Reptile Questions

Do alligators eat bears?

Yes, alligators can eat bears. In fact, alligators like to take on large animals. They are definitely capable of eating bears without any issues. 2. Do Alligators Eat Beavers? As carnivores, alligators will eat beavers. Alligators have strong jaws that allow them to easily eat other animals. It's easy for alligators to eat beavers. 3.

Do Polar Bears Eat Alligators? What Do Polar Bears Eat? The polar bear diet mainly consists of ringed and bearded seals. While those animals are their primary target, as opportunistic eaters, polar bears will eat almost everything. Seals are a high-calorie food, which makes them the perfect meal, and the most important part of the polar bear's diet.

Do Black Bears Eat Alligators? In general, black bears can eat acorns, alfalfa, bird seed, corn, carrion, clover, deer fawns, dandelions, eastern squirrels, elk, fish, hares, and insects. It's not likely that black bears will attempt to attack and eat alligators because they are so strong and could up eating the black bear.

What Do Alligators Eat In The Forest?

Adult alligators eat fish, , birds, turtles, reptiles, and mammals. It protects itself from predators by using its tail, but it could also bite its attackers. Alligators live in the forest floor part of the rainforest.

Do Alligators Eat Spotted Gar? Prey is usually swallowed headfirst. Spotted gar are eaten by larger fish, alligators, herons, and cottonmouth snakes. The long-lived gar has a life span up to 18 years. Males mature in two to three years. Females mature when three to four years old. They spawn in shallow water with low flow and heavy vegetation.

Do American Alligators Eat Humans? American alligators can eat just about anything. There's not a lot that they can't eat. American alligators are strong and powerful, which is allows them to easily rip their prey to pieces and eat them. American alligators can attack humans, however, they don't eat people.

What Do Adolescent Alligators Eat? Adolescent alligators will hunt turtles, larger fish, and small mammals like muskrats, raccoons and others animals that can be found at the water's edge. They will catch fledgling birds as well.

What Kind Of Birds Do Alligators Eat? A young alligator survives by eating insects, larvae, spiders, snails, worms, and small fish. However, as they mature, they graduate to eating larger prey. Alligators are known to eat waterfowls and other water birds that tend to live in water.

How Do Alligators Eat Their Prey?

About Alligators. Sometimes they let large pieces of food rot in their mouths so they can then swallow it. Gators can catch prey under water, but they have to lift their heads out of the water to swallow. Don't get too close, even though gators tend to crawl on their bellies, they are capable to short bursts of speed.

Do Alligators And Crocodiles Eat Cheetahs? Alligators only live in the southeast USA and parts of China, whereas cheetahs live in Africa and a few places in southern Asia. So no. Crocodiles might eat cheetahs sometimes, they are easily powerful enough, but I've never heard of a case of this happening.

Can Burmese Pythons Eat Alligators? Burmese pythons are eating machines. An adult snake can grow to nearly 20 ft., and it can eat everything from raccoons to bobcats to deer to alligators, killing its prey by constriction and then swallowing them whole. On the jungle food chain, Burmese pythons rest near the top.

Do Alligators Eat The Elephant? Alligator offsprings feed on insects, worms, spiders, and snails. As the animals reach adolescence, they consume larger prey, including turtles, raccoons, larger fish, muskrats, and fledgling birds. Adults prey on large aquatic or terrestrial animals that venture close to the water's edge or enter the water.

Do Alligators Always Eat The Bigger Number? They always eat the bigger number. is an arrow pointing to the LEFT (LESS THAN). is an alligator's mouth opening to the larger food (GREATER THAN). 3 4 The arrow is pointing LEFT (LESS THAN).

Do Bobcats Eat Alligators?

However, young alligators less than 4 feet long are killed by birds, raccoons, bobcats, otters, snakes, large bass and other alligators. Raccoons are also known to eat alligator eggs.

Do Alligators Eat River Otters? On land, it is threatened by bobcats, mountain lions & other animals. 2.The river otter is eaten by bobcats, killer whales, mountain lions, alligators, wolves, dogs, bears, crocodiles, coyotes, and foxes! 3. River otters eat mostly fish, but also eat shrimp, clams, other invertebrates and even sometimes birds.

Why Do Alligators Eat Sharks So Easily? But Nifong and Lowers speculate that's because the tissue of those animals gets digested very quickly. So if a gator had eaten a shark more than a few days before being caught, there was no way to know. Because alligators don't have any salt glands, "they're subject to the same pressures as me or you when being out in saltwater," Nifong says.

Do American Alligators Eat Coyote? American Alligators ( Alligator mississippiensis) are another predator known to take Coyote on occasion. The male American Alligators can measure between 11.2 to 15.1 ft while the female can measure 8.5 to 9.8 ft. American Alligators generally eat things like fish, snakes, turtles and small mammals.

How Do Alligators Chew Or Eat Their Food? Alligators mostly feed at night time and do not chew or cut their food . They like to swallow their prey whole if they can. The teeth of an alligator are conical in shape and they are designed to catch their prey so they cannot get away.

Do Alligators Or Crocodiles Eat Elephants?

Yes, even the hippo, which kills an average of 500 people a year, will succumb in a battle with a full-grown bull elephant. Do crocodiles eat elephants? Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) are plentiful in the Luangwa River, and they often prey on elephants that come to cross the river or to drink from the water's edge, the representative said.

What Animals Do Alligators Eat? Alligators will eat just about anything, but their primary diet consists of snails, fish, and turtles. Small animals that come to the water's edge to drink make easy prey for the alligator. Young alligators mostly feed on insects, crustaceans, snails, and fish. Alligators mate in the spring.

How Much Do Alligators Eat In One Day? Alligators can survive two to three years without eating.Alligators are one of the few reptiles today that care for their young.Alligators have vibration sensors on their skin that are extremely sensitive -- they can detect even the slightest vibration and get out of harm's way long before it arrives.

Do Boa Constrictors Eat Alligators? Boa constrictors in the glades have been known to eat alligators. They're slowly spreading north. They are a result of self styled experts who either released them because they got too big or were unable to keep them secure. 18.9 feet. Think about it. Note: this is in no way meant to insult someone who actually knows about snakes.

Do Alligators Eat Dead Bodies? However, gators are known for their opportunistic feeding behavior, and they will eat just about anything that has meat on it. So if they happen to come across a dead body, they would most likely eat it. In the wild, the diet of alligators includes various animals.

Do Alligators Eat 6 Foot Gators?

In September, F&S reported on a giant gator that was recorded on video eating a 6-foot gator in South Carolina's low country. Biologists say that alligators are "opportunistic feeders," which means that they'll typically chomp on whatever kinds of food they come across.