Reptile Questions

Do you need a license to own a snake?

You rarely need a license to own the most common pet snakes, like corn snakes or ball pythons, because these snakes aren't dangerous. You will usually need a permit to catch or own a venomous snake. That's because venomous snakes pose a risk to your health and safety. Many people want to keep rattlesnakes as pets.

Do You Need A License To Have A Poisonous Snake? Venomous snakes are preserved, and a license is needed to get them from the native. Anyone petitioning for a license to have and trade a poisonous snake should attest that they hold the expense and expertise to securely and suitably heed for the animal.

Do I Need A License To Own A Venomous Snake? A Noncommercial Wildlife Breeders License is required to own any wildlife that is not specifically allowed as pets, including: All venomous reptiles in the Elapidae family, including cobras and coral snakes. All venomous reptiles in the Hydrophidae family, including sea snakes. All venomous reptiles in the Viperidae family, including vipers.

Do You Need A License To Own A Venomous Snake?

In the majority of U.S. states, you need a license if you want to own a venomous snake. These licenses typically require that you show expertise in snake care, and that you have a secure enclosure (complete with a padlock) to house them in.

Why Do You Need A License To Own A Venomous Snake? It's also a frequent requirement that you need a reason to own a venomous snake. For example, many licenses require that you either work for a research institution and need the snake for research, or that you run a circus or similar show. Alternatively, they may require that only people who run educational programs can own them.

Do You Need A License To Hunt Alligators In Louisiana? Licenses required to harvest alligators in Louisiana depend on your residency status and your access to private and/or public lands/lakes. Residents may hunt alligators on private lands they either own or have permission to hunt or on public lands/lakes with access granted via bidding or lottery.

Do You Need A License To Be A Reptile Breeder? If you are looking to sell the reptiles you breed, you may need to obtain a dealers' license through your state or local government. You may also need to get a business license depending on the scale of your operation. These are things you need research and procure before starting to breed. How Do I Become a Reptile Breeder?

How Do I Get A Pet Snake License? In the run-up to getting your license, you may need to do some due diligence. This involves setting up the snake's enclosure to a satisfactory standard. You may need to make the cage extra safe using a strong lock so that it's impossible for the snake to get out.

Do You Need A License To Catch Venomous Snakes?

As always, check with local laws before purchasing or catching a venomous snake. Just because you can legally obtain a license for a venomous snake, that doesn't mean that it's at all easy to do so. Tennessee, for example, has regulations on who can get a license.

Do You Need A Fishing License To Catch Reptiles In Virginia? A fishing license is required to catch or take reptiles and amphibians from the lands and waters of the Commonwealth. Unless otherwise indicated, reptiles and amphibians may only be taken by hand, hook, snake tongs, turtle hooks, traps and nets less than four feet square or four feet in diameter.

Do I Need A License To Capture And Keep Venomous Reptiles? A license is required to capture, keep, possess or exhibit any poisonous or venomous reptiles.

What License Do I Need To Use Snakes&Ladders Resources? These Snakes & Ladders boards are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Basically, you are permitted complete license to use the resources, provided you leave the attribution hallmark (our logo) on the resources.

Do You Need A License To Own A Pet Reptile In QLD? Here in QLD, all reptiles require a license to own, if you have any questions regarding your states licensing requirements it's advised to seek information from your states Parks & Wildlife departments. As for Invertebrates, there are no current licenses required for invertebrates in any states in Australia to keep as a pet.

How Do I Get A License To Own A Snake?

Get in touch with someone in authority in your town/city to find out more. If you need to get a license for a snake, write to the fish and game commission in your state. Usually, if there's a permit that you need to get, that's where you get it from.

Do You Need License To Sell Reptiles? Only licensed reptile and amphibian collectors or wholesale/retail dealers may purchase. Transport license holders may not buy/sell reptiles or amphibians unless buying on behalf of the dealer to whom the transport license was issued and transporting the purchase back to them.

Do I Need A Helper License To Hunt Alligators? Individuals harvesting alligators for a licensed alligator hunter must possess a Helper License . Licensed helpers can hunt independently of the licensed alligator hunter.

Do You Need A License To Trap Alligators In Florida? Licenses are also required for alligator processing and farming. Review the license, permit and fee information on the Statewide Alligator Hunt Permit information page before purchasing a trapping license or applying for permits and tags.

Do I Need A License To Own A Poisonous Reptile? Poisonous reptiles that are kept lawfully may not be exhibited or displayed so that others, besides their handler, may come in direct physical contact. Ordinance Chapter 4, Article III, Section 49 requires licenses for hybrid canines, wolves or coyotes.

Do I Need A License To Own A Venomous Reptile?

Nuisance trappers who euthanize venomous reptiles on site are not required to obtain a license to possess venomous reptiles. A license is required to possess any venomous reptile. Follow the links below for more information about licensing for different activities:

Do You Need A License To Hunt Alligator In Georgia? *Permits are required to hunt alligator, and only one alligator can be harvested per year. Bag limits, special seasons and hunting regulations for Georgia hunting seasons do vary based on animal and seasons. For more information on obtaining licenses, permits and regulations, visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Do I Need A License To Buy Venomous Reptiles In Florida? Know your venomous laws! Florida customers must have a valid VRC (Venomous Reptile) license to purchase venomous reptiles in the state of Florida. Do not ask for pictures unless you are seriously interested in purchasing an animal (s). I'm not here to waste your time, please don't waste mine. Cheers, Cody Cell: 352.226.6165

What License Do You Need To Kill An Alligator In Florida? Required License. Alligators may be taken under any resident or non-resident hunting license (except for a non-resident spring turkey license and a non-resident banded bird hunting license).

Do You Need A License To Hunt Alligators In Alabama? License Requirements: Alligator Hunting Permittee: All Alligator Hunting Permittees must have a government issued picture identification and a resident hunting license as required by Alabama law. A Temporary Alligator Possession Tag will be issued following the conclusion of the workshop.

Do You Need A License To Build A Turtle Farm?

These turtles are typically exported to several parts of the world including China, Mexico and Japan. Also note that if you are going to build a turtle farm, you must obtain licenses and permits to operate it. These required licenses and permits are governed and regulated by state agencies.

Do You Need A License To Take Reptiles In California? However, you are required by law to have a license to "take" any reptile or amphibian: "A current California Freshwater Sport Fishing License is needed by any resident or non-resident 16 years of age or older to take, or collect, reptiles and amphibians in California".

Do I Need A License To Own A Southern Marbled Gecko? The Southern Marbled Gecko is currently not protected by law, no license is required to acquire and keep them. The Museum of Victoria lists this animal as "common" especially in the Eastern side of Melbourne. frequently asked questions This paragraph was added to address the many frequently asked questions that I get at my email address , below.

Do I Need A License To Own A Lizard In WA? No need for that, heres a list of all Australian fauna you can keep with appropriate licensing, including lizards. Here's WA's species list. Its more difficult than you would think.

Do You Need A License To Own A Reptile In Canada? Other kinds of reptiles are not regulated, so no CFIA import permit or health certificate is required when they are brought into Canada and no inspection will normally be clone at the border. Because it is not tracked, no one really knows exactly how many live reptiles are in the pet trade in Canada.

Do You Need A License To Breed And Sell Snakes?

The exact rules and regulations for breeding and selling snakes and other rare animals differ from each state. Some may not have any rules at all, while others will have you pay a large fine for disobeying their rules. One thing is for sure, you must obtain a license to breed any animal or reptile.

Do You Need A License To Hunt Reptiles In Rhode Island? A current Rhode Island Fishing, Hunting or Trapping License is required to take reptiles and amphibians. All hunters using archery equipment to take reptiles and amphibians must have a valid hunting license and have successfully completed a bow hunter education course. B.

Do You Need A License To Kill Iguanas In Florida? The iguanas hang out on roofs, dig under houses and to the horror of home owners can crawl into sewers only to emerge, thrashing around, in the toilet bowl. The state conservation commission now encourages Floridians to humanely kill the lizards, which can grow up to 5ft and 17lbs, on their own property. No hunting licenses are required.

Do I Need A License To Keep A Reptile As A Pet? Reptile keeper licences. Some native snakes, lizards, geckos, dragons and turtles can be kept as pets as long as you have a licence. Native reptiles are protected by law so if you want to keep a native reptile as a pet you'll need a biodiversity conservation licence granted under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016...

Do You Need A License To Own A Venomous Reptile In Florida? Must have one of the following licenses to possess or transport Class I/II Wildlife or Venomous Reptiles in Florida: License to Possess Class I and/or Class II Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale (ESA/ESB) License to Possess or Exhibit Venomous Reptiles and/or Reptiles of Concern (VRC)

Do You Need A Fishing License To Catch A Painted Turtle?

Many U.S. state fish and game departments allow non-commercial taking of painted turtles under a creel limit, and require a fishing (sometimes hunting) license; others completely forbid the recreational capture of painted turtles.

Do You Need A License To Breed Reptiles In The US? Under the Animal Welfare Act, to breed any animal or reptile, you must obtain a license. All other licensing varies by state and sometimes the city. You need to look into your state's Department of Agriculture or Natural Resources to see if they require additional permits or licensing for reptile breeding.

Do You Need A License To Handle Poisonous Snakes In Florida? He faces possible charges, according to WFTS. Florida requires 1,000 hours of training under the guidance of a licensed expert in order to obtain a permit to handle poisonous snakes, Phillip noted.

Do You Need A License To Own A Reptile In Australia? Reptile licences in the Northern Territory In the Northern Territory, as in most of Australia, the majority of reptiles require a permit in order to be kept as a pet in captivity. However, there are some species that are exempt.

Do You Need A Reptile License To Own A Tortoise In Australia? From the information I gathered, parts or all of Australia seem to require a reptile license. It seems as though getting your hands on a tortoise there might be a bit trickier than it would be in the US. You're in luck though, because I could very well be wrong on this, it's just what I've been reading.