Reptile Questions

What do alligators look like?

The color of adult alligators varies with habitat and can be olive, brown, gray, or nearly black, with a creamy underside. Algae-laden waters produce greener skin, while tannic acid from overhanging trees can produce darker skin. Female alligator protecting her nest. NPS / Lori Oberhofer

What Do Alligators Look Like In The Dark? The eyes of a large Alligator will glow red and those of a smaller one will glow green when a light is shined on them. This fact can be used to find alligators in the dark. Large male Alligators are solitary, territorial reptiles. Smaller Alligators can often be found in large numbers in close proximity to each other.

What Do Alligators Look Like In Georgia? Alligators in Georgia have thick, armor-like scales that tend towards dark green on the back and sides, with paler, less armored bellies. Unlike crocodiles, when alligators close their mouths, all of their teeth disappear into specially designed sockets.

What Do Alligators Eyes Look Like Under Water?

The inner lids are clear and close back-to-front. While an alligator is sitting about or swimming, these inner eyelids protect the alligator's eyes and provide clearer vision in the underwater environment. When swimming underwater, alligators are water tight.

What Do Alligators Look Like In The Wild? "They congregate to this area only deep water left during dry season and a good source of food." From a distance, the alligators look like logs lined up along the bank, but when you take a closer look, you can see their rough skin and narrow jaws.

What Do Alligators Scat Look Like? The three other mammals are carnivores, so their scat will contain fur, bones, and/or bits of shell, but no seeds. Alligators are primarily carnivores, too, but their digestive systems are so strong that there is rarely any recognizable material in their scat.

How Do Caimans And Alligators Look Like? They somewhat resemble Alligators. Both caimans and alligators belong to same family Alligatoridae. However, caimans are characterized into a separate subfamily caimaninae. They live in fresh water habitats. They are predators, and they can stay underwater for few hours. Caimans have proportionally larger eyes located higher on the head.

What Do Alligators Look Like When They Float? Although American alligators can be hard to miss while basking on the shore, they can look eerily like logs when floating in the water. A cousin of the alligator, the American crocodile, is very rare in the U.S. and only a few thousand individuals live on the southern tip of Florida.

What Should The Inside Of An Iguana Mouth Look Like?

Besides being reasonably clean, the inside of your iguana's mouth should be a healthy pink color and should be free of discharge or any sign of infection. Stomatitis ("mouth rot") is somewhat common in iguanas, and may go unnoticed without routine checks.

What Do Lizards Look Like In Arizona? This day-active lizard may be found any time of the year, and it is distributed across most of Arizona. This medium-sized lizard has a large head and two distinct, black collar markings on the neck. Their body color ranges from brown to an almost emerald green, with white spots on the neck, and a bold yellow on the head.

What Does A Snake Plant Look Like? Snake plant (Sansevieria), A.K.A Mother-In-Law's Tongue, is a succulent plant, which means the leaves retain lots of water, similar to a cactus. You can recognize snake plants by their long, pointed, upright leaves which look very much like snakes, giving the plant its name. It is green in color, but sometimes has yellow edges.

What Does A CT Scan Of A Snake Look Like? This image depicts a 3-D reconstruction of a CT scan showing the bones of the snake's skull (white) and the lacrimal duct (green) that drains tears from the eye into the nasal cavity. When it comes to being without, snakes not only lack arms, legs and warm blood.

What Does Box Turtle Poop Look Like? Box turtle poop is usually a log or pellet, which looks similar to healthy human poop. The size is determined by the size of your turtle, with the amount being determined by what your pet has eaten. Box turtle poop can vary inconsistency, it can be dry or tacky, it can be brown or green.

What Does A Southern Spot Tailed Lizard Look Like?

Southern spot-tailed earless lizards are light gray to tan in color with dark blotches down both sides of the back. Adults can grow up to 6.1 inches (15.4cm) in length, including the tail. They have dark spots on the surface of the tail. Females tend to turn a green to yellow color on their neck and trunk when they are gravid.

What Does A Garter Snake Look Like In Florida? These snakes are usually brown or black but may be a greenish color. Most have a checkerboard pattern near the stripes. Other colors of these snakes vary. Garter snakes in Florida are often blue.

What Does A Spiloides Snake Look Like? Unlike other Elaphe obsoleta subspecies, spiloides retains the blotched juvenile pattern and coloration throughout life. Compared with the typical gray rat snake the White oak phase is defined by a light overall look of light gray blotches on a silver, almost white background.

What Does A Dinosaur Fossil Look Like? The fossils are impressions in rock: oval shapes with internal lines, looking somewhat like a leaf imprint densely packed with veins. First described in 1947, they are found in Australia and Russia and range in size from a fingernail to some 1.22 metres long.

Does Voldemort Look Like A Snake In The Mirror? {Quirrell unwraps his turban and on the side opposite his face, another face is planted. It is Voldemort who appears kind of like a snake. He stretches out and faces Harry via the mirror.} Harry Potter. We meet again. Harry: Voldemort. Voldemort: Yes. You see what I have become? See what I must do to survive? Live off another. A mere parasite.

Do Acute Angles Look Like Crocodile Jaws?

Naturally, acute angles look remarkable like crocodile jaws! Next the children worked in pairs to look for different angles in nature. Immediately the children twigged that trees are full of angles ...

What Do Black Racer Snakes Look Like? The black racer ( Coluber constrictor) are very common to the whole state of Georgia and are typically the most common snake in nearly any habitat. They can reach up to 60 inches long and are a solid black as adults. Young black racers look nothing like adults. They can be gray or brown and have brown or reddish blotches along the body.

What Does A Eastern Milk Snake Look Like? Eastern Milk Snake (non-venomous and quite docile): The pattern (the darker color) consists of irregularly shaped blotches outlined in black along the length of the body. A light-colored irregularly shaped "Y" or "V" can be found on the back of the head.

What Does A Blind Salamander Look Like? Texas Blind Salamander ( Eurycea rathbuni) Because the Texas blind salamander is adapted for living in water underground, it has no eyes, only two small black dots under the skin. It has little skin pigment, is white in color, and has red external gills used to get oxygen from the water.

Why Do Copperhead Snakes Look Like Hourglasses? Several other types of snakes have similar coloring, but the copperhead is distinctive because of the markings, which look like hourglasses. The coloring of a copperhead helps it blend in with bushes or fallen leaves. They are very good at hiding, so keep an eye out for them if they are native to your area.

What Does A Checkerboard Pattern On A Snake Look Like?

On the belly are alternating rows of black and white marks, resembling a checkerboard pattern. Considerable variation occurs in the coloration and patterns of individual snakes, depending on the age of the snake and the region of the country in which it is found.

What Do Reptile Mites Look Like? If your snake has mites, they will appear as tiny red, grey, or black bugs. You're most likely to see them in the thin-skinned areas of your snake's body. The eyes are a good example and mites commonly show up there. They will look like specks of dirt in your snake's eyes.

What Colors Did Dinosaurs Really Look Like? Dinosaurs' true colors revealed. Anchiornis huxleyi was a chicken-sized troodontid dinosaur with a chestnut mohawk, gray leg feathers, spangled black and white wings, and black feet. Credit: Michael DiGiorgio/Yale University. Sinosauropteryx was a turkey-sized theropod with an orange back and tail with white stripes on the tail.

What Does Russian Tortoise Poop Look Like? It's not uncommon for new Russian tortoise pet owners to confuse poop and urine. The most distinguishing thing about their waste is the white substance, that looks pasty and maybe with or without brown or dark green. This is not poop, but rather what is known as urates, a protein found in urine. It is stored and then released from the bladder.

What Does A Clark Clark Lizard Look Like? Clark's spiny lizard is a medium to large reptile that grows up to 5.25 inches (12.8cm) in length from snout to vent. They have pointed scales with a gray, blue, or tan base with a purple stripe that goes down their back with single yellow scales on the sides.