Reptile Questions

How do you get a panther chameleon to come to you?

Approach your chameleon from the bottom, as reaching for your panther chameleon from the top can be seen as trying to attack. If you have a grumpy or new chameleon, it is best to first let the chameleon climb on a stick and then onto your arm. Panther chameleons are diurnal, this means they are active during the day time and asleep at night.

How To Raise A Panther Chameleon? Going forward, this article assumes you understand how to raise a chameleon, including subjects such as feeding, hydration, lighting, etc. Before breeding your chameleons, we highly recommend keeping your Panther chameleons in separate screen cages.

How To Take Care Of A Panther Chameleon? The best way to keep a panther chameleon healthy is to keep an eye on the temperature in the cage, the humidity levels and to make sure the lights turn on and off at exactly the right time every day. Temperature checks will need to happen each day and in two different places, the basking spot and the general temperature of the rest of the cage.

What Is The Difference Between A Male And Female Panther Chameleon?

Females are much smaller and only grow to between 10 and 12 inches. With their size, the panther chameleon is one of the biggest species of chameleons. Also, Like in most species of chameleons, male panther chameleons are more vibrantly colored than the females.

Can You Buy A Panther Chameleon In Captivity? Panther Chameleons should only be purchased captive-bred from a reputable breeder. It has been illegal to export this species since the 1970s. Wild-caught lizards are prone to diseases and stress when in captivity.

Why Does A Panther Chameleon Have A Long Tongue? Like many amphibians and reptiles, the panther chameleon has a sticky tongue that helps it to catch its prey. The tongue has a suction cup and a layer of mucous on the end of it. This helps the lizard to effectively capture its prey and bring it back to its mouth, ready to be eaten. Its long tongue helps the panther chameleon to snare its prey.

What Is The Scientific Name Of The Panther Chameleon? The panther chameleon was first described by French naturalist Georges Cuvier in 1829. Its generic name ( Furcifer) is derived from the Latin root furci meaning "forked" and refers to the shape of the animal's feet.

Can I Give My Panther Or Veiled Chameleon Calcium? One is a standard calcium powder that is phosphorous free and without vitamin D3. The other is calcium with vitamin D3. If you have a panther or veiled chameleon you need to supplement with calcium every day. You also need to supplement them using a calcium with vitamin D3 powder every other week.

How To Handle A Panther Chameleon?

You should only handle a Panther Chameleon if you absolutely must ( e.g. moving enclosures ). If you have to handle them, let them grip you as you hold out a flat and stable hand instead of wrapping any of your fingers or arms around them. If their toes feel sharp, then wear gloves.

Can You Get A Panther Chameleon As A Pet? Panther chameleons are a stunning pet reptile that have been popular for quite some time. With their beautiful colors and straightforward care requirements, it seems like everyone wants these creatures! But it's important to do your homework first if you're thinking about getting one as a pet.

How Do You Identify The Sex Of A Panther Chameleon? Check for a hemi-penal bulge. Male panther chameleons have a small lump at the base of the tail, while females do not. Males tend to be larger, and may grow up to 20 inches long. Panther chameleons all exhibit bright and varied coloration, but male panthers may be lovelier. Identify the sex of a veiled chameleon.

What Is The Size Of A Full-sized Panther Chameleon? Full-sized panther chameleon females for sale are 8 to 10 inches. Mature female panther chameleons display softer color hues, including peach, rose or violet, when receptive to breeding.

What Is The Life Cycle Of A Panther Chameleon? Boy chameleons are noticeably more colorful than the girls. Compared to other reptiles, a panther chameleon's life is condensed. They reach sexual maturity between six and twelve months. Males only live for five to seven years. Females have an even shorter lifespan, thanks to the arduous process of producing and laying eggs.

What Do You Feed A Panther Chameleon?

Multivitamin and calcium supplements are recommended for panther chameleons as well. Available in powder form, it's good to provide supplements on every other feeding. Just dust the crickets with the powder to give your chameleons their recommended dose. Today's panther chameleons are hardy creatures.

What To Look For When Buying A Panther Chameleon? These are a very interesting locale to purchase when looking for a panther chameleon, as they are similar to the Nosy Be panther, but they tend to have large patches on their bodies, which are displayed as colored spots.

What Is The Best Temperature For A Panther Chameleon? A lower nighttime temperature in the low 60s F to low 70s F is normal and healthy for your Panther Chameleon. But your chameleon will need to warm up in the morning to get a good start on the day. In the wild, chameleons look to the sun rise and bask until their body temperature is sufficient for optimal hunting, digestion, and general function.

What Is The Habitat Of A Panther Chameleon? Habitat of the Panther Chameleon. This species is native to a very restricted region of Madagascar, and lives only in a small range of habitats. They must have vegetation to survive, as they are arboreal, which means that they live in the trees rather than on the ground.

How Much Wattage Does A Panther Chameleon Need? Every website has different information on how much wattage and uvb a panther chameleon really needs. Some say 5.0 max, some say 10.0 for larger cages, some say 100 watt max, some say 150 watt for larger cages. I'm so confused on what to do. I plan on having a 29 x 29 x 48 cage and a 29 x29 x 72 cage.

What Do Panther Chameleon Feel Like?

Chameleons are very shy creatures and love to be alone. In fact, they usually freak out when they see other chameleons (even of similar species), or creatures that are bigger than them. They almost always feel that a bigger creature is out to eat them or crush them. Consequently, they may be subjected to much stress when domesticated.

How Are The Feet Of A Panther Chameleon Arranged? The panther chameleon has a bony crest that protects its head from injury. Grasping feet Grasping feet A chameleon's feet are arranged with three toes pointing one way and two toes pointing in the opposite direction. This allows the feet to grip branches tightly, similar to the way a human hand grips with fingers and thumb.

Where Can I Buy A Panther Chameleon For Sale? As a Panther chameleon breeder as well as veiled chameleon breeders we specialize in vivid color morphs of both of these wonderful species of pet chameleon for sale. CB Reptile also offers some extremely rare and unique baby designer panther chameleons for sale including crosses of many locales.

How Much Does A Panther Chameleon Baby Cost? Most of all there is great time involved with hatching, and raising the young panther chameleon babies. Because of this they can range in price from 200-800.00 per panther chameleon baby for sale. It is well known that Panther chameleons are one of the most colorful chameleon species available today especially captive bred.

What Is The Ideal Humidity For A Panther Chameleon Plant? Panther chameleons need a high humidity level; it's best to aim for between 60 and 85 percent. This can be accomplished by misting the plants regularly, and a drip or misting system is also recommended.

Where To Buy A Panther Chameleon In Florida?

At FL Chams we always try to have several different locales of Panther Chameleons for Sale. Panther Chameleons are one of the most sought after of all chameleons and a focus chameleon for us. Panther Chameleons are a very hardy chameleons and are beautiful as well.