Reptile Questions

What does the tortoise look like?

The gopher tortoise is a land turtle, usually between 6 and 15 inches long. It is gray or dark brown on top with a yellowish undershell. A tortoise s front legs are strong and shovel-like, great for digging burrows. Its front legs look like elephant s legs.

What Does An Ibera Tortoise Look Like? Most commonly we think of the "Hermann's tortoise" look when it comes to ibera, in that they have a yellowish ground color with black bars and blotches on each carapace scute.

What Does Sulcata Tortoise Poop Look Like? Healthy sulcata tortoise poop is a dark green, brown or almost black in color. Tortoise poop should be wet and moist, but not runny. You should see a lot of grass in the sulcata tortoise poop. If you notice that the poop is dry, it can mean that the tortoise is dehydrated.

What Does A Tortoise Look Like?

Tortoise is the common name for any turtle of the family Testudinidae, characterized by thick, club-like hind legs, and a high, rounded, domed shell (carapace).

What Does A Pancake Tortoise Look Like? As their name suggests, Pancake tortoises have flat brown shells that don't have a completely solid bone structure like other tortoise shells. This makes the Pancake tortoise light and nimble compared to other species. Markings consisting of dark lines decorate each scute, while the plastron is yellowish in color.

What Does A Spurred Tortoise Look Like In The Wild? These look like spurs. They are about 3 ft long and have brownish shells. As you can see, spurred tortoises are large. In the wild, they are endemic to Sub Saharan Africa. Greek tortoises (Testudo graeca) also have pointed scutes on their carapaces. However, unlike the spurred tortoises, the Greek tortoises grow to be about only 7 inches.

What Does An African Tortoise Look Like? The African spurred tortoise is the largest tortoise on the African continent and the third largest in the world. This tortoise, which mostly dwells in the desert, is camouflaged very well by its whole sandy coloring, having impenetrable golden to yellow-brown skin and a brownish shell.

What Does A Tortoise Egg Look Like At 14 Days? By 14 days the white spot forms. In a few days it will expand to form a band around the egg. As the egg develops the tortoise appears as a black spot At 6 weeks what looks like a bubble forms on top. The embryo (to the right) is much larger. Within a week, the egg will appear black on candling.

What Does A Fitzroy Tortoise Look Like?

Description Rheodytes leukops, Family Cheluidae, also known as the Fitzroy Tortoise and Fitzroy River Turtle, is a light to dark brown turtle growing up to 26 cm with scattered darker spots and blotches, a pale yellow or cream belly, and dull olive-grey exposed fleshy parts.

What Does A Leopard Tortoise Carapace Look Like? The leopard tortoise's carapace is high and domed with steep, almost vertical sides. The base color of the carapace may be tan, yellow, or sometimes shades of dusty brown, and is decorated with leopard-like spots. The intensity of shell patterning varies. The head, feet, and tail vary in color but are usually tan to brown.

What Does A Radiated Tortoise Shell Look Like? Description. The carapace of the radiated tortoise is brilliantly marked with yellow lines radiating from the center of each dark plate of the shell, hence its name. This "star" pattern is more finely detailed and intricate than the normal pattern of other star-patterned tortoise species, such as Geochelone elegans of India.

What Does The Tortoise And The Hare Look Like? And that brings us to one of Aesop's fables called "The Tortoise and the Hare." As you probably know, a hare looks like a large rabbit. It has long ears and runs very fast, much faster than any tortoise. That cannot be debated.

What Does A Speckled Tortoise Look Like? The Speckled tortoise is the world's smallest species of tortoise native to South Africa. It has a flattened shell with slightly serrated edges. The shell is orange-brown in color and is covered in hundreds of black spots.

What Does An Egyptian Tortoise Shell Look Like?

Although the Egyptian tortoise isn't known for its striking colors or patterns, it does have its own special beauty. The shell can be anywhere from a light cream to a rich, golden color and can even be gray at times. Typically, the color of the shell is a lovely light yellow.

What Does A Spur Thighed Tortoise Look Like? FEATURES: The Spur-thighed Tortoise has a small spur on each thigh and a single supracaudal plate. There is rather coarse scaling on the front of the fore-legs. Colour is variable from yellow to orange, brown and black and, like the carapace length, varies according to subspecies*.

What Does A Marginated Tortoise Look Like? The marginated tortoise is a beautiful species with a distinct shell. As juveniles, the shell takes on shades of black and pearly white. However, this coloration fades to a dark gray as the tortoise gets older. The most recognizable trait of this reptile is the arrangement of the scutes.

What Does An Angulate Tortoise Shield Look Like? The angulate tortoise has a dark grey or black shield with a yellow centre around the dark areola. The marginal shields have alternating triangles of black or yellow that extend from the edge of the shell, up the edge of the costals.

What Does Clarice Look Like In Tortoise Trouble? Clarice Twigg first appears in Tortoise Trouble, she is head of year one and becomes friends with Sybil Hallow and Beatrice Bunch . In the Books and 1998 TV Series, Clarice has orange frizzy hair that she wears in bunches. In the 2017 TV Series, she has shoulder-length dark hair and black-rimmed glasses.

What Does Tortoise Poop Look Like?

Tortoise poop on the other hand looks exactly as you would expect it to; brown or dark green depending on what your tortoise diet consists of. Either are perfectly normal and don't present any cause for concern.

What Does It Look Like When A Tortoise Has A Bowel Movement? When reptiles make a bowel movement they often urinate as well. Urine is pretty similar between species. Generally this natural release of toxins look like a yellowish liquid. Tortoises also release something called urinates. This isn't something that just tortoises do.

What Does A Ploughshare Tortoise Look Like? The alternative common name, ploughshare tortoise, refers to the appearance of the gular scute of the plastron. The carapace is highly domed and light brown in colour with prominent growth rings on each scute. The outer parts of the vertebral are a darker brown.

What Does Healthy Growth Look Like On A Tortoise? Healthy growth is a good indicator of how good your overall husbandry is, or if there is anything that needs to be changed. One such area you'll be seeing a lot of changes is your tortoise's skin. A tortoise's skin will undergo wear and tear over time, but healthy growth will make sure that any dead skin is eventually replaced.

What Does A Pregnant Female Tortoise Look Like? Pregnant females look and behave differently than male and nonpregnant female tortoises. Because a tortoise can lay up to 30 eggs at a time, a pregnant female's body will appear more swollen than normal. Pregnant females experience a decrease in appetite and become increasingly restless as nesting approaches.

What Should A Tortoise Eye Look Like When You Hold It?

When holding a tortoise it should feel solid rather than light. The eyes of the tortoise should be clear and bright and there should be no sign of discharge. The third eyelid, which is in the corner of the eye, should only just be visible and the eyes should be wide open.

What Does A Gopher Tortoise Look Like? The gopher tortoise is a moderate-sized, terrestrial turtle, averaging 9 - 11 inches in length when fully grown, though it can reach lengths of up to 15 inches (Ernst et al. 1994). The species is identifiable by its stumpy, elephantine hind feet and flattened, shovel-like forelimbs covered in thick scales.

Does Mitch McConnell Look Like A Turtle Or Tortoise? Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart has repeatedly mocked McConnell claiming he looked like a turtle or tortoise. The comedian often imitated him with the voice of the turtle from Tortoise Wins by a Hare.

What Does A Hinge Back Tortoise Look Like? The carapace of Home's hinge-back tortoise varies in color from dark brown to tan, and is distinguished by the pronounced vertical drop at the end. The shape of the carapace also cleverly channels rainwater towards its head for drinking.

What Does Pyramiding Look Like On A Ranch Raised Tortoise? Less severe pyramiding is common on ranch-raised tortoises and gives the carapace a bumpy appearance, but each scute is not severely raised from the others. Generally, type 1 pyramiding isn't going to have any major appearance problems.

What Does Russian Tortoise Poop Look Like?

It's not uncommon for new Russian tortoise pet owners to confuse poop and urine. The most distinguishing thing about their waste is the white substance, that looks pasty and maybe with or without brown or dark green. This is not poop, but rather what is known as urates, a protein found in urine. It is stored and then released from the bladder.

What Does A Tortoise Head Look Like? The Tortoise Head If you look at a tortoise's head, they have a very distinct block-like shape and a beak. The tortoise usually has narrow-set eyes. Their noses are basically two little holes near the front of their beaks called nares.

What Do Tortoise Beetles Look Like On Tomatoes? Tortoise beetles like to nibble on the underside of tomato leaves. They can kill off seedlings, and a massive infestation can reduce yields by filling with tiny holes. The beetles are pretty distinct at about 1/4-inch long with a round or oval body that looks similar to a ladybug at first.

What Does An African Spurred Tortoise Look Like? True to its name, the African Spurred Tortoise has spurs on its hind legs, though the purpose of these spurs is not known. It has a carapace (upper shell) that is broad and oval shaped.

What Do Tortoise Eggs Look Like In Galapagos? Galapagos Giant Tortoise Eggs. If you looked into a nest of galapagos giant tortoise eggs, you would see 2 to 16 eggs that look a lot like tennis balls. But if you touched them, you would find that they have hard shells.

What Does An Inactive Gopher Tortoise Burrow Look Like?

Inactive gopher tortoise burrows still have a half-moon shape to the burrow entrance. However, debris like leaves or pine needles start to fill in around the entrance and on top of the apron and the soil is hard-packed. These burrows lack tortoise tracks and other signs of tortoise use.

What Does A Painted Lady Tortoise Look Like? The painted lady is mainly orange above, with black tips to the forewings that are adorned with white spots, and black spots on the hindwings and forewings. The small tortoiseshell is also orange with black spots, but has distinctive yellow spots on the forewings and blue spots along the wing margins.

What Does A Russian Tortoise Shell Look Like? The shell of a Russian tortoise is usually a ruddy brown or black color, which lightens to yellow in between the scutes. The body is a straw-yellow or brown color, depending on the subspecies.

What Does A Striped Tail Look Like On A Tortoise? The namesake striped tail is formed by dark bronze green central rectrices and outer rectrices which have black outer webs, white inner webs and broad black tips. The female has a metallic green back but her underparts and the sides of her face are light brownish grey.

What Does A Tortoise Shell Frame Look Like? The distinctive pattern has mottled yellow, honey and brown shell spots, very similar to how certain turtles look like. Compared to block black or any other solid colour frame, tortoise shell frames are much softer on the face and will complement your complexion better.

What Does A Desert Tortoise Shell Look Like?

The desert tortoise's carapace ranges from tan to dark brown in color. The center of the shell is sometimes lighter, and usually lacks any pattern. The plastron, limbs and neck are brownish or yellowish in color. Males are generally larger than the females and also have longer tails.

What Does The Thyroid Look Like In A Tortoise? The thyroid was oval and hyperecoic, visualized in the cardiac portion of the ultrasound. The liver, gallbladder and digestive system were similar to those seen in mammals and turtles. However, the tortoise liver was relatively more hyperechoic than mammals.

What Does A Spur Thigh Tortoise Look Like? The Spur thigh tortoise is uniformly a brown to golden yellow color. Their dry skin helps them in retaining fluids during the dry period. One needs to fulfill the basic requirements of his pet spur thigh tortoise to keep it healthy and in good shape.

What Does A Cobra Look Like In Real Life? Appearance. The Cobra has dark red spots throughout its orange-colored skin with a tan underbelly. It also has a large hood featuring two beady black eyes. It also has a flickering red forked tongue.

What Does A Snake Skeleton Look Like? Most of the skeleton is made up of vertebrae and ribs, making for a very basic skeleton. The skeleton looks like a long string with rib bones attached. The bones themselves look just like bones you would see in any other animal, but snake bones are much smaller and more flexible, but they look very much the same.

What Do Pet Lizards Look Like?

These pet lizards are real beauties. The primary color is bright green. However, they have textured skin with fine dots of yellow. Some lizards may also have neon blue on their feet and eyes and subtle red accents on the snout. These colors combine to create a truly beautiful look.

What Does A Mojave Desert Tortoise Look Like? The tortoise has sturdy, shovel-like front limbs, which are equipped with long nails for digging. Its back legs are skinnier and longer. A Mojave desert tortoise in its natural environment. Notice the elongated gular horn projecting from the tortoise's plastron (the part of the shell underneath the tortoise).

What Does A Healthy Leopard Gecko Look Like? A healthy-looking leopard gecko has a bright and clear eyes. On the flip side, if you notice something strange with your pets eyes, go see your vet as soon as possible. If you find that your leopard gecko's eyes are sunken into their face, this shows that they are dehydrated.

What Does A Dwarf Crocodile Look Like? It is a heavily armoured crocodile, which is dark in colour on the back and sides with a yellowish belly featuring many black patches. Dwarf crocodiles are a little-known species, unlike their more studied relatives. The West African dwarf crocodile is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

What Does A Slitherwing Snake Look Like? The Slitherwing resembles a giant snake with its long, snake-like body. Its body has a bright, brilliant coloration and pattern that serves as an indication and warning to its extreme levels of toxicity, much like many other animals, including: snakes, amphibians, fish and insects.

What Does A Giant Salamander Look Like?

Its color is typically dark brown with a mottled or speckled pattern, but it can also be other brownish tones, dark reddish, or black. Albinos, which are white or orange, have been recorded. All species of giant salamanders produce a sticky, white skin secretion that repels predators.

What Does A Desert Tortoise Look Like? The Desert Tortoise ( Gopherus agassizii ), has a high - domed shell and elephant-like legs and is easily distinguishable from its turtle cousins. They range in size from two inches up to 15 for a mature male. The top shells are brown, gray, or black, often with distinctive growth lines, while the shell underneath is lighter.

What Do House Geckos Look Like At Night? The underside is usually creamy-white. House geckos are tropical and subtropical lizards. These nocturnal creatures are commonly seen near porch lights at night where they wait for insects to eat such as moths, cockroaches and other insects. These geckos may emit a high-pitched call or squeak when alarmed.

Are There Any Dinosaurs That Look Like A Turtle? The sauropods are a group of massive dinosaurs such as the Brachiosaurus that all have long necks just like the snake-head turtle. These turtles may also resemble the aquatic reptiles known as plesiosaurs that look like the Loch Ness monster and are often mistaken to be dinosaurs.

What Does A Milk Snakes Look Like? Facts About Milk Snakes. Red milk snakes Red milk snakes have a white, yellow or tan body with reddish banded blotches rimmed in black. They are often confused with coral snakes. Brightly colored and strikingly patterned, milk snakes are nonvenomous New World snakes with a wide range throughout North and South America.

What Does A Monitor Lizard Look Like With Yellow Spots?

It is a black or brown color with rows of yellow spots. The Nile monitor is often available as a pet, but is a difficult lizard to tame. Ornate Monitor The ornate monitor is from the forests of Africa. It is a black lizard with rows of yellow spots and a banded tail. It can grow to be over five feet long.

What Does A Nonvenomous Snake Bite Look Like? Nonvenomous snakes leave more of a horseshoe shape of smaller incisions. Not all bites are visible, especially in cats with long fur, and some bites do not puncture the skin. Symptoms may worsen as time passes.

What Makes A Scratch Look Like A Chameleon? This means they have the capacity of adaptation and change, just like a chameleon. Scratches absorb the colour pigments from the skin of the affected person, making the skin look lifeless and dry. (This may or may not be physically visible.)

Do Iguana Boots Look Like Lizards? The Iguana Lizards can be found in Mexico, Central, and South America. Boots made with Iguana skins have a uniform look due to their unvarying skin pattern. Adding to their uniform look is the distinct structure of the Iguanas' skins. The square scale pattern of the Iguana is also larger than other lizards.