Reptile Questions

How do crocodiles give birth?

Female crocodiles and alligators make very gentle parents, despite their fearsome nature. Crocodiles bury their eggs in riverside nests. For up to three months, the mother waits nearby, protecting her eggs from predators or any other danger. As soon as the baby crocodiles are ready to hatch, they start to chirp.

Do Nile Crocodiles Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? The Nile crocodiles are unusual in that they are caring parents. While most reptiles move on after laying eggs, Nile crocodile parents, both mother and father, savagely protect their nests until the eggs hatch. They are even known to roll their eggs gently in their mouths to assist the hatchlings to emerge from the shell.

Do Crocodiles Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Crocodiles do indeed lay eggs. They will create a nest near, but not in the water. As one of those strange facts that you can now bring up at parties, to make yourself seem smarter, the sex of the resulting baby crocodiles is dependant on the temperature at which the eggs are incubated.

Do Crocodiles Lay Eggs Or Give Live Birth?

Well, the only creatures that are related to dinosaurs which still exist (birds and crocodiles, although crocodiles are more distantly related than birds) don't give live birth. They all lay eggs. Most of the fossils that have been found that give us information about dinosaur reproduction suggest that the majority of dinosaurs laid eggs.

Do All Reptiles Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Different species of reptiles have different reproductive strategies that determine whether they lay eggs or give live birth. Reptiles that lay eggs include bearded dragons, many geckos, turtles, and crocodiles. Reptiles that give birth include blue-tongued skinks, boas, vipers, and some geckos.

How Do Alligators Give Birth? Quick FactsType: ReptileDiet: CarnivoreLife span: 35-50 yearsSize: 8.2 (female) -11.2 (male) feet in length for American alligator (Chinese species is smaller)Weight: 380 (female) - 440 (male) kg for American alligator (Chinese species is lighter)Habitat: Freshwater lakes, marshes, and swampsRange: North America and East Asia

Why Do Some Lizards Lay Eggs And Others Give Birth? It is part of evolution. Giving live birth provides many advantages over laying eggs and that is why some species of lizards have now moved on to live birth while others, less evolved, still lay eggs. The differences in lizards' procreation cycles can be found in much more than just eggs or live birth.

What Time Of Year Do Water Snakes Give Birth? The northern water snake emerges from hibernation between March and April. They mate in late April and give birth between August and September. The average female can give birth to around 20 live snakes at a time. The snake is most active in summer, just as people are flocking to water to cool off.

How Long Does A Black Alpine Salamander Give Birth?

Black Alpine Salamander: 2-3 Years These animals are found only in certain parts of East and Central Alps and have a gestation period of about 2 to 3 years. This gestation period can vary based on the environment and altitude they are living in. They can give birth to only one baby at a time.

How Many Babies Do Garter Snakes Give Birth To? The female Garter snake puts off a strong-smelling pheromone, which will attract dozens of males. After the mating is complete, the female snake carries the sperm inside her body until she is ready to fertilize her eggs. She will give birth to anywhere between 20 to 40 babies at a time. Garter snakes birth live young.

Do Water Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Live Birth? Like other water snakes, this species gives birth to live young rather than eggs that hatch.

Did Dinosaurs Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Well, consider this: until the 1920s, scientists weren't even sure if dinosaurs laid eggs (like modern reptiles and birds) or gave birth to live young (like mammals ).

Do Reptiles Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Some lay eggs, while others give birth to live young. A few are ovoviviparous, meaning the young grow inside an egg which remains inside the mother's body until it is ready to hatch. One thing all egg-laying reptiles have in common is that they lay their eggs on land, even if the adults spend their lives in the water.

How Did Dinosaurs Give Birth To Babies?

How was a dinosaur born? Dinosaurs did not give birth to live young in the way that mammals do. Like most reptiles, and like birds, female dinosaurs laid a number of eggs. These eggs were usually deposited in a nest made of the twigs and leaves, or in a hole that the female had dug in the soil or sand.

Do House Geckos Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? The female of some gecko species can carry their pregnancy for months and even years before they lay their eggs. Like many species of lizards, geckos can also detach their tails and grow new ones if necessary. If you intend to keep the common house gecko as pet, you should know it can live a long and joyful life.

How Long Does It Take For A Salamander To Give Birth? This could take anywhere between one and three weeks, and depends entirely upon the species of salamander eggs you have. Start feeding your salamander babies, or larvae, on the second or third day. Before that, the nutrients from the eggs they hatched from should be enough to keep them nourished.

How Many Babies Does A Lizard Give Birth To? Western fence lizard females can lay up to three clutches of eggs per year. As a result, we can expect more tiny baby lizards for the next couple of months as subsequent clutches hatch. Hatchlings are about 1 inch long, or "1 inch SVL" in herpetological lingo.

Do Gray-banded King Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? The gray-banded kingsnake belongs to the Family of Colubridae, Genus of Lampropeltis, and Species of Alterna. These snakes are oviparous, which means the female gray-banded kingsnake gives birth to eggs, and these eggs take time before hatching.

Do Chameleons Lay Eggs Or Give Birth?

All species of chameleons lay eggs. However, not all species will lay eggs the same way. Those that lay eggs in the ground are oviparous. The baby chameleon emerges from the eggs in the ground. Species that lay eggs inside themselves are ovoviviparous. The eggs actually hatch inside the mother's bodies and she will give live birth.

Do Sea Snakes Give Birth In The Ocean? Therefore, the females keep the eggs and give birth to nearly fully formed snakes while swimming in the ocean. However, while this is true for the majority of sea snakes, not all sea snakes actually give birth in the ocean to live young.

Do Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth Sexually? Answer Wiki. This is the Flowerpot Snake, the only species of snake that we know that always reproduces asexually. All snakes that we've found of this species are females, and they lay eggs that hatch into exact clones of themselves.

How Do Snakes Give Birth? The first and most common way for snakes to give birth is by laying eggs. Snakes that lay eggs are known as oviparous. They make up the majority of the snake species, around seventy percent. Most species of snakes that are kept as pets lay eggs. Almost all oviparous snakes lay soft-shelled eggs, also known as pliable-shelled eggs.

Do Female Snakes Need A Mate To Give Birth? As mentioned, female snakes don't necessarily need a mate to produce eggs. Some of those eggs may be infertile, though, meaning that they don't contain viable embryos. Surprisingly, a single snake who has never been bred with a male can give birth to viable young which she can fertilize all by herself.

Do Gopher Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth?

Gopher snakes are oviparous, which means that they lay eggs. Breeding occurs when the snakes emerge from their hibernation. After mating in spring, the snakes lay their eggs in June and July.

How Often Does An Alligator Lizard Give Birth? They can give birth to a single litter of seven to 12 offspring each year. Breeding typically occurs in the fall and young are born between April and June, after six to eight months of gestation. Alligator lizards are diurnal, which means they are most active during the day. They can live up to 10 years.

Do Sea Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? All sea snakes are ovoviviparous (development of eggs that remain within the mothers body up until they hatch or are about to hatch.). The young are born alive in the water where they live out their entire life cycle. In some species, the young are quite large, sometimes up to half as long as their mother.

Can A Captive Snake Give Birth Without The Opposite Sex? Photograph: Greg Schechter/ flickr For the second time in two years, a captive snake in south-east Missouri has given birth without any interaction with a member of the opposite sex.

Do King Cobras Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Reproduction. King Cobras are the only snakes the lay nest for their eggs. After about two to three months the female snake then leaves to find food so she is not forced to eat her babies. When the eggs hatch the baby snakes come out between one and a half to two feet long with very bright colors.

Do Lizard Lay Eggs Or Give Birth?

The answer is both. Some lizards lay eggs while others give birth like we do. There are even species that can actually change from laying eggs to giving birth, according to their environment. And for the very first time, researchers in Australia have found a lizard that switched from eggs to giving birth at the same time, recently.

Can A Garter Snake Give Birth To A Live Young? If you're wondering if garter snakes lay eggs or give birth to live young, then you're in the right place. This post will answer the question of "do garter snakes lay eggs?" as well as dive deeper into the topic of garter snake eggs and giving birth. In short: No, a garter snake doesn't lay eggs and gives birth to live young.

How Often Does A Snapping Turtle Give Birth? While a female snapping turtle may lay as many as 80 eggs during a single nesting event, these nests are frequently raided by raccoons, skunks, and other small mammals.

How Long Does It Take A Lizard To Give Birth? These lizards reach sexual maturity at about age 3. During the breeding season, which occurs in July and August, the male's color increases in vibrancy. Females give birth to between two and 12 young after a nine month gestation period.

Which Reptiles Give Birth To Live Young? Of the three, live birth is only seen in lepidosaurs. Even among lepidosaurs, most lay eggs that hatch into young, but there are a few lizards and snakes that give birth to live young. Reptiles that give birth to live young can be divided into two types: viviparous and ovoviviparous.

Can A Woman Give Birth On The Back Of A Turtle?

In this world, there is no land, only water, so the woman must remain on the back of a turtle. The woman is pregnant, and while she is on the turtle's back, she gives birth to twins, one who is right-handed, and the other left-handed.

Do Viviparous Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? "Viviparous" means live-bearing. A small number of snake species are viviparous, which is very unusual for reptiles. Once the ova are fertilized, they begin to develop. However, in viviparous snakes, there is no egg at all.

Do Copperbelly Water Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? The copperbelly water snake is a live bearer, meaning that the developing young stay inside the female's body until birth. Live bearing snakes are considered to be higher on the evolutionary chain than those that lay eggs. Egg laying in snakes is generally considered to be a primitive characteristic.

Do Bull Snakes Lay Eggs Or Give Birth? Bull snakes are egg-layers, and females deposit their eggs in burrows they excavate themselves or those abandoned by small mammals. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) classifies the bull snake as a species of least concern.

Can Chameleons Give Birth From Eggs? Those species are called ovoviviparous species, which literary means "egg-live-birth". Chameleon birth is very quick, the baby frees itself from its egg pretty fast and can walk right away. Baby chameleon birth from an egg is a very special sight. Mostly because the chameleon is so small, but can still walk, look around and change color.