Reptile Questions

Is the Aesculapian snake real?

The real Aesculapian Snake ( Zamenis longissimus ), a harmless species found in Europe that was lived in the Asclepeion temples and was often used as part of the healing ceremonies. Photo by Felix Reimann from the Wikimedia Commons .

Is This Gargantuan Snake From Colombia Real? In Colombia, the fossil of a gargantuan snake has stunned scientists, forcing them to rethink the nature of prehistoric life As a part of their documentary, the Smithsonian Channel asked sculptor Kevin Hockley to create a full-size replica of Titanoboa.

What Is Little Snake's Real Name? Alberta, Canada producer Little Snake, real name Gino Serpentini, released his new album A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect this past Friday. Out on Brainfeeder, it features the likes of likes of Amon Tobin, Shrimpnose and Flying Lotus twice.

Did You See The 'Nagin' Dance With A Real Snake?

Instead of just doing the 'Nagin' dance, a wedding party brought in a real snake to be part of the procession. Now, the crazy moment caught on camera has gone viral, and those involved are in trouble. The snake was later rescued by the forest officials.

Is "black Snake" The Real Story Of Ned Kelly? Even though the books title is "Black Snake The real story of Ned Kelly" I wondered if the book was going to be one long sob story about Bridget, Michael Kennedys widow. I finally got my copy last Monday. It was a good-looking book, a proper hardback with a dramatic cover and a thick section of mostly familiar photographs in the middle.

Is This Seven Headed Snake Real Or Fake? Seven Headed Snake: Real or Fake? - YouTube This photo has circulated for years which allegedly shows a seven-headed snake.It's not real.See the fully story at

Was JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' Character Played By A Real Snake? But before Kim took on the role (and Nagini was little more than a twinkle in the Dark Lord's dead eyes), Rowling's character was portrayed by someone ― or, if you prefer, some thing ― else: a real snake actor.

Is Snake Eyes A Real Ninja? In the original G.I. Joe stories, Snake Eyes was an American military commando who fought in Vietnam. After he returned home, he was invited to train as a ninja by his former comrade Storm Shadow, who belonged to the Japanese Arashikage clan.

Is The Seven-Headed Snake Real Or Fake?

This leaves one pondering whether the circulated images of the seven-headed snake are real or fake. In the case of science, no such cases of live animals born with tricephaly have been recorded. This would mean that a 7 headed snake is probably even less likely to have ever been observed.

Can You Make A Gummy Snake The Size Of A Real Anaconda? can you make a gummy snake the size of a real anaconda? This IS the same size as some real anacondas! Since the 7 foot long party snake is related to the giant gummy snake shouldn't you guys make flavones to the party python as the flavors to the giant gummy snake?

What Is Snake's Real Surname? The surname Snake was first found in Kent where Eduuardus Snoch was listed in 1066 in the Domesday Book. Other early references include Stenesnoc in Hampshire, and John and Thomas Snok in the Domesday of St. Paul's in 1222. Later records show Robert Shouk in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1327.

Is Snake Oil A Real Remedy? Snake oil is a preparation that comes from the Chinese water snake and which is used widely in the treatment of joint pain. This is an 'alternative' treatment for arthritis and similar conditions, and one that has gotten a bad name for itself and become synonymous with phony medications and in fact all bogus products.

Are Snake-human Hybrids Real? Somewhat surprisingly, there are quite a few serious reports about snake-human hybrids. One such report, about what, if real, would be a pair of extremely odd hybrids, recalls such things as the Garden of Eden, Milton's Hell, and tales of the Egyptian gods.

Is Snake Eyes A Real Ninja Hero?

A Real Ninja Hero is born in 'Snake Eyes', a G.I. Joe origin story, and here's how you can watch the exciting new movie. Snake Eyes (also known as Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins ), is a brand new prequel/reboot of the G.I. Joe film franchise.

What Is The Snake Of Clearing Eyes' Real Name? The Snake of Clearing Eyes is widely known under the alias "Dark Konoha" or "Kuroha" ( A mix between "Kuro", the Japanese word for "Black" and Konoha) by the fans of the series, while possessing the body of Konoha. However, it was eventually confirmed in Animeju's August issue that the official name for the Snake of Clearing Eyes...

Is Venom Snake's Prosthetic Arm Real? An amazing collaboration between Open Bionics & Konami Digital Design has birthed a real life prosthetic inspired by Metal Gear Solid 5's Venom Snake. Venom Snake's prosthetic arm from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now a real thing thanks to Konami, a very cool prosthetics company, and a Metal Gear super fan.

Did You Know There's A Real Snake's Nest In Italy? St. Dominic's Day can seem quite peaceful until you realize that it's a real snake's nest. One of the strangest festivals in Italy, the Processione dei Serpari, is celebrated in the small Abruzzo hamlet of Cocullo where a statue of San Domenico (protector against snake bites) is adorned with jewellery, banknotes and live snakes.

Is Solid Snake A Real Character? Solid Snake is a fictional character primarily created by famed video game designer and auteur Hideo Kojima and Japanese artist Yoji Shinkawa. Solid Snake first appeared in the 1987 video game Metal Gear.

What Is Jake The Snake Roberts Real Name?

Aurelian Jake Smith, Jr. (born May 30, 1955) is a American semi-retired professional wrestler. He is best known for wrestling with WWF, WCW and ECW under the ring name, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Is This 44-inch Cottonmouth Snake Real? Image via Alabama Reptile and Amphibian ID & Education (Facebook) A picture of a man using a pole to hold out a 44-inch cottonmouth snake in Lowndes County, Alabama, is real. The picture features a photography technique known as forced perspective.

Is This Mysterious Sea Snake From Exmouth Gulf Real? A dead sea snake with a Russian name and black hexagon-covered skin once washed up on the shores of Exmouth Gulf. Four years later, the confirmation of the specimen as a rare species never seen so far south before only spurs more questions for marine scientists about both the mysterious critter and the place it was found.

Is Snake Island A Real Island? The truth is, real or fake stories, we would prefer not to know about them, as Snake Island is definitely being crossed off the 'must travel' list. Off the coast of Brazil, there is a beautiful island, with tropical weather, rainforests and great coastline. It's too bad no one can ever go there.

Is The Three Headed Snake Real? The original photo was taken in 2010 and has since been edited many times to depict a three-headed snake, a four-headed snake and an eight-headed snake, according to The Daily Moss. Sites such as Indy100, Snopes and the Hoax-Slayer have all debunked the photo throughout the years.

Is There A Snake Algorithm For Real-time Instance Segmentation?

We proposed a learning-based snake algorithm for real- time instance segmentation, which introduces the circular convolution for ef・ ... ientfeature learning on the contour and regresses vertex-wise offsets for the contour deformation.

Are The Snakes In The Snake Movies Real? Of course, I could be wrong - Harry Greene, the herpetologist who literally wrote the book on snakes, highly praises this film and the book in his autobiography, so perhaps this and all the other snake myths are actually real. Most of these are fake snakes, but it looks like they did put a few live ones in the mix to add some movement.

Do Pharmaceutical Companies Use Real Snake Venom To Make Antivenom? Pharmaceutical companies use real snake venom that is 'milked' from live snakes to produce the antivenom that treats potentially lethal snakebites. The number of people bitten by venomous snakes each year is only increasing from the current 2.7m annually, and that means pharma companies are upping their research and development of antivenom.

Is The Snake Charmer A Real Charmer? We met up after a few weeks and he is a real charmer. She said he is a real charmer who constantly has her in stitches. We had this catch phrase involving a snake charmer. It was an instrumental piece that depicted a snake charmer and a snake.

What Is The Aesculapian Snake Known For? The Aesculapian snake has been of cultural and historical significance for its role in ancient Greek, Roman and Illyrian mythology and derived symbolism. Juvenile with distinctive coloration. Z. longissimus hatches at around 30 cm (11.8 in).

Is This Eight-metre Long Snake Skin Real?

Mystery surrounds an eight-metre long snake skin which was found by a man on one of his afternoon walks before it was identified as being non-indigenous to Australia. Home U.K. News Sports U.S. Showbiz

What Is Snake Jaguar's Real Name? Snake Jaguar is the second middle name of Kelly Metzger 's child. According to Tommy Andreasen, Michael Kramer makes a cameo appearance in the episode. However, he was likely confusing this with the previous episode, in which minifigure versions of Michael Kramer and Jay Vincent appear.

Is Snake Island The Real Deal? It was, in fact, several years old. The action at Snake Island, however, appears to be the real deal. A senior defense official told reporters on Friday that he was in no position to dispute accounts of the Ukrainian defenders' response to the Russian warship.

How Did The Aesculapian Snake Get To North Wales? Aesculapian snakes were released into the wild in North Wales by accident. In the late 1960s the Welsh Mountain Zoo near Colwyn Bay was importing animals from Europe, both for the zoo and the pet trade. At some point (no one is quite sure when) one pregnant Aesculapian snake, or maybe multiple snakes, made a break for freedom.

Is Harry Potter's Nagini A Real Snake? In an interview with HuffPost in 2017, Moving Picture Co. VFX supervisor Greg Butler explained that the crew behind the original "Harry Potter" film franchise used real snakes as models for the CGI reptilian version of Nagini. But before the seventh and eighth movies, Nagini went through a significant redesign.

What Is The Real Name Of The Snake?

Jake "The Snake" Roberts' real name is Aurelian Jake Smith Jr. Jimmy Hart 's real name is James Ray Hart. Jimmy Snuka' s real name is James Reiher Snuka.

Is This Green Snake A Real Thing? The only U.S. venomous snakes that can have a greenish hue are cottonmouths and Mojave rattlesnakes. Almost every serpentine family contains some green-colored snakes. Because of this, some green snakes have venom and others that are harmless to humans. We will look at the species of snakes from America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.