Reptile Questions

What does genus Iguana mean?

Iguana It is a genus of reptiles that is part of the Iguanidae family. Animals belonging to this clade have a dorsal crest, made up of keratinized scales shaped like a beak. This extends from the occipital region to the tail.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Closes Its Eyes? If you pet your iguana on the head he will also close the eye closets to you, however if he closes both eyes then you know that he is truly enjoying it. On occasion an iguana bulge its eyes for a second or two - it looks as if it is going to pop out, it is a way of relaxing the eyes.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Closes One Eye? With time, your iguana might start closing only one one, which means that it trust you much more. If your iguana is generally relaxed (relaxed posture or tucked in/hanging legs), then you have nothing to worry about. If your iguana has bulging eyes, that means that its eyes are itchy, that there's shedding skin or that it's generally tired.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Bob Its Head?

Iguanas were known to bob their head as a mark of greeting others too. It is believed that iguanas bob their head in order to make everyone surrounding them to know that the region is its territory. It is found that male iguanas bob more than females. The slow 'up and down' bob is an indication given by iguana...

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Has A Swollen Mouth? It is most commonly seen in juvenile iguanas (less than 2 years old). Infectious Stomatitis (Mouth Rot) is a bacterial infection that manifests as pinpoint hemorrhages on the gums, swollen gums or an excess production of thick mucus (often looking like cottage cheese) in the mouth.

What Does The Name Iguana Mean? Native to the jungles of Central and South America and many islands in the Caribbean, Iguanas are large lizards that are also popular with Americans who want to keep them as pets. The name iguana comes from the original Taino name for these lizards, iwana . Green iguanas are the most widely known species as they are often kept as pets.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Wags Its Tail? Your iguana is highly likely to wag its tail when it is not happy. If your iguana is unhappy, it will come closer to the threat and whip the tail. Iguana tail whip does hurt a lot, especially if your standing at the distance. Closer you are, less painful the tail whip will be. But tail wagging is not always due to aggressive behavior.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Doesn't Get Up? If its dewlap (skin under the chin) stays relaxed and iguana doesn't get up or try to extend its body, then you have nothing to worry about. Its eyes will be relaxed and not fixed on you (or other object). This is a form of greeting you (or other people & creatures that enter its territory).

What Does It Mean When You See A Green Iguana?

The green iguana predicts a great love life. The Carolina Anole known as Anolis carolinensis indicates a warning to hide away your feelings. Seeing a yellow lizard foretells good people in your entourage.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana's Eyes Are Tense? When the iguana becomes tense which is a result of fear or anger the eyes will be more round and open wider as the eyelid is up all the way and TENSED just like a human that is scared or angry. Imagine the difference when a person's eyes are relaxed.

What Does It Mean When You See An Iguana In Your Sleep? If you saw an iguana in your sleep, it usually indicates a recent change in your living situation. You are probably used to change your home environment, always searching for better conditions. That allows you to get acquainted with other cultures and people.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Has Its Dewlap Extended? Both young and adult iguanas will either relax or tighten their dewlap, meaning that they are relaxed or stressed. This iguana's dewlap is extended - meaning iguana is stressed. Also, note a standing position and shut eyes (reaction which helps to ignore something that's disturbing it).

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Has An Abscess? An abscess is an infected swelling filled with pus that is found within a tissue of the body. Abscesses are very common in iguanas. They occur when bacteria (most common) or fungi are introduced into the tissue by trauma or a bite wound, a penetrating foreign body, a tumor, or certain parasites.

What Does Iguana Mean?

Definition of iguana. : any of various large chiefly herbivorous usually green or brownish tropical American lizards (family Iguanidae, the iguana family) that have a serrated dorsal crest and large dewlap; broadly : any of various large lizards.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Has A Dewlap? Under the jawbone is a large piece of hanging skin called the dewlap. The dewlap is extended when the iguana is feeling threatened and wants to make itself look big and scary. If your iguana extends its dewlap when you or another iguana goes near it, it may be interpreted as a sign of stress, or at least discomfort.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Is Twitching Its Head? Iguana head bob type 4: Twitching head bobs meaning 'no touching' and 'leave me alone'. If you are trying to approach your iguana and it starts twitching its head quickly from side to side and up to down, this means that it wants to be left alone. This sign is similar to aggressive one, but is less dangerous.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of An Iguana In Your Dream? Iguana Dream Meaning: To dream of an iguana symbolizes an act very complicated, merciless, ferocious or insensitive generally. So, dreaming of an iguana inside your back yard is alerted of a complicated situation inside your house with the service of water, electricity or heating since very soon.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Eyes Are Open? A healthy iguana is alert and notices what's going on in its environment. The eyelids can be half closed in a relaxed state, or fully opened. Hatchlings will many times have an "eyes wide open" expression that makes them look nervous or scared. This is actually normal, because they are nervous and scared.

What Does It Mean When You See An Iguana?

The iguana is a reminder to take time to enjoy the sunshine, take a nap, or relish your favorite food. Iguanas are chill and very symbolic! I have had the pleasure of parenting two iguanas.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Iguana? When you have an Iguana dream, it means that you are spending too much time working. Thus this spirit animal says that you need to give yourself a break. Seeing this reptile could also signify that you are insensitive to the plights of other people. Another Iguana dream interpretation is that you need to be more patient in life.

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Iguana? The iguana symbolic meaning will come to you to tell you to stop worrying and take a step back to live simply. Take time for yourself and relish in the wonderful things in the world, rather than focusing on your various stressors and complications. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

What Does It Mean When An Iguana Has A Normal Blood Sample? A normal blood sample on a sick iguana does not mean there is no infection or internal organ problem, since sick reptiles commonly have normal blood samples. This blood panel shows an elevated WBC count of 18,500 (up to 12,200 is normal for this lab).