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Should I buy COBRA insurance?

A. Yes, you may continue to buy health insurance under COBRA, but if health plan requires you to use a certain network of doctors, you'll be stuck with the old network. Remember, when you "buy COBRA" you are continuing to buy the same health plan that your former employer offers.

How Long Can You Buy COBRA Insurance? Typically, you can buy the health insurance coverage for 18 months after a qualifying event. But the coverage period could last up to 36 months in certain situations, such as when a second qualifying event occurs or when a covered person is disabled. Deducting COBRA insurance costs on tax returns

Can I Still Buy Health Insurance Under Cobra? Yes, you may continue to buy health insurance under COBRA, but if health plan requires you to use a certain network of doctors, you'll be stuck with the old network. Remember, when you "buy COBRA" you are continuing to buy the same health plan that your former employer offers.

Is Cobra Better Than Individual Health Insurance?

If so, coverage under COBRA means you can continue to see your same doctors and receive the same health plan benefits. But COBRA may cost you a lot more and it's available for a limited amount of time. It may be helpful to compare options, such as individual health insurance plans. COBRA versus individual health insurance - which is better?

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What Do You Need To Know About Cobra Health Insurance? How much will the monthly premiums be? ...How much have you already spent towards your out-of-pocket maximum under your employer's plan? ...Are your doctors and other healthcare providers in-network with the available individual market plans in your area? ...More items...

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What Does It Mean To Have COBRA Insurance Under Obamacare? COBRA qualifies as insurance under Obamacare and if one accepts COBRA then one has coverage under Obamacare. This is also important for those who wish to switch. COBRA coverage means one has insurance and does not qualify for special enrollment. Those with COBRA can only switch during open enrollment.

Is Life Insurance Eligible For Cobra? No. Life insurance is not eligible for COBRA. COBRA only applies to health insurance so people leaving a group health insurance plan can continue the coverage up to 18 months after leaving the company. It's only available to individuals and families covered under a plan with more than 20 employees enrolled.

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How To Cancel COBRA Insurance? That my COBRA benefits be discontinued effective May 1, 2015,That the balance of $xxx already applied to my account for the month of May be refunded to me, andThat the balance due for the remainder of May be canceled.

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How To Set Up COBRA Health Insurance? Electing COBRA means you can keep your health insurance after quitting or being fired from a job.You are responsible for paying your premium and the employer's premium, plus a 2% admin fee.Coverage is available for up to 18 months, but an extension may be possible.Read more personal finance coverage.

Is Cobra More Expensive Than Other Health Insurance Plans? Yes, COBRA is usually more expensive than other types of health coverage. With COBRA, you get to keep your former employer's plan, so you don't have to switch providers or learn a new plan. However, COBRA plan members pay for all of the health plan costs.

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