Reptile Questions

How do alligators care for their young?

Alligators are one of the few reptiles today that care for their young. Alligators have vibration sensors on their skin that are extremely sensitive -- they can detect even the slightest vibration and get out of harm's way long before it arrives.

How Do Alligators And Crocodiles Care For Their Young? How do alligators and crocodiles care for their young? They stay near their young, carrying them in their mouths into a nursery area in the water when the young makes gulping quacks, they rush over to protect them. What is a turtle? A turtle is a reptile whose body is covered by a protective shell that includes the ribs and the backbone.

Do American Alligators Take Care Of Their Young? The female American alligator is the only parent that exhibits parental care to offspring. The male doesn't invest any time or effort, but he may stay near the nest. The female is protective of her new hatchlings from the pre-hatchling stage up until the pre-weaning stage, which usually lasts a year after the eggs have hatched.

How Do Alligators Take Care Of Their Young?

When the eggs are ready to hatch, the mother alligator digs into the nest mound, opens any eggs that have not hatched, and carries the young down to the water. Females sometimes aggressively defend their young for more than a year.

How Do Female Alligators Take Care Of Their Young? Female alligators are devoted mothers who stay near their nests for over two months while waiting for their eggs to hatch. They protect the newly hatched alligators and nurture their young for a year. Your voice makes a difference.

Do Alligators Take Care Of Their Young? Once the young have hatched, they are carried carefully by the parents to specially excavated pools where they can begin their development in safety. The American alligator may continue to care for its young for up to two years.

How Do Snakes Take Care Of Their Young? Snakes in general do take a deal of care in ensuring their young are safe. Some remain curled around their eggs until they hatch, some retain the eggs in their body until they hatch, thus effectively giving live birth.

Do Red Spitting Cobras Take Care Of Their Young? Red spitting cobras don't guard their clutches and don't provide parental care to their young. Baby spitting cobras hatch precocial (fully-developed) and are completely independent. They become reproductively mature between 2 and 3 years of age.

Do Lizards Provide Parental Care To Their Young?

First, very few lizard species provide obvious parental care beyond simple parent-offspring associations (While et al. 2014), precluding direct benefits beyond ejaculate products (Uller and Olsson 2008). Indirect benefits such as good genes have likewise been difficult to establish. ...

Do Armadillo Lizards Take Care Of Their Young? Though it is unusual for lizards to take care of their young ones, armadillo lizards are found to protect their offspring and even provide them with food. Being docile in nature, armadillo lizards are preferred as pets.

How Did Dinosaurs Take Care Of Their Young? Some laid eggs in earth nests scooped in the soil and returned to feed the young after they emerged. Other studies suggest that some of the legs of some dinosaur young were too weak for them to roam very far from a nest, which suggests that parents brought food back for them at least in the first days after hatching.

What Kind Of Snakes Care For Their Young? Pit vipers (rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads in the United States) also will care for their young in much the same way. There are quite a few snakes that do guard their nests but leave when they hatch, if not before. The most extraordinary would have to be the king cobra.

How Do King Cobras Care For Their Young? However, king cobras show a surprising amount of care for their young. When a female king cobra is gravid (pregnant), she will begin building a large nest out of sticks and bamboo leaves. These nests are up to 4 feet wide and tall. The snake will lay her eggs in the center (up to 50 per clutch), and fiercely guard them.

Did Dinosaurs Care For Their Young?

There are many pieces of evidence that suggest that these dinosaurs took care of their young. One of these examples is the fact that mothers would cover and stay close to their eggs until they were ready to hatch. This suggests that the mothers would protect their young before they were even born.

Do Garter Snakes Care For Their Young? Once garter snake eggs "hatch" they are birthed as live young. The moment baby garter snakes are birthed, they are left to fend for themselves. Garter snakes don't care for and raise their young as mammals do.

How To Take Care Of A Young Desert Tortoise? When your desert tortoise is young you will of course keep a very close eye on his or her temperature, and the heat bulb in your tortoise table or terrarium will do a good job of making sure their heating demands are met. Note that you don't need to match the ground temperature of their natural habitat.

How Do Garter Snakes Take Care Of Their Young? Female common garter snakes nurture their young in their bodies until they are born. The mother gives birth to live young, she doesn't lay eggs. Newly born snakes tend to stay around their mother for several hours or days but she provides no parental care or protection after they are born.

How Do Chameleons Take Care Of Their Live Born Young? How to Take Care of a ChameleonMethod 1 of 4: Setting Up Your Chameleon's Home Download Article. Purchase or build a reptarium. ...Method 2 of 4: Feeding Your Chameleon Download Article. Buy your chameleon crickets. ...Method 3 of 4: Keeping Your Chameleon Healthy Download Article. ...Method 4 of 4: Ensuring That Your Chameleon is Happy Download Article. ...

Do Male Alligators Take Care Of Babies Or Female?

Mother alligators usually care for their young until they are about the age of 2. The reproduction process in alligators and the way in which they care for their young is quite interesting. Mating season for alligators occurs from mid April through May.

Do Shingleback Lizards Take Care Of Their Young? The young are ready to look after themselves straight after birth, and disperse within a few days. The Shingleback has usually only two or three young that measure up to 220 mm in total length and weigh as much as 200 g. Shingleback Lizards live alone for most of the year, but between September and November reunite as monogmous pairs.

Are There Snakes That Take Care Of Their Young? While live-birth giving vipers have been observed showing maternal behavior, his discovery is the first example of egg-laying snakes caring for their young after hatching.

How Do Crocodile Take Care Of It's Young? CrocodileHunting and diet. Crocodiles hunt by stealthily stalking their prey from water. ...Parental care. Similar to birds, crocodiles and alligators are surprisingly caring parents. ...'True' crocodiles. There are 14 species of 'true' crocodiles from the family Crocodylidae. ...Alligators and Caimans. ...Gharial. ...

What Kind Of Snakes Take Care Of Their Young? Pitvipers are the only snakes known to care for their living young; other snakes with parental care limit themselves to care of their eggs. Pythons. The next most well-known example of parental care in snakes is egg-brooding behavior in pythons, first documented in 1835.

How Does A King Cobra Take Care Of Its Young?

The female remains on top of the nest to guard the eggs, and the male remains close by. During the brood care period, the king cobra tends to be very aggressive toward approaching humans.

How Did Dinosaurs Care For Their Young? Dinosaurs did not nurture their offspring as mammals typically do, and because dinosaurs did not nurse, it is likely that most dinosaurs were capable of surviving on their own after hatching.

How Do Reptiles Take Care Of Their Young After They Hatch? She uncovers the eggs and may even use her tongue to help some of the hatchlings out of their eggshells. She then carries her young to the water in her mouth and will stay with them for several months until they are large enough to survive on their own. Some reptiles may bear their young alive.

Did The Biggest Dinosaurs Take Care Of Their Young? Maiasaura nest at the Natural History Museum in London. (Riley Black) The biggest dinosaurs might have done little to look after the next generation. "We have shown parental care in distantly-related dinosaurs," Poust says, "but for some groups, like sauropods, we don't have evidence of post-laying care."

Do Snakes Take Care Of Their Young? Snakes that are Good Parents. Almost all mammals and birds care for their young to some extent, but most amphibians and reptiles do not. We tend to think of snakes as particularly asocial, and in many cases this is probably true.

How Do Chinese Crocodile Lizards Care For Their Young?

Chinese crocodile lizards are viviparous, giving birth to live young, and the newborn lizards are precocial, meaning they are born in an advanced state and can feed themselves almost immediately after birth. The parents do not care for the young. The Chinese crocodile lizard is diurnal, meaning it is most active during the day.