Reptile Questions

Is it bad for a tortoise to hibernate?

Hibernation is a necessary part of a healthy tortoise's life, but one that, sadly, many pet tortoises do not experience. Some misinformation online will make hibernation sound like tortoise torture, which can be disastrous for the tortoise's health and mental well-being.

Is It Bad To Keep A Tortoise With Birds? The risk is particularly bad if you keep juvenile tortoises as these are light enough to be carried away by birds and eaten in the safety of their nest. Other birds such as crows and even seagulls can even pose a risk, although of course they pose slightly less of a threat because they aren't large enough to carry a tortoise away.

When Should I Hibernate My Tortoise? However if you're not confident for any reason, keeping your tortoise awake all year round until the age of about 3 is okay, but you'll certainly want to hibernate them the following year. The approximate duration of hibernation according to the age of your tortoise should be:

Is There A Way To Hibernate A Spur Thighed Tortoise?

One is the Jackson Ratio, which can be used as a guide for Spur-Thighed tortoises and Herman's tortoises. This calculates the weight to length ratio and produces a figure for your tortoise which can help when hibernating your tortoise. It should never be used for other tortoises as it will not be accurate.

What Foods Are Bad For A Tortoise To Eat? Many tortoises will eat foods that are not part of a healthy diet. They may even appear completely healthy for years on a poor diet. In reality, poor diets, such as those that are rich in sugars (including fruits), protein or animal fats will impair organ function and may result in the eventual death of your tortoise.

Is The Tortoise Good Or Bad? The evil look of the Tortoise is a spike covered red tortoise. One of the best Creatures in the game, it's very good for any task, whether it's watering crops with rain clouds, impressing villages or taking on the rival gods ' Creatures. It can stand up to the felines, wolves and even Sleg the Ogre, it learns fast and moves very quickly.

What Are Some Bad Things About Owning A Tortoise? -Failure to comply with a veterinarn who is darn well more qualified than you to say what a turtle needs or doesn't need. -Killed several tortoises and turtles and refusal to completely take the blame. -Says they can spread salmonella (reptile salmonella is found in their urate/urine, feces, and sometimes mouth so no they don't "spread" it)

What Do You Put A Tortoise In To Hibernate? A box that is a little larger than your tortoise. These boxes can be made out of cardboard, plastic or wood, but for species which require a moist environment to hibernate in, plastic is best. The box should be filled with substrate, preferably sterilised soil, and should have air holes in it to facilitate ventilation.

Are Tortoise Shaped Finger Rings Bad Feng Shui?

Small children and old people must avoid wearing tortoise shaped finger rings as the energy changes with feng shui cures worn on body may cause different reactions in their body and auras. As this will also depend upon the intentions and energy of the buyer of the ring. Gemstone tortoise finger ring

Are There Foods That Are Bad For A Tortoise? Tortoise foods can include chemicals that could interfere with a tortoise's capability to assimilate nutrients from foods. Although most tortoise foods have some of these properties, a diverse diet can decrease the harmful effects.

Is My Russian Tortoise Trying To Hibernate? Yes, most Russian tortoises hibernate during the winter, and some of them hibernate during the summer. Most commonly Russian tortoises will usually hibernate in a hole that they dug underground. While most animals are only able to hibernate during the winter, some Russian tortoises are also able to do so in the summer.

What Can I Give My Tortoise To Hibernate? Hibernation helps a tortoise burn through Vitamin A while they're out cold and that means you need to ensure they have enough to go through the whole winter without damage. The good news is that you can feed them some carrot or some squash for the 2-3 months before your tortoise starts to fast to ensure they have enough of this vitamin.

How To Hibernate A Horsefield Tortoise? Horsefield Tortoise Hibernation. Outdoor. You can provide outdoor hibernation if the temperature is 5- 7.5 Celsius (40- 45 Fahrenheit) outdoors during the winter for at least 2 months. If not, hibernate him indoors. The hibernation housing must be very dry, flood-proof and unable for predators to access him.

Is It Bad If My Tortoise Has Clear Urine?

There is nothing wrong with clear pee in a well hydrated tortoise. The tortoise is likely excreting all the extra water from the inappropriate wet diet you are feeding. They need high fiber weeds and leaves, not lettuce and tomatoes. I disagree. There's nothing wrong with clear urine. They don't always excrete urates.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Get Fat? This well-meaning behavior is sweet at its core but detrimental to your tortoise's health in the long run. Torts can overeat. When they do, they get obese. Being locked in that tight-fitting shell with a bloated, fat body is uncomfortable.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Run Around The House? A tortoise roaming around the house might also spread disease. Even when supervised around your home, you will often have to handle the tortoise (pick her up) to put her back safely within a supervised area. This can be stressful to your tort. The best location for a tortoise is in a safe and contained environment.

How Long Should I Let My Tortoise Hibernate Before Feeding? Before allowing your tortoise to hibernate you should refrain from feeding for about 2-3 weeks to allow your tortoise time to clear any food still within the digestive system. Water should still be given.

Should I Let My Tortoise Hibernate? Vet experts recommend that you do not hibernate your tortoise, regardless of age, beyond 12 weeks. Some places recommend that you do not let your tortoise hibernate if it is less than one year old (some even say three years).

Why Does My Tortoise Smell So Bad?

Infections can be hard to detect if they're under the shell if you can't see anything, but your tortoise still smells bad, let the vet take a look. Keeping a tortoise enclosure clean requires work and upkeep. Generally, the more you can spot clean the easier it is to keep odor under control.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Smell Damp? Tortoises are land-based animals, unlike turtles that live in and close to the water, so if your tortoise smells damp, this is usually a bad sign and something to definitely to look into. What Causes Tortoises To Smell Bad?

Is Mayor Tortoise John Good Or Bad? From the very start, Mayor Tortoise John is made out to be very untrustworthy, duplicitous, menacing, greedy and corrupt (such as keeping a large personal supply of water for himself while the rest of the town of Dirt is going through a severe drought), although he appeared to be like a grandfatherly figure towards Rango.

How Do I Know If My Tortoise Is Ready To Hibernate? Pre-Hibernation Health Check It is wise to check your tortoise carefully, several times, in the run-up to hibernation. A few simple checks are recommended: CHECK BOTH EYES: for signs of swelling, inflammation or discharge. If there is a problem, consult a veterinary surgeon with extensive experience of treating reptile patients.

What Size Refrigerator Do I Need To Hibernate My Tortoise? The size required will of course vary depending upon how many tortoises or turtles you intend to hibernate - for small numbers you may well find that a 'table-top' or 'counter-top' mini-refrigerator (such as seen in many hotel rooms) will be quite adequate.

How To Hibernate A Russian Tortoise?

What can pet tortoises eat?Sulcata. A giant sulcata tortoise, for example, will have a diet that consists of mainly grasses and weeds. ...Aldabra, Leopard, and Galapagos. Like the sulcata, the leopard tortoise, Aldabra tortoises, and Galapagos tortoises have evolved to eat various grasses.Russian Tortoise

Is It Bad To Overfeed A Tortoise? On the other end of the feeding spectrum is the problem of overfeeding. This almost always happens as a result of worried owners making sure their pets never go hungry. This well-meaning behavior is sweet at its core but detrimental to your tortoise's health in the long run.

When Does My Tortoise Have To Hibernate? The amount of time you should allow your tortoise to hibernate depends on its age as follows:One-year-old - three weeksTwo years old - six weeksThree years old - 10 weeksFour years old - 16 weeksFive years old and over - 22 weeks