Reptile Questions

Can garter snakes kill you?

Despite this, garter snakes cannot seriously injure or kill humans with the small amounts of comparatively mild venom they produce, and they also lack an effective means of delivering it. In a few cases, some swelling and bruising have been reported.

Is It Legal To Catch And Kill Garter Snakes In Iowa? Only garter snakes can be legally caught, collected or killed in all counties. Timber rattlesnakes are protected in 14 of Iowa's 99 counties, excluding within 50 yards of an actively occupied residence.

How Do Garter Snakes Kill Their Prey? Most Garter Snakes use their teeth and neurotoxins to immobilize their prey, and in those species that contain neurotoxins, they can also use their saliva to paralyze them. If a Garter Snake bites you, the area around the bite may become swollen and itchy.

How Do You Kill Garter Snakes?

Lift large snakes at the end of a long stick to move them outside the garden. If the snake poses a danger to people or pets, the safest way to kill it is from a distance with a long-handled shovel or hoe. After you kill a snake, don't handle the head. It can still bite by reflex action.

Does Mace Kill Copperheads And Garter Snakes? Nature's MACE is a trusted product that has been on the market for a very long time. It has over 50 years of R&D (research and development) behind it, and the manufacturer stands firmly behind their product. It is regarded as very powerful against copperheads, garter snakes, and rattlesnakes.

How Do You Raise Garter Snakes? Raising garter snakes can be extremely rewarding, as long as you know what you are doing. Prepare a 5-gallon tank for your baby garter snakes. Feed the snakes separately, ideally encouraging a diet of mice. Get these nervous snakes used to handling without musking and biting. Watch out for health concerns, such as trouble shedding or skin blisters.

How Big Are Garter Snakes When They Are Babies? Garter snakes start off at around 6-8 inches when they are born. They are on the smaller size of snakes. They can grow to be up to 5 feet as a mature adult. Garter snakes grow up to their adult forms really fast.

Do Garter Snakes Need A Deep Water Dish? Being semi-aquatic, a garter snake might be able to have a deeper dish than some snakes, but ideally, you'll keep the water fairly shallow. It is also important to keep the water clean. Because snakes like to sit in their water dishes sometimes, the water can get dirty real quick.

Are Garter Snakes Nocturnal Or Diurnal?

Plains garter snakes are diurnal creatures, however, during the summer may become more nocturnal in order to avoid the heat of the day. Plains garter snakes are carnivores. They feed on earthworms, fish, slugs, and small amphibians, including the larvae of salamanders.

How Many Babies Do Garter Snakes Have At Once? The common garter snake is of the few types of snakes that are ovoviviparous, which means that they give birth to live young. Most garter snakes give birth to 10 to 40 baby garter snakes at a time, though a big garter snake may produce a larger litter. Common garter snakes are not venomous, however they may bite if they feel threatened.

Can I Build A Garter Snakes Habitat? I've got a few large log piles that are mimicking a large downed log, (AKA a log surrogate,) and I spotted several young garter snakes moving into it to overwinter. Garter snakes often overwinter together, making large habitat features great places for this purpose. You can build a habitat feature just by piling up some logs and/or rocks.

Are There Garter Snakes In Oklahoma? The garter snake is the most widely distributed snake across the continent and is found all over Oklahoma. They are harmless and easily identified by the thick dorsal stripe that runs down the center of the back from head to tail.

What Do Garter Snakes Eat In The Wild? This little snake will eat almost anything they can get a grip on in the wild but their natural diet normally comprises of amphibians, small fish or small mammals. Garter snakes come from a moderately warm environment so they struggle with the cold of the UK. To insulate against this we recommend keeping the snake in a wooden vivarium.

Do Garter Snakes Have Different Colours?

Sometimes its body is splotchy, giving it a checked appearance. Eastern garter snakes in Georgia and Florida sometimes have bluish coloring. Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis (red-sided garter snake): This California subspecies of common garter snake can be stunning.

Why Do Garter Snakes Musk? Garter snakes musk more frequently than other snakes. That's because they're smaller than most other common snakes, which means they have to defend themselves with musk rather than their tiny fangs. Their musk has an unpleasant but sweet odor.

Why Do Garter Snakes Bask In The Sun? This is why you see garter snakes basking themselves on rocks in the morning sun. Because they use their environment to regulate their body temperature, they need to be able to warm up - and cool down - according to their needs. That's why you need to create a temperature gradient in its vivarium.

Are Garter Snakes Shy When They Are Young? Garter snakes can be a little shy when they are young. We still use the full-size enclosure to make sure that the correct temperature gradient is in place but we will provide more decorations to begin with. Naturally, garter snakes would be experiencing temperatures of around 85 o f in the sun.

How Often Do Baby Garter Snakes Eat? Baby garter snakes eat every second day which is more frequently than adult snakes. According to, a baby garter pet snake should get two or three small earthworms, or one-quarter to one-third of a large nightcrawler, or a few feeder guppies, or one large feeder platy, or one-quarter to one-half of a pinky mouse.

When Do Garter Snakes Mate?

Garter snakes mate in early spring. Females emit pheromones which attract males. Males are typically much smaller than females. When they locate a female, all of the males will surround her, forming what is known as a mating ball. Each male competes to be the one to fertilize her. This can be a startling sight for any human that comes across one.

Do Garter Snakes Eat Their Prey Whole? The saliva of some species contains a mild neurotoxin that causes paralysis, making small prey easier to swallow. Like other snakes, garter snakes swallow their food whole, according to the ADW. Beane said "some larger prey may be dragged and chewed until killed by trauma."

Do Garter Snakes Come Out During The Day? If you have Garter snakes in your yard or garden, chances are you may not even know. Garter snakes are incredibly active. They come out both night and day. They are typically ground-dwellers, but they may also climb shrubs, vines, or trees to escape predators.

How Do Garter Snakes Get In Your House? Like other reptiles, garter snakes are cold-blooded creatures. For this reason, they like to dwell at locations that can easily offer them food and warmth. They can even get in your house through a fairly small opening in the kitchen, toilet drains, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

Are Garter Snakes Bad For Your Garden? The garter is among the world's most benign snakes; it's not harmful and it eats the pests that eats your garden. Flickr/Courtney Celley/USFWS

Can Garter Snakes Live In Water?

Aquatic Garter Snake - Like their name suggests, this species has quite the affinity for water. They flee to the water when threatened, and often hunt in the water as well. These snakes even use their tongues as a lure to capture fish! Giant Garter Snake - The largest of the 35-odd species, this snake is in decline.

Do Garter Snakes Eat At Night? Typically, Garter snakes go hunting in the morning or evening, and they will rarely feed overnight. Still, these serpents are adaptable creatures, and they won't miss an opportunity to eat when something delicious comes up.

What Time Of Year Do Garter Snakes Come Out? March to April is the most likely time to catch your first sighting of a garter snake. They usually will not emerge earlier so they can avoid a late frost. In early spring, garter snakes only emerge very briefly from hibernation. It may be harder to find them, since they don't leave very often or for very long periods of time.

What Do Garter Snakes Do Before Hibernation? Prior to mating season and hibernation, garter snakes will travel miles to communal den sites. Garter snakes are one of the few serpents that give birth to live young. Prior to the breeding stage, a female snake will stop eating for a period of a few weeks.

Can You Get Rid Of Garter Snakes Without Killing Them? Yes, You Can Get Rid of Garter Snakes Without Killing Them Part of having a yard is dealing with all of the critters that will wander over to visit you. Some of these will be cute and furry, and others will be more scaly. Most of the time, garter snakes don't pose a problem at all.

How Long Can Baby Garter Snakes Go Without Eating?

However, the younger the snake, the less time they can go without eating food. Baby garter snakes will start to lose weight and deteriorate in health after just two weeks, so you need to get your baby garter snakes to eat. Force-feeding should always be a final resort.

What Temperature Do Garter Snakes Come Out? Depending upon the species in question, garter, ribbon and water snakes do best at an ambient temperature of 72-82 F, with a warmer basking site (90-95 F) and a drop to 68 F or so at night.

How Big Do Garter Snakes Get In Maine? Common Garter Snakes (Thamnophis Sirtalis) can be encountered throughout Maine and grow to four feet (1.2 meters) in length. They come in a host of colors from blue or gold to red, orange, black, brown, and green. They are mostly active in the mornings and late afternoons.

Do Garter Snakes Like To Be Alone? Garter Snake Habits Garter snakes are shy. They will generally avoid humans and animal contact and prefer to be left alone. If you have Garter snakes in your yard or garden, chances are you may not even know.

How Dangerous Are Garter Snakes? The saliva of a common garter snake may be toxic to amphibians and other small animals. Garter snakes were researched and studies show they have a mild venom in their saliva. For humans, a bite is not dangerous, though it may cause slight itching, burning, and/or swelling.

Are Garter Snakes Born Alive?

Garter Snakes are born in the summer and early fall. Young Garter Snakes are born alive, meaning they don't come from eggs. There are usually 10 to 18 in a litter, but the number can be higher.