Reptile Questions

Is there a dinosaur that looks like a origami?

As you can see there's a two coloured pattern on the actual dinosaur which is expertly reflected in the origami version with a colour change. This Brachiosaurus isn't super complex but it's full of character and has an awesome 3D shape. Here's an awesome Pterodactyl photographed at a convention from an awesome angle in a very dynamic looking pose.

What Dinosaur Looks Like An Alligator? Deinosuchus. Deinosuchus ( / ˌdaɪnəˈsjuːkəs /) is an extinct genus of alligatoroid crocodilian related to the modern alligator that lived 82 to 73 million years ago (Ma), during the late Cretaceous period. The name translates as "terrible crocodile" and is derived from the Greek deinos (δεινός), "terrible", and soukhos ...

What Is The Name Of The Dinosaur That Looks Like Antrodemus? Allosaurus. It was known for over half of the 20th century as Antrodemus, but a study of the copious remains from the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry brought the name " Allosaurus" back to prominence and established it as one of the best-known dinosaurs.

What Dinosaur Looks Like A Crocodile?

The fossils of a 245-million-year old giant reptile that walked on four legs just like a crocodile have been unearthed. Called Teleocrater rhadinus, the six-foot-long, lizard-like carnivore was found in Tanzania. This discovery fundamentally changes human ideas about the evolution of the prehistoric animals.

What Dinosaur Looks Like A Triceratops? Dozens of species of dinosaurs ... teeth like a Great White Shark, through to the 140ft long Supersaurus. Scientists also made new discoveries about existing creatures from our ancient past, including finding out an early ancestor of the triceratops ...

What Kind Of Kale Looks Like Dinosaur Skin? Dinosaur kale has narrow green leaves that are wrinkly like dinosaur skin. The leaves are attached to a firm stem that should be removed. Redbor kale is kale with ruffled leaves ranging in color from a deep red to purple.

What Kind Of Lamp Looks Like A Dinosaur Head? Dinosaur Toy Head Lamp for Boys It is simple in design and designed to look like a dinosaur's head. The kids will love having this kind of a lamp to play with and use in doing their chores. It is made of high-quality material that ensures the lamp is durable and can provide good lighting.

What Dinosaur Looks Like The Carnotaurus In Jurassic World? The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Carnotaurus looks similar to the sideshow collectibles dinosauria verison. The Carnotaurus in Jurassic Park: Builder uses the same animations and sound effects of the Spinosaurus, Suchomimus, Yutyrannus, and Baryonyx. It also has large 3 fingered arms, when in reality it had smaller 4 fingered arms.

Does Zoboo Know What A Dinosaur Looks Like?

Zoboo is eager to help out, even though he doesn't know what a dinosaur is. However, once Chris and Martin describe what dinosaurs used to look like, Zoboo's sure he just saw one on the way to Animal Junction. Chris and Martin understand what he means when a monitor lizard arrives for a visit. Buy SD £1.89 4. Who's in the Hole? January 28 1999

Is There A Dinosaur That Looks Like An Emu? Skeletally, emus are an almost exact match for a therapod dinosaur called Dromiceiomimus, which means "emu-mimic". Dromiceiomimus is a bit taller than an emu, but so far as I can tell, the skull is identical, right down to the beak with the nostrils way out at the tip. (Flying birds and penguins both have the nostrils up closer to the eyes).

What Dinosaur Looks Like A Rhino? Here's a line-up of prehistoric beasts from the rhino family treeParaceratherium. At first glance, this towering behemoth doesn't even look much like a rhino. ...Elasmotherium. Elasmotherium (meaning "thin plate beast") was another prehistoric giant, though at around three metres tall, it was no match for Paraceratherium.Woolly rhinoceros. ...Teleoceras. ...

What Dinosaur Looks Like The Love Child Of A Turkey And Ostrich? Newfound Dino Looks Like the Creepy Love Child of a Turkey and an Ostrich. The newly identified oviraptorid dinosaur Corythoraptor jacobsi has a cassowary-like head crest, known as a casque.

What Is The Name Of The Dinosaur That Looks Like T Rex? Zhuchengtyrannus - This Asian tyrannosaur was the size of T. Rex. Zuniceratops - This horned dinosaur was discovered by an eight-year-old boy. Zuolong - It was named after General Tso, of Chinese restaurant fame. Zupaysaurus - This "devil lizard" was one of the earliest theropods.

Is This Dinosaur Fossil So Well Preserved It Looks Like A Statue?

The fossil, being unveiled today in Canada's Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, is so well preserved it looks like a statue. Even more surprising might be its accidental discovery, as unveiled in the June issue of National Geographic magazine.

Is There A Dinosaur That Looks Like A Dragon? Three clawed Japanese dragon decorates copy of a plaque of cloisonne enamel in the British Museum. P aleontologists in Qijiang city, China have discovered a new species of dinosaur whose physical characteristics bear resemblance to a dragon. The creature likely lived 160 million years ago and stretched 50 feet long, with an elongated neck.

Is There A Pokémon That Looks Like A Dinosaur? This is a dual-type fire-water Pokémon, and it also had a big role in the movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel where it harbored hatred for humankind. This Pokémon may not appear as dinosaur-like as other counterparts at first glance, but without caring too much about the round part on its back, it has the potential to look like one.

Is There A Lizard That Looks Like A Dinosaur? New Lizard Species Look Like Evil Dinosaur Hybrids. If these lizards were larger, they'd look like featherless dinosaurs: With spiky spines and gleaming red eyes, two newly described species of wood lizard look a bit like stegosaur-evil velociraptor hybrids. Distribution of Enyalioides azulae and Enyalioides binzayedi in Peru.

What Animal Looks Like A Dinosaur With A Long Neck? The sauropods are a group of massive dinosaurs such as the Brachiosaurus that all have long necks, just like the snake-head turtle. These turtles may also resemble the aquatic reptiles known as plesiosaurs that look like the Loch Ness monster and are often mistaken to be dinosaurs. A crocodile skink. 15. The Crocodile Skink

Is There A Zoid That Looks Like A Dinosaur?

It shows up in the Zoids anime Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. Chaotic Century gave Zoids fans their first look at one of the coolest dinosaur-type Zoids in the entire series. The Zoid in question was, of course, was the Berserk Fury.

What Dinosaur Looks Like A Bird? The Archeopteryx is believed to be the link between birds and non-avian/non flying dinosaurs. ...The Archeopteryx also had the size like that of a raven and weight of about one kilogram.The Archeopteryx is also called by its German name Urvogel which literally means " first bird ".

What Animal Looks Like A Dinosaur? The snake-head turtle is one of the world's strangest animals that look like dinosaurs. This turtle species has a long-necked appearance, similar to the Brachiosaurus dinosaurs.

What Dinosaur Looks Like A Duck? A newly discovered dinosaur fossil has features that may look oddly familiar to us. Found in Mongolia, Halszkaraptor escuilliei looked and hunted like a duck. More than 70 million years ago, a creature roaming Earth's ancient wetlands may have looked like a duck and hunted like a duck - but it was really a dinosaur related to Velociraptor.

Which Dinosaur Looks Like A Rhino? A rhino looks like a rhinoceros. According to the name of the rhinoceros, it is said to be of the genus 'Saurus', and is a descendant of the Tryrasotus family. It is believed that its hard skin protected it during the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, which eliminated other non-avian dinosaurs.

What Is The Creature That Looks Like A Dinosaur But Isn't?

The actual creature was a dubious genus of sauropod instead of theropod. It could've been "Giganotosaurus", a carnosaur that lived in South America during the Late Cretaceous.

What Kind Of Lizard Looks Like A Small Dinosaur? The collared lizard, Crotaphytus bicinctores, is often described as looking like a small dinosaur. It is active in daytime. Very tolerant of Motionless green chameleon.

Is There A Dinosaur That Looks Like Dino Baby In Conker? In Conker Twelve Tales 64, a small purple dinosaur shares some resemblance to the Dino Baby.

Did A Dinosaur That Looks Like A T-rex Ever Exist? A group of paleontologists in Patagonia, Argentina, discovered a new dinosaur species resembling a T-rex that "causes fear." And now a story about a predator that was 16 feet long, had sharp teeth, tiny arms and roamed South America about 80 million years ago.

What Is A Dinosaur That Looks Like A T Rex? Gryposaurus is another duck-billed dino from the late-Cretaceous period, that could grow to around 30 feet long. Which is weird, because it looks like it grew inside of a 25-foot-long box. Seriously, look at that nose; it looks like God punched a T-Rex in the face.

What Kind Of Dinosaur Looks Like An Owl?

An artistic reconstruction of two night-hunting Shuvuuia deserti emphasizes the dinosaur's resemblance to an owl. (Image credit: Viktor Radermaker) A tiny, meat-eating dinosaur had superb low-light vision and hearing that was likely as good as an owl's.

Is There A Dinosaur That Looks Like Sonic? Gon, from the Game Gear game Tails' Skypatrol also resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex . Sonic is assailed by a T-rex in Dinosaur Jungle. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, dinosaurs appear in abundance in Dinosaur Jungle, the second World.

Is There A Dinosaur That Looks Like A Pigeon? A velociraptor, for example, had a skull like a coyote's and a brain roughly the size of a pigeon's. For decades, paleontologists' only fossil link between birds and dinosaurs was archaeopteryx, a hybrid creature with feathered wings but with the teeth and long bony tail of a dinosaur.

Is This A Dinosaur That Looks Like A Crocodile? A huge dinosaur that looked like a crocodile has been unearthed in Portugal. The prehistoric river monster had a spiny back and waded into the water to prey on fish, say scientists.

What Kind Of Dinosaur Looks Like A Statue? A Dinosaur So Well Preserved, It Looks Like a Statue. He worked out that the small hunter Anchiornis had a black-and-gray body with a red crest, while the four-winged Microraptor shared the glossy black plumage of a modern starling, and that the parrot-faced Psittacosaurus had a dark back and light belly.