Reptile Questions

How do I use the tortoise?

Actually the tortoise is a sallying-out defense siege weapon. As the enemy sallies out of the gates, position this in front of them and charge with some elephants on the side.

How Do You Use A Tortoise In Feng Shui? Some experts use a stone tortoise to cure the negative Feng Shui energy coming from outside the house. It can be placed on your balcony or around your front door with the shell facing the incoming Xa Qi (negative energy). Another use is to place it at the back of your home.

Should I Use RapidSVN Or Tortoise SVN? Yea that be great, i work with RapidSVN but TortoiseSVN is so much better. Tortoise have a much better interface and can use it a little child (is so easy to use). Bump! I am know planning a base set of utility programs (mainly for programming) to include on about two hundred VMs that will be used for software testing and development.

How Do You Use The Tortoise Breathing Technique?

Using the tortoise breathing technique, with time and practice we should be able to comfortably slow down your breathing rate to our three or four breaths per minute. 1Begin by either sitting or lying down on your back. Take a long breath, inhaling slowly and deeply until you feel the air inside your neck.

What Kind Of Substrate Do You Use For A Sulcata Tortoise? Sulcata tortoise substrate Substrate is another important part of any tortoise habitat. It is also responsible for enabling them to dig in and help thermo regulate as well as maintain proper humidity percentages. We recommend using a mixture of potting mix, play sand, andCypress mulch.

How To Use The Tortoise Effectively? To maximize Tortoise's protection, angling is a must. With very good side armor and wide gun arc, it can bounce almost every shots from enemies unless they were aiming at machine gun turret. if you feel that enemy aimed at your "tumor", try "jiggling" your tank to make enemy shots missed or hit at impenetrable part.

What Version Of Tortoise SVN Do You Use? the svn version is visualsvn 2.0.7. starting with whether it is using FSFS or BDB repository format . I am sure about the repository format. This is getting critical. Please help us urgently. Productivity Management Group. Thanks for the response. We are using 1.6.5 version of tortoise SVN.

Can You Use A Weed Eater On A Gopher Tortoise? A weed eater can be used to trim the grass or weeds that are around the burrow itself, but nothing more. This may be tricky as dogs in particular may spend time investigating the burrow of a gopher tortoise, although they generally present no threat to them. Still, you must keep your pet away from the burrow if at all possible.

Can I Use A Vita Shell For My Tortoise?

When I first got my tortious he had a very dry shell and I used the vita shell and it worked very well, I also would recommend bathing your tortious that helps as well!

What Kind Of Lamp Do You Use For A Tortoise? You should either use a desk lamp, which should have at least 100W of power for heating, and another UV light for your tortoise to bask in, or even a single mercury-vapor lamp to provide your critter with both heat and UV light. The lamp's temperature should be between 30 - 35 °C (86 - 95 °F),...

Why Did The Roman Soldier Use A Tortoise Formation? This gave the Roman soldier a great deal of protection as it curved around his body. It was also used by the Romans when they used what was known as a tortoise formation to move forward to a target that was well defended.

How To Use Crystal Tortoise For Vastu Corrective Purposes? Crystal Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around us. Keep crystal tortoise in East direction for improving health. You can place crystal tortoise in the North sector of your home.

How To Use Feng Shui Tortoise For Positive Energy? Place feng shui tortoise in right direction for positive energy. Feng shui recommends the placement of objects in specific directions to have maximum effects. For instance, if you place feng shui tortoise in an incorrect manner then there will be weakening of the energy in your personal life.

Should I Use The Tortoise Hare Slider When Roughing?

Don't allow the chip load to go too low or you'll be rubbing the tooling instead of taking clean cuts. In general, the Tortoise-Hare slider provides a tradeoff between quality of finish and how fast it removes material when roughing.

Is It Safe To Use Soap On A Tortoise? It is perfectly safe to use soap on a tortoise if they are exceptionally filthy, but this should be done rarely and you must be very thorough in rinsing the tortoise completely. Some soaps have harsh chemicals that can irritate a tortoise's skin or shell if left on too long.

What Kind Of Table Do You Use For A Tortoise? Tortoise table: tables may be used for Horsfield's tortoises, but as they insulate no heat, they are only recommended for use in houses that are naturally warm. The table should be at least 900mm (35") long. During the day, tortoises require a hot basking temperature.

How Did The Romans Use The Tortoise? Understandably, this method of attack became known as the tortoise. Siege towers would also be used to get men inside the walls. These towers would have fixed bridges at the top to enable the men to climb onto the walls. The Romans also had a type of crane that could swing small groups of men over enemy defences.

How Do You Use A UV Light For A Tortoise Enclosure? Aim to position your UV bulb high up in the enclosure so that it has good coverage across the entire floor space. I've also chosen to put a 'sunshade' over my UV bulb, this doesn't obstruct the light from reaching the tortoise, but it does save the eyes of any person in the vicinity.

How Does The Galapagos Tortoise Use GPS Technology?

GPS technology has been used for monitoring the behavior and movement of a variety of animals including bats, elephants, and giant manta rays. It is now benefiting scientists who want to study the migration of the Galapagos tortoise. Along with monitoring migration patterns, the technology provides 3D measurements on an interactive map.

How To Use Command Support In Tortoise? To use command support you should follow this steps: 1 Define Path in Environment Variables:#N#open 'System Properties';#N#on the tab 'Advanced' click on the 'Environment... 2 Since you have registered TortoiseProc, you can use it in according to TortoiseSVN documentation.#N#Examples:#N#TortoiseProc. More ...

How Do You Use Tortoise Wormer+? This product will control tapeworms and other helminths, ensuring a successful hibernation. Tortoise Wormer+ can be sprinkled onto the tortoise's food or added to water when bathing. Full instructions can be found in the packet.

How Do You Use Tortoise In A Sentence? A guy goes to the cinema.... After doing a spot of shopping a guy decides to go the cinema, unfortunately for him he has just bought a pet tortoise and the cinema has a no pets policy. Not to be beaten the guy sticks the tortoise down the front of his pants and goes in to watch his film.

Did The Shang Kings Use Tortoise Bones? However, over time, the use of ox bones increased, and use of tortoise shells does not appear until early Shang culture. (More...) Through these so-called "oracle bones" we have learned of the many concerns of the Shang kings: from wishing away an agonizing toothache to hoping to win a battle.

How Do I Use Tortoise SVN In VSCode?

tortoise-svn is a simple extension for VSCode to use TortoiseSVN. Launch VS Code Quick Open ( Ctrl+P ), paste the following command, and press enter. tortoise-svn is a simple extension for VSCode to use TortoiseSVN.

What Is The Best Equipment To Use On The Tortoise? What is the best equipment to use on the tortoise and is it permanent. Does anything increase loading time, or does in decrease? Vents and rammer will increase it to around a 7.5 second reload. TD skreb, medium driver, with a little heavy action on the side. Vents and rammer will increase it to around a 7.5 second reload.

Did The Shang Dynasty Use Tortoise Shells? However, over time, the use of ox bones increased, and use of tortoise shells does not appear until early Shang culture. The earliest tortoise shells found that had been prepared for divinatory use (i.e., with chiseled pits) date to the earliest Shang stratum at Erligang ( Zhengzhou, Henan ).