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What are the specs of the red Komodo?

Jarred has spoken about the specs of the RED Komodo over the past few months. However, we don't have an official list so we can't officially confirm the specs he's revealed. Still, here are a few of the key specs Jarred has revealed: Super 35 6K sensor with global shutter, rolling shutter modes and Phase Detect Autofocus

What Is The Best On-camera Monitor For Red Komodo? The lightweight INDIE 7 On-Camera Monitor Kit for RED KOMODO from SmallHD provides professional monitoring in a sharp 7" IPS LCD with 1920 x 1200 resolution, 10-bit color processing, 1000 cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, touchscreen control, and updated SmallHD PageOS 4 firmware.

What Is The New Underwater Housing For The Red Komodo? New underwater housing for the RED Komodo has been introduced by Matt Hipsley from Salty Surf. This housing will allow you to take your Komodo and film inside our marvelous oceans up to 20m / 66ft deep. Read more below. The Salty Surf housing for the RED Komodo

Is The Red Komodo The Best Camera For You?

The Red Komodo is one of the hottest new products in the cinema camera space, as a small form factor cinema camera, at Red's most affordable price point yet. For those working in the cinema production space, it's important to be aware and up to date on the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer.

Is The Red Komodo 6K Really 16+ Stops Of Dynamic Range? For quite a while I was eager to get my hands on a RED KOMODO 6K camera, as it features a 6K, slightly larger than Super 35 global shutter sensor, with a claimed 16+ stops of dynamic range according to the manufacturer. AV Professional supplied us with the RED Komodo body and the 50mm lens for this test.

Is The Red Komodo Now Netflix Compliant? Netflix has just announced that the RED Komodo is now officially approved to create Netflix 4K Originals content. In short, all RED cameras (except the RED One) are now Netflix compliant. Let's take a closer look at it!

Is The Red Komodo Worth $6K? Even at $6,000 USD, the Komodo is going to face very stiff competition from a range of cameras. Here are other 6K S35 or full-frame cameras that are at a similar price point: It will be interesting to see how RED fares in this very competitive sector. The upcoming Canon R5 is also likely to draw many potential Komodo buyers away from RED.

Is The Red Komodo In Beta? Keep in mind that the Komodo is in beta and there are still features to be added and improved. Read More Ty Maier9/22/20Ty Maier9/22/20 RED Komodo Specs & Round Up

Is The Red Komodo (stormtrooper Variant) On B&H?

The RED KOMODO (Stormtrooper variant) has been listed on B&H for pre-order for $6,995 USD. UPDATE: The listing has now been taken down. The camera is technically still in Beta, and not a lot of official information has been announced for the camera.

What Kind Of Camera Is The Red Komodo 6K? RED KOMODO 6K Digital Cinematography Camera with S35 Sensor and RF Lens Mount - Production Pack (without batteries). KOMODO 6K is the latest breakthrough product in RED's long line of innovative image capture technology. The newest entrant into the RED lineup is a compact and highly powerful cinema camera.

Why Is The Red Komodo 6K So Popular? That professional quality that Red produces makes almost every other camera look a little less-than, and the Komodo 6K finally puts that high-end look and feel into the hands of independents, documentarians, and gorilla filmmakers by offering it at a price point that is easily in our grasp.

Is The Red Komodo 6K A Full Frame Camera? The RED Komodo 6K is not a Full-Frame, or Large Format, camera but the sensor is larger than Kodak's Super 35mm 3-Perf film. Additionally, the 6K Komodo boasts a nearly 2:1 native aspect ratio making the camera a near-perfect match for the 2:1 player we all carry around, our smartphones.

What Mount Adapter Transforms The Red Komodo Into A Full-frame Cinema Camera? Canon's new Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x Transforms the RED Komodo Into a Full-Frame Cinema Camera - Y.M.Cinema - News & Insights on Digital Cinema News and Insights on Digital Cinema News Compare

Who Is The Red Komodo For?

The Komodo is targeted at a new demographic of customers - those looking for a small form-factor cinema grade camera who also have a lot of money. The RED Komodo is somewhat of a response to the Arri Alexa Mini and other small form factor cinema cameras.

Does Smallhd Work With The Red Komodo? SmallHD has created some very handy software integration with the RED KOMODO so that you can control the camera directly from a select group of its monitors using the latest SmallHD PageOS 4 firmware.

Is The Red Komodo 6K Ready To Shoot? A huge selling point of the RED KOMODO 6K is that it promised to be ready to shoot and relatively affordable. This is very different from regular RED cameras which need a ton of pricey accessories before you can even hit record. Still, being ready to shoot doesn't mean that it is perfect or even that it can't be improved.

Should The Komodo Dragon Be On The Red List? The komodo dragons are also capable of diving up to 4.5 meters deep. Furthermore, since five years ago, komodo's population is stable. Currently, there are 3,458 komodo dragons, of which 1,383 are adults. I suggest we reassess the komodo dragon's status on the Red List because limited evidence can lead to errors in actions.

What Makes The Red Komodo So Special? In the impressive list of specs this is probably the biggest feature of the RED KOMODO, as the global shutter renders a very natural feel with handheld footage- like the way film cameras rendered motion in the days of celluloid.

How Good Is The Red Komodo?

Getting back to image quality, the KOMODO promises to be among RED's finest with the ability to capture up to 6K at 40 fps using the powerful 16-bit REDCODE RAW format. RED has simplified compression options, giving users a choice between HQ, MQ, and LQ, each varying compression from low to high, respectively.

Is The Komodo Dragon On The Red List? The Komodo dragon is a vulnerable species and is on the IUCN Red List. The Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 to protect Komodo dragon populations on islands including Komodo, Rinca, and Padar.

Is The Komodo 6K S35 The Cheapest Red Camera? The RED Komodo 6K S35 is the newest RED camera body on the market. Perhaps it's silly to say the Komodo is the "cheapest" RED camera (it's still nearly $6,000), but it is ... and it's not even close.

What Is The Difference Between The Canon Komodo And Red Cameras? The KOMODO on the other hand took a different approach and is using the mirrorless Canon RF mount. RED seems to be more versatile here as the RF mount supports EF-mount adapters (including ones with built-in ND filters) as well as tons of other adapters. Neither camera has built-in NDs unfortunately and both support CFast 2.0 for media.

What Is The Red Komodo 6K From AV Professional? The RED KOMODO 6K from AV Professional. Image Credit: CineD A global shutter sensor with no sacrifice in dynamic range sounds like a very bold claim, and is a really unique offering in the cinema camera landscape for now with the small form factor it features.

Is The New Red Komodo The Most Affordable Camera?

Komodo, which is the new camera from RED, turned out to be a hot topic among filmmakers. This RED's most affordable camera, which hasn't been announced yet, continues to accumulate some substantial amount of curiosity. Read below our assumptions regarding its specs, price, and purposes.

What Accessories Do I Need For A Red Komodo? 1 Media and Output. The RED KOMODO is compatible only with a specific type of internal card media, so be sure to pick up a RED PRO CFast 2.0 512GB media ... 2 Expansion and Lens Adapters. ... 3 Monitors. ... 4 Cages, Grips, and Plates. ... 5 Power and Cables. ... 6 Extras. ...