Reptile Questions

Is Super Dinosaur based on a true story?

'Super Dinosaur' is an animated tv series which is based on the comic books with the same name, written by Robert Kirkman (' The Walking Dead ') and Jason Howard. Produced by Spin Master Entertainment, Atomic Cartoons and Skybound Entertainment, the show originally premiered in Canada on Teletoon in September 2018.

Are Snake Handling Churches Based On A True Story? In these fictional accounts, the snake handling characters serve, with varying degrees of subtlety and success, the scripts in several ways: their churches are typically based in the American South or Appalachia, a detail that is true to life but, depending on the depictions, can come bundled with tired and damaging stereotypes about those regions.

Is Planet Dinosaur Based On A True Story? Much of the series' plot is based on scientific discoveries made since Walking with Dinosaurs. The companion book to Planet Dinosaur was released on 8 September 2011, and the DVD and Blu-ray were released on 24 October 2011. In a swamp in North Africa a herd of Ouranosaurus are spooked by a Spinosaurus, which ignores them.

Is Snake Eyes Based On A True Story?

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is a 2021 Action Drama Film directed by Robert Schwentke. It is based on Hasbro's G.I. Joe franchise.

Is The Lizard In Spider-Man Based On A True Story? The Lizard's appearance is also based off of the original Lizard design by Steve Ditko, which also lacked a snout. The concept of the Lizard in the film is an indirect nod to the character's incarnation in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series that too, lacked of clothing.

Is The Chameleon Based On A True Story? The Chameleon is based on the American serial killer Stephen Morin. None of the main cast, however, is American. They are English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Canadian. This was a slow burn, but the turns it took kept me watching.

Is Cobra Killer Based On A True Story? The film is based upon the book Cobra Killer by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, a nonfiction account of the murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis (called Stephen in the film). Kocis was the founder of Cobra Video, an adult film studio specializing in gay pornography.

Is How Doth The Little Crocodile Based On A True Story? 'How Doth the Little Crocodile' was first published Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a book which grew out of the story Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (the real name of Lewis Carroll) told to the Liddell children, who included Alice Liddell.

Is Franklin The Turtle Based On A True Story?

Many of the younger children would pick out Franklin the Turtle books to read. Franklin was inspired from a M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye refuses to go into a cave because he is claustrophobic. "If I were a turtle I would be afraid of my own shell", is what Hawkeye said in the CAVE episode.

Is Snake Vs Mongoose Based On A True Story? The movie was inspired by the book Snake vs. Mongoose: How a Rivalry Changed Drag Racing Forever, written by Tom Madigan. Don Prudhomme's early career is documented in the book, Six Seconds to Glory by Hal Higdon. The book covers the 1973 Nationals held in Indianapolis, a race in which Prudhomme was battling for his first Funny Car season title.

Is Barney The Dinosaur Based On A True Story? Rumor has it that Barney the dinosaur is based off of a man named Barney that in the 30's would go to the park dressed as a dinosaur to draw kids to him. He would kidnap them and force them to act like they were happy or he'd slit their throats and dump them in the river.

Is Turtle Diary Based On A True Story? Turtle Diary. Turtle Diary is a 1985 British film about "people rediscovering the joys of life and love," based on a screenplay adapted by Harold Pinter from Russell Hoban's novel Turtle Diary, directed by John Irvin, and starring Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Gambon.

Is Cobra Based On A True Story? Sadly, they probably will. The Cast COBRA, directed by George P. Cosmatos; screenplay by Sylvester Stallone, based on the novel ''Fair Game'' by Paula Gosling; director of photography, Ric Waite; film editor, Don Zimmerman; music by Sylvester Levay; produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus; released by Warner Bros.

Is The Movie Bend Of The Snake Based On A True Story?

The movie was based on a novel called "Bend of the Snake", written by Bill Gulick. The last steamboat race on the Columbia River was between the "Henderson" and the "Portland". The two steamboats raced between Portland, Oregon, and Rooster Rock as part of the promotion for the 1952 motion picture Bend of the River, staring James Stewart.

Is Chameleon Wild Boys Based On A True Story? For the first time, the Horn brothers tell the true story of their time in Canada. New episodes of Chameleon: Wild Boys release every Tuesday for free wherever you get your podcasts.

Is Chased By Dinosaurs Based On A True Story? Unlike prior installments in the franchise, Chased by Dinosaurs features a host in real-life zoologist Nigel Marven. In both specials, Nigel travels back in time to investigate specific dinosaur behaviours up-close.

Is Flower And Snake Based On A True Story? Flower and Snake (花と蛇, Hana to hebi), released in 2004, is a Japanese film based on the 1974 movie Flower and Snake directed by Masaru Konuma and starring Naomi Tani. The earlier film, based on a novel by Oniroku Dan, was part of Nikkatsu 's Roman Porno series.

Is Snake And Mongoose Based On A True Story? 'Snake and Mongoose' is one of those stories. The film is based on the rivalry in drag racing between Don Prudhomme (Snake) and Tom McEwen (Mongoose). Their rivalry spanned decades as both drivers started racing in the 1960's with McEwen retiring in 1992 and Prudhomme in 2009.

Is Billy Joe Cobra Based On A True Story?

The character of Billy Joe Cobra is loosely based on Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong . He is both a punk-rock star and an actor (Billy starred in the movies, Going Ape and Surfin' Brofari while Billie had starred in his first movie, "Ordinary World" in 2016).

Is Operation Cobra Based On A True Story? Based on a novel by Anders Bodelsen, this has been filmed once before, as "Operasjon Cobra", in 1978. In both movies, a bunch of kids try to foil a terrorist attack, but Ola Solum´s Norwegian version was far superior to this amateurish mishmash.

Is The Good Dinosaur Based On A True Story? The Good Dinosaur is an animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in November 2015. Directed by Peter Sohn and based on a story by Pixar veteran Bob Peterson, the movie takes place in an alternate history of Earth where dinosaurs never went extinct and coexisted with cavemen.

Was Crocodile Dundee Based On A True Story? Despite Paul Hogan 's insistence that Crocodile Dundee was his own creation, it was later revealed that the real life inspiration for the character was bushman Rod Ansell. Rod Ansell became popular in Australia in 1977 when his boat capsized during a solo hunting expedition and he had to spend two months trapped in the wilderness.

Is White Snake Based On A True Story? It is based on the Chinese folk legend Legend of the White Snake. The series airs on iQiyi starting April 3, 2019.

Is Cobra Kai Based On A True Story?

Cobra Kai, a fictional Karate dojo in The Karate Kid movies and Cobra Kai streaming television series. Kai (Canadian singer) (Alessia De Gasperis-Brigante, born 1990), Canadian singer-songwriter Kai (entertainer, born 1994) (Kim Jong-in), member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO

Are The New York City Alligator Sightings Based On A True Story? They are based upon reports of alligator sightings in rather unorthodox locations, in particular New York City.

Is Snake Plissken From Escape From New York Based On A True Story? For some Carpenter context, Escape From New York and the Plissken character were born of the writer/director's reaction to Nixon-era political shenanigans and the popularity of Charles Bronson vigilante hits like Death Wish (1974) and its sequels. In fact, Bronson was the studio choice for Snake Plissken.

Is The Street Of Crocodiles Based On A True Story? The Street of Crocodiles by Polish author Bruno Schulz is a collection of interlaced short stories set in a fictional Galician town in what is now Ukraine. The stories are based on the family of Jacob, a merchant who, suffering from psychosis, struggles to overcome his mental instability throughout the book.

Is "the Lizard King" Based On A True Story? "The Lizard King" (2008) by Bryan Christy is a true-crime chronicle of the life and times of Mike Van Nostrand and his father Ray and the inner working of the reptile importing business.

Is Toby The Tortoise Based On A True Story?

His name is possibly based on the character Toby Tortoise from the 1935 Silly Symphony cartoon The Tortoise and the Hare and the 1936 Silly Symphony cartoon Toby Tortoise Returns. Toby hiding inside his shell, in front of Maid Marian. Sis, Tagalong, and Toby laughing at Skippy, being kissed by Maid Marian.

Is The Snake In Jadin Bell Based On A True Story? While the real Jadin Bell was reportedly tormented intensely by bullies at school and online, we found no evidence that the movie scene where he finds a snake in his locker is based on real life. Did the school try to protect Jadin Bell from the bullies?

Is Serial Thriller The Chameleon Based On A True Story? Serial Thriller: The Chameleon is a gripping new TV series most likely based on the case of Stephen Peter Morin and Sarah Pisan.