Reptile Questions

How many teeth did the crocodile have?

At least three hundred pointed teeth, all sharp and shining white. The dentist kept himself well clear. He stood two yards away. He chose the longest probe he had to search out the decay. "I said to do the back ones first!" the Crocodile called out.

What Is The Difference Between Alligator And Crocodile Teeth? What You Need To Know About AlligatorOther than Europe and Antarctica, Crocodiles are found almost everywhere around the world. ...Crocodiles snouts are long, narrow and pointed in other words the snouts are V-shaped.Crocodiles appear light brown, green or gray.The largest crocodile species (saltwater crocodiles) can weigh averagely 2000 pounds.They are larger in length than alligators. ...More items...

Why Did The Crocodile Tell The Dentist To Check His Teeth? Answer: The crocodile told the dentist to check his teeth for decay especially the ones at the back of his mouth. Question 4: Why did the crocodile remind the dentist that he had asked him to examine the teeth at the back of his mouth first?

Why Are The Teeth Of A Crocodile So Powerful?

It also has carnassial teeth, behind the bone-crushing premolars, that are self-sharpening and can shear meat and bone. Its jaws are powerful not only because of it teeth, but also because its jaw muscles are large, with a special vaulting (an arched structure) to protect the skull against the force of the bite.

What Bird Cleans Crocodile Teeth? Which Animals Do Clean Their Teeth?Cows will clean their teeth (while chewing) Some animals will eat food that will remove food from between the teeth as they chew. ...Big cats will also clean their teeth unknowingly. Other wild animals will eat bones and hair from their prey. ...Elephants will clean their incisors. ...Birds clean the Crocodiles teeth. ...

What Did The Crocodile Say To The Dentist To Repair His Teeth? Spoiler warning! A dentist is petrified when a crocodile plops down in his office and requests to have his teeth repaired. "I want you," the Crocodile declared, "to do the back ones first."

How Many Teeth Does A Nile Crocodile Have? Crocodiles have between 60 and 72 teeth which they use to tear flesh apart. They do not chew their food, but instead swallow large portions of their prey.

What Do Crocodile Teeth Look Like? Crocodilian teeth vary from blunt and dull to sharp and needle-like. Broad-snouted species have teeth that vary in size, while those of slender-snouted species are more uniform. The teeth of crocodiles and gharials tend to be more visible than those of alligators and caimans when the jaws are closed.

How Old Are These Crocodile Teeth?

These crocodile teeth are middle Cretaceous epoch, Cenomanian stage (96 million years ago). An exceptional BIG collector's crocodile tooth. No repair.

What Are The Characteristics Of Crocodile Teeth? A crocodile often has differently shaped teeth, which can range from blunt to pointed, almost needle-like silhouettes. In general, these characteristics vary in each species, but a pattern is followed in which reptiles with narrow snouts have the most uniform teeth.

How Many Teeth Does A Crocodile Have In Its Mouth? Inside its mouth are 64 to 70 meat-tearing teeth. This lighter, more narrow snout is perfect for snatching the croc's favorite food: fish. The unique snout (mouth and nose combined) can act like a pair of tweezers and allows the crocodile to remove prey from holes and small crevices.

How Do Crocodile Clean Their Teeth? While crocodiles lazing on the shore with their mouths open the " Egyptian plover " flies into the crocodiles' mouths to pick out the tiny bits of decaying meat stuck in their teeth. It not only cleans crocodile's teeth but also fulfills the little birds' hunger- Symbiotic Relationship.

What Is The Function Of Crocodile Teeth? Crocodilian jaws are designed for grabbing and holding prey. The teeth are conical and designed to penetrate and hold, rather than cut and chew. In the Gharial, Tomistoma and other narrow-snouted species such as the Australian Freshwater Crocodile, the teeth can be very sharp indeed.

What Steps Does The Dentist Take To Examine The Crocodile's Teeth?

Answer: The dentist's fear of the crocodile is expressed as his face was turning white. Question 11: What steps does the dentist take to examine the crocodile's teeth? Answer: The dentist chooses the longest probe and stands two yards away to examine the crocodile's teeth.

Does Egyptian Plover Clean Crocodile Teeth? Egyptian plover, also known as the "crocodile bird" does not clean crocodile's teeth. No bird clean crocodile teeth. This is a pure myth. The photos showing Egyptian plover cleaning crocodile teeth are fake.

How Does A Crocodile Clean Its Teeth? Well, the birds get an easy meal for sure. As the crocodile basks in the sun with its huge jaws wide open, the birds go about the teeth meticulously removing every morsel of meat they find there. Sometimes they also remove fractured bones lodged between the teeth. Naturally, this cleans the crocodile's teeth better than a visit to the dentist.

How Old Are The Teeth Of A Crocodile Shark? Fossil Pseudocarcharias teeth dating to the Serravallian age (13.6 - 11.6 Ma) of the Miocene epoch have been found in Italy, and are identical to those of the modern-day crocodile shark. The crocodile shark has a spindle-shaped body with a short head and a bulbous, pointed snout.

How Many Teeth Does A Mugger Crocodile Have? Mugger crocodiles have 19 upper teeth on each side and a rough head but without any ridges. Dorsal shield well separated from the nuchals, the scutes usually ranges 4 to 6.

Why Did The Egyptian God Ammut Have Crocodile Teeth?

The ancient Egyptians believed if you did something really bad during your lifetime that the god Ammut might magically appear when you died and eat you. With her crocodile head, she had the teeth to do so. If you were eaten, you could not travel on to your happy afterlife, your life after death.

What Is The Game Crocodile Teeth Game? Gameplay. The goal of the game is to "extract" the plastic teeth from a crocodile toy's mouth by pulling them out with plastic pliers. If the "sore tooth" is pulled, the mouth will snap shut and lunge toward whoever pulled the sore tooth, and the person who caused the mouth to shut is the loser.

How Sharp Are Crocodile Teeth? Though large and fearsome, crocodiles' teeth are not sharp. That is, you could touch your finger to one (just as long as it's not in a live crocodile's mouth) and it wouldn't cut you. You could even run your finger down the tooth, or hold it in your palm, and you would be safe.

How Long Do Crocodile Teeth Last? Crocodiles can live up to 75 years (and even longer in captivity). That's a long time for teeth to last, which is why the crocodile has 4-5 backup sets. Teeth are frequently lost or broken, only to soon be replaced by a new tooth that grows from beneath the old tooth.

Which Teeth Are Exposed In A Crocodile? In a crocodile, the fourth tooth is always exposed. Male: For all species of crocodilian, mature males grow larger than females. The largest species of crocodilian is the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which can measure more than 6 m (20 ft.).