Reptile Questions

Are reptiles and amphibians intelligent?

While we must be careful as not to anthropomorphize, or attribute human qualities and emotions to these animals, certainly, many reptiles and amphibians can indeed be quite intelligent and perceptive animals, oftentimes much more so than traditionally believed.

Are Crickets Good For Reptiles And Amphibians? So although the dubia roaches are easier for them to digest, crickets still have a low enough amount of fiber for many reptiles and amphibians to consume. Both superworms and crickets hit that recommended sweet spot for protein content for reptiles and amphibians.

How Does The Weather Affect Reptiles And Amphibians? A lot of reptiles and amphibians undergo periods of extreme seasonal inactivity. When the weather gets colder, they may experience decreased heart rates, slowed metabolisms and lower overall body temperatures.

What Is Tracks And Sign Of Reptiles And Amphibians?

This is an iNaturalist project where trackers share observations and help each other learn about animal tracks, all while contributing to scientific research. Tracks and Sign of Reptiles and Amphibians is the only book dedicated to identifying reptile and amphibian tracks in North America.

Did Amphibians Evolve From Reptiles? Evolution of Amphibians Fossil evidence shows that amphibians evolved about 365 million years ago from a lobe-finned lungfish ancestor. Then some of them evolved into reptiles. Once reptiles appeared, with their amniotic eggs, they replaced amphibians as the dominant land vertebrates. What type of fish did amphibians evolve from?

Which Phylum Contains Amphibians Reptiles And Mammals? Chordates include pandas, crows, sharks, salamanders, alligators, sea squirts, and many others. So, to answer the question, which phylum contains amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, the answer is Chordata. What about people...

Are Amphibians And Reptiles Under-represented In Wildlife Protection? Though amphibians and reptiles represent some of the most rapidly disappearing species on Earth, they've long been underrepresented when it comes to wildlife protection.

What Is The Study Of Reptiles And Amphibians Called? Who are herpetologists?Louis Agassiz.César Augusto Aguilar Puntriano.Ernst Ahl.Angel Chua Alcala.Alfred William Alcock.Ulisse Aldrovandi.Ross Allen (1908 - 1981)Allen Allison.

What Do We Do To Help Amphibians And Reptiles In Herefordshire?

Our activities include recording the distribution and population size of amphibians and reptiles throughout Herefordshire, conservation work such as pond restoration, workshops and training days, talks and visits, providing advice on pond and habitat conservation and identifying threats to local habitats.

How Do Pet Reptiles And Amphibians Get Fat? Conversely many pet reptiles and amphibians will continue eating until their digestive tracts are full, and if all they are offered is high energy density food then they will rapidly achieve their MER, exceed it and become obese. Proteins are assembled from groups of amino acids - indeed a protein can contain up to 22 amino acids.

Are Snakes Amphibians Or Reptiles? Reptiles and Amphibians - Snakes of the World. Snakes are part of the reptile family. There are many species of snake throughout the world and they inhabit every continent except Antarctica. Not all snakes are venomous.

Are Amphibians And Reptiles The Same Thing? The main differences between reptiles and mammals is that reptiles don't have fur, are cold-blooded, and they lay eggs. Mammals do the opposite of those things. Amphibians are basically the same as reptiles except for the fact that amphibians live in water and land.

Are Alligators Classified As Reptiles Or Amphibians? Alligators are reptiles. Reptiles have scaly skin and lay shelled eggs, unlike amphibians that have smooth skin and must be kept wet in order from drying out. Amphibians also differ from reptiles such as alligators, as their eggs do not have shells.

Why Are Amphibians More Closely Related To Reptiles Than Fish?

(As the descendants of the same species that gave rise to the tetrapods, the remaining lobe-finned fish are more closely-related to reptiles and mammals than they are to 99% of other fish.) As the first vertebrates to adapt to life out of the water, the amphibians had a huge advantage over their water-based ancestors.

Should The Government Remove Legal Protection For Some Amphibians And Reptiles? Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) has urged government and its advisors to reconsider proposals to remove legal protection from eight species of amphibian and reptile. The government is poised to remove legal protection for some amphibians and reptiles.

How Many Species Of Amphibians And Reptiles Are There? There are over 6700 species of amphibians and over 9000 species of reptiles. In spite of its modern taxonomic irrelevance, the term has persisted, particularly in the names of herpetology, the scientific study of non-avian reptiles and amphibians, and herpetoculture, the captive care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians.

How Did Amphibians And Reptiles Evolve? Additionally, amphibians underwent larval phases that were entirely aquatic; only the adult animals were able to survive terrestrial habitats. Reptiles arose during the Carboniferous period and quickly took over as the dominant form of land vertebrates.

Can You Help Vermont's Reptiles And Amphibians? Thank you for your interest in Vermont's reptiles and amphibians! We are in the midst of our annual fundraiser. Please consider a donation to help keep our work going! Click here or below to learn more about what we've been up to and the variety of ways you can donate. What do we do?

What Do Reptiles And Amphibians Need?

A reptiles' or amphibians' health is dependent on their environment much more than a cat or dog. This is because these animals require the proper heat, humidity, lighting, as well as specialized diets. It is also important to understand that each reptile or amphibian species comes from a different environment or has adapted to eat different foods.

What Are The Threats To Reptiles And Amphibians? Habitat loss and degradation is one of the greatest threats to amphibian and reptile populations and occurs from a variety of sources, including urban/suburban development, aquatic habitat alteration from water withdrawals and stream diversions, water pollution, and off-road vehicle use in terrestrial habitats.

Why Do Amphibians Need Higher Humidity Than Reptiles? Many amphibians require lower temperatures than reptiles, but they require higher humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. This is usually measured in relative humidity and expressed as a percent. Heat and relative humidity are opposite of each other. When humid air is warmed, it becomes dryer as it expands and vice versa.