Reptile Questions

How do alligator lizards defend themselves?

Alligator lizards are surreptitious; the first attempt of defending themselves is to hide or flee away. If someone or something traps it, the lizard releases a foul smell combining the smell of musk and feces. It can bite or perhaps 'shed' (Automize) its tail.

Are Alligator Lizards Omnivores? This lizard is one of 28 species of alligator lizards, most being arboreal, meaning they live in trees. These omnivores are considered endangered because of their small population size and they face extinction due to habitat degradation and from pressures of the pet trade.

Do Alligator Lizards Give Live Birth? Mrs. Alligator lays a clutch of two or three dozen eggs every year. She is a reptile and most of the reptiles are egg‑laying animals. A few of the snakes give birth to live babies. The turtles, the lizards, the rest of the snakes, the crocodiles and their cousins the alligators lay roundish eggs covered in plastic‑like shells.

What Do Alligator Lizards Eat?

Feed on wide variety of prey, anything they can catch and swallow; non-selective (Behler and King 1979) Feeding on other lizards may be common because the alligator lizard can be active when other kinds of lizards need to rest

Are There Alligator Lizards On Vancouver Island? Alligator Lizard, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Rob Logan We only have one indigenous lizard on Vancouver Island, it's the alligator lizard. We also have an invasive lizard here, the European wall lizard. This alligator lizard can be found on southern Vancouver Island up as far as Campbell River.

Are There Alligator Lizards In Texas? Texas alligator lizards are the state's second-largest species. They are a common sight in parts of Central Texas - especially around Austin and San Antonio. Alligator lizards are identifiable by their long, serpentine body, tiny legs, and checkered scales.

Do Abronias Alligator Lizards Need Heat? Mexican Alligator Lizards prefer cooler temperatures and are more susceptible to overheating if anything. Most keepers find that the minor amount of heat put off by their UV lighting system is enough to provide a "basking spot" for the Abronias.

Where Do Alligator Lizards Live In Los Angeles? Southern alligator lizards can be found from northern Baja California to southern Washington, and their close relative, the northern alligator lizard, can be found from central California to southern British Columbia. In urban areas, including the Greater Los Angeles Area, they are the most widespread lizards.

Do Alligator Lizards Bask In Groups?

In the wild, it's a different thing for northern alligator lizards. These animals can be seen basking along with the sunny areas or soaking under warm rocks. Usually, these lizards are in groups, but when you look closer, there is almost no interaction that happens between individual lizards.

Do Alligator Lizards Bite Each Other? I have received a few pictures of alligator lizards biting the head of another lizard, but none of the photographers stayed around long enough to see if any harm came to the loser. Two adult male Small-scaled Lizards in combat, displaying their bright throat and ventral colors.These lizards were observed chasing and biting each other.

Do Alligator Lizards Go Into Hibernation? Alligator lizards will hibernate in underground dens during cold winter months , emerging in early spring. Mating is thought to generally occur between April and May. Unlike some lizard species that engage in elaborate mating displays, breeding behavior of alligator lizard males is more succinct.

How Do Side Blotched Lizards Defend Themselves? Dominant male side-blotched lizards are aggressive in the defense of their territories. Upon spotting another conspecific within their territories, resident individuals enter a state of heightened alertness. They perform one or more "pushups" (vertical bobbing motions), arch their backs, and extend their limbs before approaching the intruder.

What Kind Of Trees Do Alligator Lizards Live In BC? Species of trees in the nearest forest edge of captured Northern Alligator Lizards (Elgaria coerulea principis) and Western Skinks (Eumeces skiltonianus skiltonianus) from Pat's Hill on the CVWMA, Creston, British Columbia collected in 1996-1998.

How Do Horned Lizards Defend Themselves From Predators?

But just in case that isn't enough to deter predators, it has one last defence to deploy. By closing off certain blood vessels, the horned lizard abruptly increases the blood pressure in its head. This ruptures capillaries near the corners of its eyes and a jet of blood squirts from each, as far as 1.5 metres (five feet).

What Do Alligator Lizards Like To Eat? Alligator lizards eat mealworm larvae, crickets, earthworms and other small insects. According to Reptic Zone, alligator lizards typically eat 3 to 5 crickets per day. Gut load the food before giving it to the lizard.

Where Did The Phrase "alligator Lizards In The Air" Originate? The "alligator lizards in the air" came from another actual memory of living in California. My brother and I used to catch lizards and snakes all the time. There is an actual animal here called an alligator lizard. But this was also referring to a cloud formation, a shape. A long cloud that reminded me of an alligator lizard.

What Can You Tell Me About Alligator Lizards? Southern Alligator Lizard Alligator lizards live up to 15 years. Just like snakes, alligator lizards shed their skin in a single intact piece by essentially turning it inside out as they crawl out of it. Observations suggest that they are able to eat animals close to or greater than their own body length. More items...

How Do Frilled-neck Lizards Defend Their Territory? Inevitably, the frilled-neck lizard experiences constant competition for food and has to defend its territory from other species that hunt its prey items. It uses its frill and strength to push off rival males in its territory. They aggressively defend territory and do not tolerate other males in the same area.

Where Do Southern Alligator Lizards Hibernate?

The rest time is spent hiding under rocks, logs or in the brush. During cold winter months, they hibernate in underground burrows or in rock crevices and emerge only in the early spring. Southern alligator lizards are notable for their vicious self-defense and will bite and defecate if handled.

How Many Babies Do Mexican Alligator Lizards Have? The Mexican Alligator Lizard is viviparous, meaning that it gives birth to live young. The female gives birth to 1-12 young, after a pregnancy of 180-240 days. The Mexican Alligator Lizard lives up to about 10 years. [Location of photographs: Miami Zoo, Florida, USA]

Are Mexican Alligator Lizards Easy To Take Care Of? Mexican alligator lizard care is best for owners who have intermediate to advanced experience taking care of exotic reptiles. If that describes you, then you'll definitely enjoy these lizards!

How Do Frilled Lizards Defend Their Territory? Frilled lizards are solitary hunters with a highly territorial behaviour. Due to their arboreal lifestyle, the frilled neck prefers to stay alone and quietly camouflaged in the woods. But when confronted by a male, it does not hesitate to get down. It aggressively defends its territory by fighting off rival males.

What Is The Meaning Of The Song Alligator Lizards? Dewey Bunnell, the song's vocalist and writer, has said that the lyric alligator lizards in the air in the song is a reference to the shapes of clouds in the sky he saw in 1963 while his family was driving down the coast from Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California where they had a flat tire.

Do Alligator Lizards Live In Nevada?

These lizards prefer living in desert flats, low mountain slopes, woods, and semiarid plains in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. They are an ambush predator and are active foragers. They are burrowers and will spend the hottest part of the day in their burrow, coming out to bask on rocks and hard surfaces the rest of the day.

Where Can You Find Alligator Lizards? Alligator lizards are found from southern British Columbia and the northwestern United States through Mexico and Central America to Panama. Abronia, Barisia, and Mesaspis are largely tropical or subtropical in distribution, whereas Elgaria and Gerrhonotus inhabit the northern temperate zone.

Do We Have Alligator Lizards In America? We also have alligator lizards, but they tend to stay out of sight. Lizards have a seemingly magical ability to climb straight up walls and across ceilings, but it's not hocus pocus - it's science. The lizards use Van der Waals forces to achieve such gravity defying feats.

How Many Alligator Lizards Are There In Saanich? Hanke indicates that where the two species live together, there is "one alligator lizard for every 30 or 40 wall lizards." When Hanke estimated 500,000 wall lizards in the region, he assumed 20 lizards, on the low end, in every garden in Saanich and Victoria.

Are There Any Alligator Lizards In British Columbia? Elgaria coerulea coeruleus Elgaria coerulea shastensis Elgaria coerulea principis Elgaria coerulea palmeri FIG. 2. Distribution of Northern Alligator Lizards (Elgaria coerulea principis) in British Columbia (from Orchard, 1988). 31

Do Northern Alligator Lizards Have Health Problems?

Here are the common problems that Northern Alligator Lizards experience: Reptiles like lizards come with parasites that at first may have no effect on their health, but when the lizard feels stressed or suffer any immune system condition, these parasites can cause dangerous life-threatening diseases.

How To Identify Alligator Lizards In California? Identifying Alligator Lizards in California. Juvenile alligator lizards are often mistaken for skinks, (especially by those from the Southeast where similar-looking Ground Skinks are common). Hatchlings or newborns are very thin and small, roughly 4 inches long, with smooth shiny skin with a plain tan, light brown, or copper colored back and tail.

What Do San Francisco Alligator Lizards Eat? Typically prefers drier areas than the San Francisco Alligator lizard. Eats a variety of small bugs, slugs, snails, and worms, and sometimes small lizards and mammals and birds and their eggs. Females lay eggs from May to July which hatch in late summer and early fall.

Are Southern Alligator Lizards Friendly? Southern Alligator Lizards are notable for their self-defensive behavior, as they are into biting and defecating whenever a person is to try to handle them. However, captive Southern Alligators are fully capable of tolerating handling and human interaction over time with patience and proper care provided by the keepers.

What Do Alligator Lizards Look Like When They Are Born? Usually, newly born alligator lizards are already energetic and ready to look for their first meal. During the juvenile stage, both male and female Northern Alligator Lizards have the same size, color, and shape. The once dark body will now develop distinct scales, colors, and blotches. The lizard is also longer, while the eyes are larger as well.

Are There Alligator Lizards In BC?

Alligator lizards are found in southern B.C. and the Gulf Islands, plus the southern half of Vancouver Island. Northern Alligator lizards prefer to live in Douglas fir and hemlock forests and do well on our Island. European Wall Lizards are an invasive species.

Do Mom Alligator Lizards Eat Their Young? No. Crocodile parents, particularly the mother, protect their nests, and then their hatchlings, from predation for around one year. She may help the eggs hatch when the time comes, she may carry her newly hatched young down to the water in her mouth, and she has been known to feed them as well.

Are Alligator Lizards In San Francisco Dangerous? Fun Fact: Alligator lizards are named for their long set of jaws and broad, mosaic-like upper scales. They may bite if handled but - unlike their namesake - are completely harmless to humans. Range: Coastal areas ranging as far north as San Francisco and as far east as the Sierra foothills.