Reptile Questions

How did Snake defeat Raven?

She told him to give her his anger, let it boil to the surface, and let his fury flow freely, before attacking. Eventually Snake was able to take Raven down, who said that she felt the anger building up inside her and eating away at her.

Can Snake Defeat Vulcan Raven In A Tank? As preparation for a confrontation with Metal Gear, Vulcan Raven challenges Snake to a a tank. To defeat Raven's tank you'll have to have a healthy stock of grenades, both regular GRENADES and the CHAFF variety. If you attempt to approach Raven too hastily you'll soon learn that his tank's cannon packs a nasty wallop.

How Did Snake Defeat Raven In The End? After a long and grueling battle in the massive building, Snake was able to avoid the missile and grenade barrage from Raven and her unmanned drones and eventually shot down Raven herself.

How Does Snake Defeat Psycho Mantis In The Book?

The manner in which Solid Snake defeats Psycho Mantis in the Metal Gear Solid novelization is portrayed differently to the game, with Snake tricking Mantis into levitating all the contents of the commander's room and making himself vulnerable to attack (Mantis used his psychic abilities to prevent Snake from even touching his holstered gun).

Could Orochimaru Defeat Kakuzu With A Snake? This was demonstrated through his triumph over Hiruzen Sarutobi, who shared the Akatsuki member's arsenal and more. Given Kakuzu's preference for melee combat, Orochimaru would have an ample opportunity to poison him with one of his many snakes.

How Did Appanna Defeat The Snake? He goes to the anthill where the snake appears in Appanna's form and a fight ensues. When the snake is about to kill Appanna, he realizes that Rani's love has eliminated all the poison in him and spares Appanna. Appanna however beats the snake and throws him into the fire.

How Did Solidus Defeat Solid Snake? However, the real Solid Snake attacked Solidus from a Kasatka helicopter and confronted him. As the two exchanged words, Raiden realized who they both were and Snake commanded Solidus to stop pretending to be Big Boss. Solidus successfully avoided Snake's gunfire thanks to his exoskeleton armor and the enhanced abilities it granted him.

How Does The Snake Defeat The Mongoose? The victory is only a matter of quickness of eye and quickness of foot--snake's blow against mongoose's jump--and as no eye can follow the motion of a snake's head when it strikes, this makes things much more wonderful than any magic herb.

How Did Naruto Defeat The Snake In Naruto?

Summary: Sasuke is about to give up and give their scroll to the enemy, when Naruto stops him and accuses him of being a fake. Naruto then turns to the Grass ninja and begins his attack. the Grass ninja summons one of his snakes but Naruto uses Kyuubi's strength to defeat the snake.

How Does Itachi Defeat Orochimaru In The Snake Fight? This legend also holds very similar details to Itachi's final battle with Sasuke in Naruto when he fought against Orochimaru's Eight Branches Technique. Just like the legend, Itachi is able to use the Totsuka Blade to sever the heads of each snake before Orochimaru himself finally emerges with the Kusanagi Blade.

Could A Snake Shinobi Defeat Orochimaru? Additionally, the snake shinobi struggled against Naruto even in his imperfect Jinchuriki form, almost losing the battle to him. It stands to reason that someone in perfect harmony with their other half would comfortably obliterate Orochimaru.

How Do I Defeat The Golden Poo Snake? Defeating the foe requires having the Shoes of Hermes and Poo Bracelet. He can be found on the Southeastern Desert Island along with a treasure chest. It's recommended that you have each of your characters in your party eat garlic or obtain the "stink" debuff as this will assist in the Golden Poo Snake pursuing your party on the battle field.

Can Big Boss Defeat Solid Snake? Big Boss himself was the co-creator along with his mentor The Boss. This meant that everything that makes Solid Snake such a formidable character in the first place, came from Big Boss. It would also mean that if they fought in a straight CQC battle, Big Boss would probably defeat Solid Snake.

How Does A Mongoose Defeat The Snake?

In the fight with snakes, the mongoose employs various tactics. It turns swiftly away from the snake who is about to bite. The mongoose is capable of lifting up the hairs in its body . This helps the mongoose to look bigger than its size. Besides, the snake cannot bite through the fur.

How Did Naruto Defeat The Snake In Naruto Shippuden? Sasuke warns Naruto to run away, but Naruto, tapping into the chakra of the Nine-Tails, is able to kill the snake, saving Sasuke's life and asking Sasuke if he was alright in a condescending tone, repeating the same words Sasuke had uttered to him after their encounter with the Demon Brothers.

How Did Ocelot Defeat Snake In Pokemon HeartGold? While Snake neutralized the Ocelot Unit, Ocelot himself captured EVA and held her at knife point, brandishing his new revolver at Snake. However, having apparently misspent his ammunition, due to SAA carrying fewer rounds than he was used to, Ocelot was roundly defeated.

How Did Batman Defeat King Snake In The Comics? Batman finally went head-to-head with the blind master while aboard a ship in Batman (Vol. 1) #469. The Dark Knight wiped the floor with King Snake, despite the latter having the advantage thanks to a pitch black room.

How Did Ocelot Defeat Snake And Otacon? After Snake and Otacon uploaded a computer worm into the battleship, Ocelot's forces were defeated, though that had been part of his plan all along. While pleased at his apparent success, Ocelot felt that he still had a score to settle with his "brother" and the two fought one last time.

How Does A Roadrunner Defeat A Snake?

As the snake strikes, the roadrunner nimbly leaps out of the way. This happens over and over until the bird, having learned the snake's routine, grabs it by the back of the head in mid-strike.

How Do I Defeat The Snake God? Awareness Of The Emperor: You will probably have to fight some sort of vessel the snake god uses. Even if you defeat it, it is likely that it only weakens the snake. ... Awareness Of The Emperor: You might have to fight several incarnations until the snake god is worn out enough. Then use the power of the snake's own sceptre against it.

How To Defeat Viper Sanctum Snake Boss Yatsu-no-kami In Nioh 2? In order to defeat the Viper Sanctum snake boss Yatsu-No-Kami in Nioh 2, you'll immediately want to knock off plenty of its health in the beginning stage.

How Did Paul Roberts Use His Snake Damien To Defeat Andre The Giant? Roberts used his snake Damien to scare Andre into an eventual " heart attack ." Although the subsequent feud on the house show circuit saw André victorious after most of those matches, Roberts can claim a victory via disqualification over André after The Giant attacked special guest referee and former foe Big John Studd at WrestleMania V .

How Did The Young Man Defeat The Snake? The tail jerked back and a muffled cry was heard from under the large rock. Considering the snake to be alive, the young man proceeded to carefully roll the rock from off the poor creature's head. As the snake's head was freed, it immediately tried to bite him. This time Snake's smile grew even bigger.

How Does Crum Defeat The Snake?

Crum splashes in, knee deep, higher, grabs the beast by the tail, but he loses both the snake and the light during the tussle. "I had a guy on the bank who was videoing and I said I lost it, and he said, well, Dusty, it went down right in front of you.

How Did A Great Horned Owl Defeat A Snake? The likeliest explanation for this odd sight is an owl attack gone awry, as great horned owls readily snack on snakes. In this case, it seems, the targeted reptile managed to loop its body around its attacker and turn the tables.