Solid Snake? He is also the only Ninja to have never fought Solid Snake in a main game, either during gameplay (Gray Fox) or off-screen (Olga Gurlukovich). After completing Metal Gear Solid twice, Gray Fox's exoskeleton swaps its colors so that its red portions become gray and the gray portions become red.

What Happened To Solid Snake In Metal Gear?

Solid Snake retired after the events of Metal Gear 2 but was brought back into the fray after Fox Hound took over Shadow Moses Island and threatened to launch a nuclear warhead. It was this 1998 classic that truly skyrocketed the series to its legendary status.

What Happened To Solid Snake On Big Boss? In December 1999, Big Boss was forced to contend with ex-FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake, who had been sent to infiltrate Zanzibar Land's stronghold. Elite mercenaries were dispatched to eliminate the intruder, but each were thwarted by Snake.

What Happened To The FOXDIE In Solid Snake? The biological FoxDie that was still in Solid Snakebegan to mutate when his body started to age at an accelerated rate. This new FoxDie would eventually lose its ability to kill based on specific DNA and start killing people at random, and possibly go so far as to kill everyone on the planet.

What Happened To Solid Snake's FOXDIE? The biological FOXDIE that was still in Solid Snake began to mutate when his body started to age at an accelerated rate. This new FOXDIE would eventually lose its ability to kill based on specific DNA sequences and would begin to kill people at random, possibly becoming a worldwide pandemic.

What Happened To Solid Snake In Ghost Babel? In the same way that Snake's Revenge writes its own history after the events of "Operation Intrude N313," Ghost Babel follows a reclusive Solid Snake forced back into action seven years after completing his most infamous mission - forgoing the events of Metal Gear 2.

What Happened To Solid Snake's Sneaking Suit?

Snake's Sneaking Suit from the Shadow Moses Incident would go on to serve as his uniform during his later exploits with the anti-Metal Gear NGO Philanthropy. Foregoing its original thermal vest and elbow/knee pads, the suit saw Solid Snake through on the tanker USS Discovery, the Big Shell, and Arsenal Gear .

Did Solid Snake Know Who Gray Fox Was? ^ Metal Gear Solid, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan (1998). Colonel Campbell: I see... But even if that ninja is Gray Fox, the question is why? // Solid Snake: From what I could tell, he didn't know who he was. // Campbell: Are you saying that he's just a mindless robot? // Snake: I'm not sure, but he seems intent on fighting me to the death.

What Happened To Solid Snake In Metal Gear Solid V? In the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there was no change of actors. The man who played Solid Snake (Akio ÅŒtsuka) continues to play Big Boss today.

What Happened To Otacon And Snake In Metal Gear Solid 4? In the original plot of Metal Gear Solid 4, Otacon and Snake were to have turned themselves in for their crimes and executed, but the majority of the development staff vetoed this decision.

What Happened To Snake's Solid Eye? The Solid Eye appeared similar to a plastic eye patch, with text of the device name and serial number printed on the front, with a small camera lens positioned below. The Solid Eye was destroyed along with Snake's OctoCamo Sneaking Suit in the microwave tunnel within Outer Haven .

What Did Gray Fox Do To Solid Snake?

In 2005, Gray Fox infiltrated Shadow Moses island, seeking out Solid Snake, who'd been sent in to bring down the Sons of Big Boss, a renegade FOXHOUND unit led by Liquid Snake. He secretly began aiding Snake in his mission by sending him anonymous messages under the name, "Deepthroat".

Why Did Big Boss Send Solid Snake To Kill Gray Fox? Big Boss sent rookie agent Solid Snake to save Gray Fox from Outer Heaven, and destroy the Metal Gear. Big Boss acted as intel for Snake during this mission, but Snake proved to be far more competent than he realised, leading him to feed Snake false information.

What Happened To Solid Snake At The End Of The Movie? In the ending Solid Snake has comes to grips with his grueling past and accepted his consequences for his actions. Then Big Boss showed up and both confronted each other and blame each other for the entire thing.

What Did Solid Snake Do To Gray Fox? A rookie FOXHOUND member, Solid Snake, was sent in to follow up on Gray Fox's mission. He managed to rescue Gray Fox, who told him everything he'd learned, that Metal Gear was a walking tank weapon equipped with nuclear weaponry. They managed to destroy the prototype of Metal Gear being built in Outer Heaven.