Reptile Questions

How are we reconstructing dinosaurs today?

Palaeontologists are increasingly making use of digital, biomechanical models to test their ideas about how dinosaurs walked and used their jaws. Finally, layers of fat and skin are added to our reconstructions, as well as scales, feathers, armour, crests and any other features such as cheeks, lips, claws and beaks.

Are There Any Animals That Live Today That Are Related To Dinosaurs? Although dinosaurs, along with many other prehistoric creatures went extinct millions of years ago, there are some creatures that walked the Earth with them that still live today. The elephant shrews are small mammals that resemble rodents but are actually related to elephants. The crusty nautilus is a species of nautilus ...

Are Dinosaurs Still Dominant Today? "What we found is that the dinosaurs were still dominant, they were still widespread and still doing really well," Joe Bonsor, first author of the study, said in a statement.

Are There Any Dinosaurs That Still Exist Today?

Birds are the only dinosauromorphs which survive to the present day. The name "Dinosauromorpha" was briefly coined by Michael J. Benton in 1985. It was considered an alternative name for the group "Ornithosuchia", which was named by Jacques Gauthier to correspond to archosaurs closer to dinosaurs than to crocodilians.

Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds Of Today? Q: There is a theory of dinosaur extinction that dinosaurs did not "die out" but evolved into reptiles and birds of today. What do you think of that one? A: Many scientists think birds are dinosaurs.

Are Dinosaurs Close To Other Reptiles Today? But if you are looking only at living critters, dinosaurs are not close to any reptile living today, although they are a bit closer to crocodilians than to the rest. In fact, despite apperances, crocs are closer to birds (and hence dinosaurs) than to the other reptiles.

What Would Dinosaurs Look Like Today? This term basically refers to a dinosaur that looks like its skin has been tightly wrapped around its skeleton, with little regard to muscle, fat, and other filling material. Imagine how different today's animals would look if you applied this process to them!

Could Dinosaurs Be Tamed If They Co-existed With Us Today? So, could dinosaurs be tamed if they co-existed with us today? The short answer is yes. Man has successfully domesticated and tamed particular species of present-day birds and reptiles, such as parrots, falcons, and lizards, all of which link their ancestry to dinosaurs.

Are Dinosaurs Still Roaming The Earth Today?

Huh? Okay, first of all, one subgroup of dinosaurs is still roaming the Earth today: the birds. So dinosaurs poop on your car, visit your feeders, and feed you well on Thanksgiving. But I assume you meant what would happen if the extinct, non-bird dinosaurs could somehow roam the Earth today.

Why Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today? Dinosaurs are alive because of soul . Before Soul leaves body search and finds another body or you can say that God provides another cloth to the soul. The dinosaur may reborn as Tree,bird,insect, Anyother animal or human etc. :)

What If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today? A: If dinosaurs were alive today, some would try to eat us, but most would be plant-eaters. I think we could outsmart the nasty ones and probably outrun most of them! Q: The archaeopteryx had bird hips (right?) but it ate insects. Is it true that all bird-hipped dinosaurs were vegetarians and if so, what's the deal?

Could Dinosaurs Still Be Roaming The Earth Today? If the asteroid that obliterated the dinosaurs had struck Earth just half a minute sooner or later, there might still be giant reptiles roaming the planet today. That's one revelation from a BBC documentary, The Day the Dinosaurs Died, that premiered Monday.

What If Dinosaurs Lived Today? If they lived today, dinosaurs would live in warm, moist climates like central Africa and the Amazon basin in South America. In fact, people have reported seeing strange dinosaur-like reptiles in such places. If so many types of strange fish and animals have survived from ancient times,...

Are There Any Sea-dwelling Dinosaurs Today?

Yes, there are sea-dwelling dinosaurs today. They look cute and fluffy rather than huge and terrifying, but like all birds they are descended from dinosaurs. If you are referring to the non-avian dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era, none of them lived in the ocean.

Are Dinosaurs Still Among Us Today? "It's important that people understand dinosaurs are still among us," says Mark Norell, chair of paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. "They're represented by at least 13,000 species alive today."

Could Dinosaurs Survive Today? Birds and therapods diverged a long time before T-rex, and birds likely shared the skies with pterasaurs. On to the meat of the question, then: Short answer, some dinosaurs could and would survive today.

Are Birds Alive Today Descendants Of Dinosaurs? Scientists now agree that birds alive today are living dinosaurs, directly descended from theropods (carnivorous dinosaurs that walked on two legs). Birds have a lot of chromosomes compared to most other species and this is possibly one of the reasons why they are so diverse.

Are There Any Animals That Look Like Dinosaurs Today? Extinct for nearly 66 million years, dinosaurs were among the most unique creatures to ever walk the earth; there are truly no animals today that share much resemblance to dinosaurs, except for birds, which are often considered by scientists to be a classification of dinosaurs.

Did Dinosaurs Drink The Same Water We Drink Today?

'The water that dinosaurs drank is the same water we drink today, and the amount of water in the world is the same, too,' the authors write. 'Fossil fuels get burned and are gone forever.

What Are The Dinosaurs Called Today? Dinosaurs belong to a group of animals known as archosaurs. Today this group is represented by birds and crocodiles (some scientists also include turtles in this group). In the past it was much more diverse as it also included all extinct dinosaurs, pterosaurs and many bizarre-looking ancestors of the crocodiles.

Are Crinoid Dinosaurs Still Around Today? Some species of crinoid still persist today, but these animals were especially common in the world's oceans 400 million years ago, where (along with the brachiopods described in the previous slide) they constituted the base of the marine food chain. Strauss, Bob. "The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Indiana."

Could Dinosaurs Exist On Earth Today? If gravity is due to some electrical force then the weight of animals on the planet could vary, so you could get mega and micro fauna and flora, including dinosaurs. Another question that relates to the enigma of how Earth is different today from ancient times is the size of the giant dinosaurs.

How Were Dinosaurs Like Us Today? In short, dinosaurs were like the vast majority of terrestrial animals around today. Their habitats would have included water in the forms of rivers, lakes, and the sea, and numerous species would have needed to enter or cross bodies of water regularly. While many would have likely been capable swimmers,...

What If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive Today?

Live on Earth would be dramatically different if dinosaurs were still alive today. There would be chaos or imbalance in the environment, because we would all still need to cope with their presence.

What If Dinosaurs Were Still Around Today? "If dinosaurs were still around today they'd be pretty different to what we think of at the end of the age of the dinosaurs - things like T. rex and Triceratops ," he argues. "You might still recognise them as a dinosaur, but who knows what kind of body shapes and body plans might have come up in the past 66 million years."

Did Dinosaurs Hiss Like Today's Crocodiles? A paper published in Historical Biology says some dinosaurs may have hissed, noting that "hissing as a threat device, often directed at potential predators, is widespread among ... lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodilians, basal birds and basal mammals." Blasing and other experts believe some dinosaurs probably sounded a lot like today's crocodiles:

Are There Any Animals That Are Alive Today That Were Once Dinosaurs? You may not be aware of it, but all of the animals that we find alive today, we find in the fossil record right with the dinosaurs. In fact there are many animals that have been discovered in the past 100 years that were thought to be extinct for "millions of years."

Why Are Dinosaurs Still Important Today? Dinosaurs have already gone extinct but much information about them still remain-because of their fossils. Fossils don't easily degrade or decompose; hence they are a good source of evidence about the prehistoric life on the planet. In some instances, these fossils tend to be preserved in the most bizarre ways and the most unusual locations.

Could Dinosaurs Survive In Today's World?

Yes, numerous dinosaurs could survive, and actually many would do quite well. We know this because dinosaurs are actually more numerous than mammals. Yes, I said they are, as in currently. Technically speaking a bird is a dinosaur, and birds outnumber any other land vertebrate in terms of of species.

Are Any Animals That Were Not Dinosaurs Still Alive Today? In fact, many animals that aren't dinosaurs thrived during the Cretaceous Period. Some are still with us, although they've gone through millions of years of evolutionary changes.

What Do We Know About Dinosaurs Today? New technology and fossil findings has meant that scientists know more than ever before about dinosaurs. For example, they used to think Velociraptors were covered in scales, but they found new evidence that shows that the Velociraptor had wings, making it the most bird-like dinosaur ever discovered.

Were Dinosaurs Warmer Than The Earth Today? Also, when the dinosaurs lived, the earth was much warmer than it is today. Person on May 29, 2017: My only issue with is that although Dinosaur fossils were found in Polar regions, these regions were located in completely different areas in the past. Also, the Earth was much warmer than it is today which could have attributed to that.

Do Dinosaurs Still Live Today? Okay, first of all, one subgroup of dinosaurs is still roaming the Earth today: the birds. So dinosaurs poop on your car, visit your feeders, and feed you well on Thanksgiving.

Are Dinosaurs The Only Animals That Live On Earth Today?

Dinosaurs inhabited and reigned this world millions of years ago, but they were not the only animals that inhabited the planet, many of which have managed to evolve and resist the passing of the millennia until they reach today.

Are There Any Animals Today That Are Larger Than Dinosaurs? There is no animal that walks the Earth today that begins to compare to the largest dinosaurs of the late Jurassic period. Just what was it that made these prehistoric creatures grow to such incredible proportions?

What Animals Look Like Dinosaurs Today? From megabats to birds that look like they're from an alien planet, you won't believe that these huge animals roam our planet today, looking like dinosaurs of the present.

Could Dinosaurs Live In Today's Environment? Popular culture might try have us believe that dinosaurs could live in today's environment, but the reality is far more complicated.

Are There Vestiges Of Dinosaurs Today? Well, it turns out, there are vestiges of that life everywhere today. The Mesozoic era brought forth more than 180 million years of dinosaurs until their extinction 65 million years ago. About 50 percent of the planet's animal and plant life survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction, also known as the K/T boundary.

How Much Better Do We Know About Dinosaurs Today?

We know dinosaurs better than ever before. Paleontologists continue to find new species, naming a new one every two weeks or so, and more accurately reconstruct familiar dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.

Are Dinosaurs Still Relevant Today? So rich, in fact, that the boundary between the animals we call birds and the animals we traditionally called dinosaurs is now practically obsolete. In this special exhibition, visitors will discover how the dinosaurs' extraordinary story continues today. Explore the Museum's dinosaur resources.