Reptile Questions

Is it bad for a tortoise to be under glass?

Besides poor ventilation, the clear glass sides are also stressful to tortoises. They will continually try to escape through the glass and potentially cause injury to themselves.

Are Oranges Bad For Your Tortoise? They contain citric acid which will irritate the stomach of the turtle, and this can lead to vomiting, and in some cases even to problems worse than that. So avoid oranges, lemons, grapefruits, mandarins, limes, pomeo, and any other citruts.

Why Do Tortoise Tables Get A Bad Press? This is the overwhelming reason why tortoise tables are recommended and vivariums get a bad press. Whilst ventilation will almost always be greater in an open topped table, the idea that a vivarium cannot offer an adequate level of ventilation is not really true.

Can A Tortoise Live In A Glass Enclosure?

Vivarium and glass "fish tank" enclosures are extremely costly per square inch of usable space for a tortoise. Tortoises only need sides that are high enough to prevent escape. Fish tanks in particular are designed to provide maximum cubic capacity, not maximum floorarea (which is what really matters to a tortoise).

Is It Bad To Keep A Tortoise With Birds? The risk is particularly bad if you keep juvenile tortoises as these are light enough to be carried away by birds and eaten in the safety of their nest. Other birds such as crows and even seagulls can even pose a risk, although of course they pose slightly less of a threat because they aren't large enough to carry a tortoise away.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Run Around The House? A tortoise roaming around the house might also spread disease. Even when supervised around your home, you will often have to handle the tortoise (pick her up) to put her back safely within a supervised area. This can be stressful to your tort. The best location for a tortoise is in a safe and contained environment.

Is It Possible To Keep A Tortoise In A Glass Tank? I and many of the long term tortoise keepers here have been using glass tanks for decades. I've personally started hundreds of baby tortoises of many species in glass tanks.

Is It Bad For A Hermann's Tortoise To Bury Itself? The only danger comes from any reasons for excessive digging, such as the desire to hide from predators or if they are too hot. Some owners worry that their Hermann's tortoise will suffocate if they bury themselves.

Why Does My Tortoise Smell Bad?

At most, they may smell musty or just have an outdoorsy, musky smell. However, their enclosures can sometimes become breeding grounds for bacteria and other odor-causing organisms if you don't clean them well enough. A stinky tortoise could be a sign of infection or illness.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Glass Tortoise? Dimension: Height - 9 cm (3.5"), Length - 12 cm (5"), Width - 17 cm (7") Approx read more... read more... read more... read more... Size: 4.5 X 2 X 3 inch. read more... read more... - Crystal Glass Tortoise For Good Health, Wealth & Prosperity. - A Nice Showpiece Figurine As Well As Religious Sculpture.

Is It Bad To Over Feed A Sulcata Tortoise? AVOID over-feeding your tortoise. Sulcata tortoises can experience a variety of health problems when they are fed the wrong foods-but they can also have problems when they are fed too much of the right foods. Overfeeding is the single biggest mistake that most tortoise keepers make.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Hibernate? Hibernation is a necessary part of a healthy tortoise's life, but one that, sadly, many pet tortoises do not experience. Some misinformation online will make hibernation sound like tortoise torture, which can be disastrous for the tortoise's health and mental well-being.

Is It Bad To Overfeed A Tortoise? On the other end of the feeding spectrum is the problem of overfeeding. This almost always happens as a result of worried owners making sure their pets never go hungry. This well-meaning behavior is sweet at its core but detrimental to your tortoise's health in the long run.

Is Mayor Tortoise John Good Or Bad?

From the very start, Mayor Tortoise John is made out to be very untrustworthy, duplicitous, menacing, greedy and corrupt (such as keeping a large personal supply of water for himself while the rest of the town of Dirt is going through a severe drought), although he appeared to be like a grandfatherly figure towards Rango.

Why Is My Tortoise Pacing Up And Down The Glass? This can lead to them pacing up and down the glass in frustration, because they're trying to get somewhere that they think is interesting, but they just can't work out why they can't move forward. While tortoises are reasonably clever reptiles, glass is beyond their ability to understand or to fathom out.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Eat Too Much Fruit? Whilst the sweetness of fruit is tasty for tortoises, too much sugar isn't considered healthy because it isn't what these types of tortoise have evolved to digest, so it could upset their intestinal flora, leading to parasitic infections.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Glass Enclosure For A Tortoise? A good alternative to glass enclosures are plastic tubs, cement mixing tubs, Rubbermaid tubs or sweater boxes. Much like glass enclosures, they're excellent at keeping the humidity in, and most of them are opaque, meaning you wouldn't need to worry about stressing the tortoise out due to the lack of visual barriers.

Why Does My Tortoise Smell So Bad? Infections can be hard to detect if they're under the shell if you can't see anything, but your tortoise still smells bad, let the vet take a look. Keeping a tortoise enclosure clean requires work and upkeep. Generally, the more you can spot clean the easier it is to keep odor under control.

What Are Some Bad Things About Owning A Tortoise?

-Failure to comply with a veterinarn who is darn well more qualified than you to say what a turtle needs or doesn't need. -Killed several tortoises and turtles and refusal to completely take the blame. -Says they can spread salmonella (reptile salmonella is found in their urate/urine, feces, and sometimes mouth so no they don't "spread" it)

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Have Dry Skin? Not only is this bad for the health of the tortoise, but it can impede the ability to shed dead skin effectively. The problem for new owners is that tortoise skin already looks dry and wrinkled compared to mammalian skin. The trick is being able to notice differences in texture, appearance, and elasticity.

Is It Bad If My Tortoise Has Clear Urine? There is nothing wrong with clear pee in a well hydrated tortoise. The tortoise is likely excreting all the extra water from the inappropriate wet diet you are feeding. They need high fiber weeds and leaves, not lettuce and tomatoes. I disagree. There's nothing wrong with clear urine. They don't always excrete urates.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Wake Up Early? Unfortunately, many of them wake up in a worse state of health than they entered their long sleep, with awful problems as a result. The key to a happy hibernation by a pet tortoise is good preparation, but it's also important to know when and how to wake your tortoise up early, should that become necessary.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Smell Damp? Tortoises are land-based animals, unlike turtles that live in and close to the water, so if your tortoise smells damp, this is usually a bad sign and something to definitely to look into. What Causes Tortoises To Smell Bad?

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Get Fat?

This well-meaning behavior is sweet at its core but detrimental to your tortoise's health in the long run. Torts can overeat. When they do, they get obese. Being locked in that tight-fitting shell with a bloated, fat body is uncomfortable.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Have An Overgrown Beak? An overgrown upper beak makes it difficult for the tortoise to grab, chew and swallow food. This can be detrimental to their health. The overgrown beak can be easily filed down using a rotary grinding device such as a Dremel tool or a nail file. The process isn't painful to the turtle.

Is It Bad For A Tortoise To Flip Over? As noted by Tortoise Owner, an online resource for all things tortoise-related, flipping over can pose a significant danger to the heavy, slow-moving creatures - especially if they're outside on a hot day. "A tortoise is likely to die on its back if it's left out in the sun," explains the site.