Reptile Questions

Are Burmese pythons good snakes for beginners?

The Burmese Python is one of the largest snakes in the world, but can also live in your house too! The question is, should they and are they a good snake for beginners? Typically a gentle giant, this snake is relatively docile when it comes to human interaction. He may be large, but he is very common as a pet and relatively inexpensive.

Are Ball Pythons Good Beginners Snakes? And while people often consider ball pythons a "beginners" snake, think twice before making your purchase. The non-venomous constrictor can live 25 to 30 years and grow up to 4.5 feet long. They also need to be maintained at the proper temperature and humidity in addition to being fed fresh or frozen mice once a week.

Are Arboreal Snakes Good For Beginners? Arboreal snakes are not ideal for beginners in general. From research conducted, there is only one snake ideal for a beginner, which is the spotted python. All the other snakes are ideal for intermediate and advanced keepers.

Are Corn Snakes Good For Beginners?

They are native to the southeastern United States, are mostly land-dwelling and are active mainly at night or at dusk and dawn. Pet corn snakes are generally docile, relatively easy to care for and do not get very large therefore they make a great choice for beginner snake owners.

Are Rosy Boas Good Snakes For Beginners? Rosy boas ( Charina trivirgata) are criminally underappreciated snakes, who are often a great choice for novice reptile keepers. Unlike some of their cousins, who grow too large to be appropriate for beginners, rosy boas reach about 3 or 4 feet in length.

Are Snakes Good For Beginners? They're either great for beginners due to their ease of care, or they have a unique look and behavior that makes them stand out. With so many types of snakes to choose from, we wanted to make the decision process a little easier for you by putting together this list.

Are Woma Snakes Good For Beginners? Thanks to its docile nature, the Woma is one of the easier snakes to handle. This makes it great for beginners. With that being said, its beauty and graceful movement make it a popular choice even for seasoned snake owners. The Woma is native to Central and Southwestern Australia, but is considered endangered in certain regions.

Are Corn Snakes Good Pets For Beginners? Corn snakes make excellent pet snakes. They are not only a particularly beautiful species of snake, coming in many different colors. They also have a very docile temperament, which is why it's not surprising they're among one of the most popular breeds of snakes among pet owners. So are corn snakes good pets for beginners? Let's find out!

Are Eastern Milk Snakes Good For Beginners?

The Eastern milk snake is considered as a pretty snake, of the many subspecies of milk snake, the eastern is a bit tougher to handle for beginners than its counterpart. It has a reputation, perhaps deserved, of being a bit difficult to acclimate.

Are Ball Python Snakes Good For Beginners? Ball pythons are very easy going snakes. They are docile and tend to be more laid back than other species. Because of this, they are often recommended for beginners. They are also relatively popular and easy to find, though this cannot be said for the yellow belly morph in particular.

Are Gopher Snakes Good Pets For Beginners? They are a great pet for beginners and are easily handled with their gentle and docile nature. 6. Gopher Snake Very active pets which are tame to handle for beginners.

Are Garter Snakes Good Pets For Beginners? Garter Snake Pet Care Tips and Feeding Advice for Beginners! Garter snakes are one of the easiest snakes to care for in captivity. Their calm temperament, small size, and harmless (non-venomous) bite make them the ideal pet for any budding herpetologist.

What Kind Of Snakes Are Good For Beginners? California Kingsnakes, Rosy Boas, Hognose, Ball Pythons and Corn snakes are cute species and suitable for beginners. All of these species are generally hardy and docile. They are also easy to care for and enjoying being handled.

Are Sinaloan Milk Snakes Good For Beginners?

The Sinaloan milk snake is a large milk snake that hails from the coast of Mexico. Its calm demeanor, easy care needs, and small space requirements make it a good beginner snake.

What Snakes Are Good For Beginners? Beginners should stick to those species that are docile, easy to feed and remain relatively small. Additionally, beginners should only acquire snakes that were born and bred in captivity, as wild-caught snakes often present a number of challenges. Some of the best species for beginners include the following:

Are African House Snakes Good For Beginners? African House Snake The African House Snake or "Brown House Snake" is a small, under-rated colubrid snake that makes a perfect pet for mos t beginner reptile keepers! From temperature, to humidity, to substrate, to enclosure decor, hobbyists have had success keeping this hardy species in such a wide variety of conditions that it's hard to go wrong.

Are Mexican Milk Snakes Good For Beginners? Mexican Milk Snakes in particular have a reputation for being one of the most docile milk snakes, although why this is, no one really knows, but along with their small size, does make them a popular starter snake or snake for children. All of the milk snake family should be calm and handleable as adults and suitable for beginners.

Are Snakes Good Pets For Beginners? There are many species of snakes that make good pets for those new to reptiles. As long as you stick to starter species they are generally quite easy to care for, feed, and tame.

Are King Snakes Good Pets For Beginners?

Good Pet Snakes For Complete BeginnersCorn snake. Corn snakes are one of the most commonly kept and readily available snakes. ...California Kingsnake. Next on our list is the California King Snake. ...Rosy Boa. Third in our list is the Rosy Boa. ...Gopher Snake. Gopher snakes are also very easy to find and inexpensive to buy. ...Ball Python. ...

Are House Snakes Good For Beginners? House snakes usually don't bear bold colors or patterns, but they have very mild, easy-going temperaments and are usually very easy to feed. Additionally, if you'd like to try breeding snakes, house snakes are one of the best choices for beginners.

Are Mangrove Snakes Good For Beginners? Mangrove Snakes are not the best snakes for beginners because of how they are venomous and quite difficult to feed. How big can a Mangrove Snake get? Mangrove Snakes are pretty large snakes and can grow up to 8 feet.

Are Spotted Pythons Good Snakes For Beginners? As recorded, spotted pythons can live in captivity for more than 20 years and they are not dangerous, which also makes them ideal for beginners. The snake is among the smallest pythons and they have bold patterns with a dark body, as well as, lateral splotches. It is a nocturnal species that also thrive in the shrubs and woodlands.