Reptile Questions

Can you be ophidiophobic and live with snakes?

Fortunately for many ophidiophobics, wild snakes do not spend much time around people if they can help it, though in places where snake populations are high it can be difficult for ophidiophobics to go outside. What Causes Ophidiophobia? Ophidiophobia is an anxiety disorder known as a specific phobia.

Where Do Rat Snakes Live? Their habitats vary by species. The following is a list of some common rat snake species' ranges and habitats. The largest species of rat snakes, this snake lives throughout New England and south to Georgia. They are found as far west as Northern Louisiana and as far north as Southern Wisconsin.

Where Do American Snakes Live? These snakes are native to portions of North and Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of these species live near water and some are found in areas with relatively cool climates. Almost all vipers and pit vipers give live birth, although there are a few key exceptions, such as bushmasters ( Lachesis ).

What Kind Of Snakes Live In Tampa?

In the urban areas around Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland, you can find many completely harmless snakes: Black racers Corn snakes Yellow rat snakes Garter snakes Milk snakes Florida ringneck snakes Banded water snakes

Where Do Baby Snakes Live In BC? But what they really love are insects like crickets and grasshoppers, and baby racers are mainly insectivores. The snakes inhabit grasslands, open forests, marshes and farmland in B.C.'s hot, dry interior. Generally you'll find them in Similkameen, Fraser, Okanagan and Thompson watersheds.

What Snakes Live In Coniferous Forests? One snake that lives in Coniferous forests is the common terrestrial garter snake. Like most snakes, their large mouth helps them swallow food such as mice, eggs, and insects.

What Type Of Snakes Live In Arizona? Arizona's amazing reptile diversity is composed of six turtle species, 49 lizard species, and 52 species of snakes. Among the snakes are 13 species of rattlesnakes, which is just over one-third of the world's rattlesnakes, and more than can be found in any other U.S. state.

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Do Snakes Live In The Ground?

These snakes tend to live in deeper more permanent conditions. They are much more protected in the ground than they would be out in the open. Other snakes spend a lot of their lives outside.

Where Do Ringtail Snakes Live? Ringtails are expert climbers, capable of climbing vertical walls to find the most protected crevices, crannies, and hollows in which to build their dens. In woodland areas, where they are less common, they den in hollow trees and logs. They have also been observed living in buildings.

Where Do Fox Snakes Live In The US? Conversely, eastern fox snakes are located in a much smaller range across the US and Canada. This species is almost exclusively found near bodies of water. They can be found most prominently near the great lakes in Ohio and Michigan. Also, this species has been noted in Ontario, Canada.

Where Do Brazilian Rainbow Boa Snakes Live? The natural habitat of the Brazilian Rainbow Boa is forests, rocky areas, and plantations. The climate in much of Central and South America is hot and humid, especially where this boa lives. You will often find this snake in solitude, hanging from low branches or slithering on the ground.

What Poisonous Snakes Live In Pennsylvania? The primary venomous snakes found in Western PA are:CottonmouthsMassassaguasTimber rattlesnakesCopperheads

Do Snakes Live In Wood Piles?

Snakes in Woodpile Control. Snakes in the wood piles are a very common problem that many homeowners in the United States have, Simply because of the fact that the wood pile is providing a snake with a nice dry place to live and hunt.

Why Do Snakes Live In Such Small Areas? If that keeps them in a fairly small area then it's just that they've found a good spot. As you've discovered, most snakes have a home range. Within that larger home range will be smaller areas even more familiar to them, within which will be their hide spots and preferred basking areas.

What Kind Of Snakes Live In The Carolinas? 1 Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin. While copperheads are common in most habits in the Carolinas, cottonmouths dominate areas around the water. 2 Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. These snakes are the largest species of rattlesnake and can weigh over ten pounds! ... 3 Timber Rattlesnake/Canebrake Rattlesnake. ... 4 Pygmy Rattlesnake. ...

Where Do Mole Snakes Live In Africa? The range of the mole snake encompasses most of southern Africa. P. cana is common in Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. It is widely distributed, with a range stretching from Angola in the north to Kenya in the east to South Africa .

What Kind Of Snakes Live In Western PA? Venomous Snakes in Western PennsylvaniaCopperheads. One of Pennsylvania's most aggressive breeds, Copperhead snakes are the cause of thousands of rarely-fatal bites a year.Timber Rattlesnakes. The largest of Pennsylvania's venomous snakes, Timber Rattlesnakes can be found in forests throughout the eastern United States.Massasauga Rattlesnakes. ...

Do Water Snakes Have Live Babies?

Water snakes, rat snakes, and garter snakes are some of the members of the large colubrid family. Water snakes are among the few members of the colubrid family that give birth to live young. They are viviparous, which means their young meet all requirements for development inside the placenta or the yolk sac.

What Type Of Habitat Do Snakes Live In? Snakes are found throughout the world except Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland and New Zealand. Most snakes are found in tropical regions. Snakes are found in many habitats including in the water, forests, deserts and prairies.

Do Owls Keep Blind Snakes As Live-in Housekeepers? Screech owls keep blind snakes as live-in housekeepers By David Moscato February 27 2017 An owl inviting a snake to live in the nest with its babies may sound like the plot of a kids' movie, but nature is full of unlikely partnerships, and in Texas, screech owls do have a habit of bringing tiny blind snakes home with them.

Where Do Rough Green Snakes Live? The rough green snake has a wide natural distribution. They can live in marshlands, near rivers and lakes, and even in the suburbs! Most go unnoticed thanks to their masterful camouflage and quirky behaviors. Expert Tip: An excellent pet snake for beginners, rough green snake care isn't as demanding as some other popular species.

What Kind Of Snakes Live In Oklahoma? Oklahoma Reptiles. Broad-banded Watersnake. Broad-headed Skink. Common Snapping Turtle. Dekay's Brownsnake. Eastern Collared Lizard. Eastern Racer. Eastern River Cooter. Five-lined Skink. Graham's Crayfish Snake. Great Plains Skink. Gulf Crayfish Snake. Kansas Glossy Snake. Lesser Earless Lizard. Little Brown Skink.

Where Do Chukar Snakes Live?

Wild Chukars in the U.S. are found in eastern Oregon and Washington, Utah, Idaho, throughout Nevada, and in parts of California. They do exist north of the border into Canada, but are more uncommon there.