Reptile Questions

What does a pig-nosed turtle look like?

Description. The pig-nosed turtle is unlike any other species of freshwater turtle. The feet are flippers, resembling those of marine turtles. The nose looks like that of a pig, having the nostrils at the end of a fleshy snout, hence the common name. The carapace is typically grey or olive, with a leathery texture,...

What Does A Musk Turtle Look Like? The Common musk turtle is a small turtle native to North America. It is black, grey, or brown in color and has a long neck and rather short legs. The yellow lines on the neck are a good field marker, and often can be seen from above in swimming turtles.

What Do Turtle Tattoos Look Like On Feet? Tribal turtle tattoos look unique and bold on feet and stand out different from the crowd. These designs look like jewelry for the ankle, while the watercolor design fills up the entire space. A pod of turtle represents family, and if you are paying tribute to your family, you can get some pod tattoos depending on the length of your family.

What Does A Slider Turtle Look Like In The Wild?

In the wild, these Sliders live solitary lives for most of the year. These colorful Sliders are also known as Peacock Sliders thanks to their vibrant coloration. Their oval-shaped shells are olive green and are covered with distinctive blue, green, and yellow markings.

What Does A Turtle Egg Look Like? Turtle eggs are usually tiny, resembling golf balls in size and shape but with a soft shell. They are also spherical, although they can be misshaped (elongated or adjoined with calcium strands). Is It Okay to Move Turtle Eggs?

What Do Box Turtle Eggs Look Like? Box turtle eggs are white and oval with a thin, flexible shell. Turtle eggs are very fragile and should be handled with extreme care. Never shake the eggs. How Long Does it Take for Box Turtle Eggs to Hatch?

What Does A Malayan Soft Shell Turtle Look Like? The carapace of Malayan Soft-shelled turtle is oval, at and with distinctly straight sides, is smooth and leathery without scutes. The carapace is dark olive or brown, with a dark median stripe and two to three pairs of dark spots. Patterns are more distinct in juveniles and fades as they grow.

What Does A Turtle Look Like With A Narrow Neck? This turtle is aptly named for its long, narrow neck. It has a broad, flattened, oval-shaped carapace (or shell) that is light brown to black. Its head, neck and limbs are dark gray or brown, and its underside is a cream or yellow color.

What Does Turtle Wexler Look Like In The Westing Game?

What does Turtle Wexler look like in The Westing Game? Turtle is Grace Wexler's daughter and is 11 years old. She has brown hair that she usually wears in a braid.

What Does A Male Stinkpot Turtle Look Like? Male Stinkpots have longer tails that have visible spikes making it easy to sex this species. They rarely grow to be more than five and a half inches. They come with a brown, grey or black carapace (upper shell), which is highly domed in young turtles, but it flattens out as they grow older.

What Does A Torterra Turtle Look Like? Torterra's body appears sectioned, with the upper half being green and the lower half brown. Its mouth is jagged, which gives it the appearance of a snapping turtle. It also has a black nose. Its lower jaw is green and there are two large spikes protruding from its cheeks.

What Does A Turtle Shell Orchid Look Like? Also called the turtle-shell orchid because of its broad, shiny, purple-speckled pseudobulbs topped with a broad leaf, this species is native to Central and South America. It blooms in the fall with sprays of bright-yellow flowers.

How To Make A Roasting Pan Look Like A Turtle Shell? Opt for a ribbon which is strong and will be comfortable on your shoulders. Mold the roasting pan to look more like a turtle shell. The pan is already pretty close to looking like a turtle shell, which is really convenient. It is also easily malleable if you would like to make any adjustments.

What Does A Turtle Shell Look Like In Pennsylvania?

The plastron, or lower shell, is yellow and accented with large black blotches. The chin and throat are both bright yellow. In Pennsylvania, only the softshell turtle has a longer neck.

What Does A Baby Spiny Softshell Turtle Look Like? Their shell actually has a leathery feel to it and is light and somewhat flexible hence the Spiny "soft -shell". When choosing any baby Spiny softshell turtle for sale or any baby turtle for sale it is important that you purchase a healthy animal from an experienced turtle breeder.

What Does The Turtle Lake Monster Look Like? Some say it has a dorsal fin like a shark; some say it is sleek like an otter. Often the Turtle Lake Monster is reported to tear apart fishermen's nets, to terrorize boaters, and to scatter schools of fish.

What Does A Skeleton Turtle Look Like? Turtle Skeleton), was coined by Miles Imhoff, also from Toho Kingdom. Skeleturtle is purely white and gray, with black eyes, and a bland, pale shell with no visible scutes. It has a fairly long neck, and very short limbs, which have tiny bone fragments visible.

What Does A Turtle Nest Look Like? The hole, which is the nesting site, is usually flask-shaped and big enough for the turtle to lay and bury its eggs. Nest depth varies with species and the turtle size. Also, it depends on how far the female can reach with her flippers.

What Does A Loggerhead Musk Turtle Look Like?

The round head is usually brown or light grey in color and may have either spots or lines. They normally have a lifespan of 20 years. They have a small plastron that is either pink or yellow and does not contribute too much to their protection. Loggerhead musk turtles are carnivores by nature and often eat insects or plants.

What Does A Flatback Turtle Look Like? The flatback turtle (also called the Australian flatback) grows to about 3 feet in length and weighs about 150-200 pounds. These turtles have an olive-colored or gray carapace and pale yellow plastron (bottom shell). Their carapace is soft and often turns up at its edge.

What Does An Eastern Box Turtle Look Like? Eastern box turtles have hooked upper jaws, and their toes are only slightly webbed. Males have red eyes, while females have yellow-brown eyes. Males are also larger than females. Juvenile eastern box turtles feed mostly on animal material, such as slugs, worms, insects and larvae.

What Does Turtle Look Like In The Little Prince? He has an anxious face, and he heavily resembles Fathom. According to Winter, it is easy to forget that Turtle is a prince. He almost never behaves like royalty, as though he does not want to be noticed at all - quiet, mumbly, and sticking to the background.

What Do Turtle Eggs Look Like When They Are Cooked? The turtle eggs were then put into the water for a short (less than a minute) amount of time and left to simmer for a bit. I also got Kakak to pose for a photo beside the cooking wok with the turtle eggs in it. This is what the slightly heated turtle eggs look like. The eggs are soft and slightly translucent, so that you can see the yolk inside.