Reptile Questions

Are ants older than dinosaurs?

There's some scientific evidence that ants could be older than even dinosaurs. Researchers have carried out genetic analysis of numerous ant species and they found out that the first ants came into existence approximately 110 to 130 million years ago.

Is Uluru Older Than The Dinosaurs? The origins of Uluru is said to date back 500 million years, which means it is 250 million years older than the dinosaurs. By comparison, the Grand Canyon is said to date back 70 million years.

Is Protoceratops Older Than Other Dinosaurs? Like all ceratopsians, Protoceratops was from the Late Cretaceous, but it was older than most of its relatives. Protoceratops was a small, compact dinosaur, only six feet long as an adult and two feet tall at the hips.

Are Crocodiles Older Then Dinosaurs?

­Crocodiles are built to last. Evolving around 200 million years in the Mesozoic epo­ch, crocodiles have far outlived the dinosaurs. Scattered across more than 90 countries, 23 species of the Crocodylia order haunt freshwater rivers, streams and marshes.

Are Bed Bugs Older Than Dinosaurs? BED BUGS ARE OLDER THAN DINOSAURS. Bed bugs may have originated in the Middle East, living in caves inhabited by bats and humans. Often referred to as blood-sucking parasites, these insects originally lived off the blood of bats, until humans started moving into caves. The name "bed bug", is derived from the insect's preferred habitat...

Are Trilobites Older Than Dinosaurs? Trilobites are way older than dinosaurs. Trilobites had their heyday around 600 million years ago and lasted some 100 million years. Not a bad run really. But dinosaurs didn't get started until around 200 million years ago and died out around 60 million years ago. As you can see, a lot can happen in 600 million years.

Are Dinosaurs Older Than Humans? Note that on young-Earth creationist terms, dinosaurs are only a day and a half older than humans (and that's just birds, in the opinion of most YECs; Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus were created at most a few hours before humans). But then, according to YECs, the Earth is older than the sun it orbits. , More experience than one person should have.

Is The Origin Of The Crocodile Older Than The Dinosaurs? One evolution lead to crocodiles and the other evolution lead to birds and dinosaurs. In that sense, crocodiles have an origin that is same as that of dinosaurs but they may be older than the latter. Protosuchus, which is the oldest fossil found till date happens to be 240 million years old.

Are Mammals Older Than Dinosaurs?

This discovery, which provides information on the life and environment of the early mammals, has been published in the journal The Science of Nature. "The early mammals lived in the shadow of the dinosaurs for more than 160 million years.

Is Cheeky Older Than The Dinosaurs? Cheeky is shown as a blue, round rock, with a slightly distorted Check-It face. Cheeky owns many meat plants, one is able to be played in Roblox, you can play it here. Cheeky also seems to be 900,000,000 years old. This means Cheeky's not only older than the dinosaurs, he also managed to survive the meteor.

Are Tree Ferns Older Than Dinosaurs? Tree ferns are older than dinosaurs. And that's not even the most interesting thing about them With massive fronds creating a luxuriously green canopy in the understory of Australian forests, tree ferns are a familiar sight on many long drives or bushwalks.

How Do You Know That Sharks Are Older Than Dinosaurs? Anatomy, Diversity & Evolution. What makes a shark a shark? No matter their size, all sharks have similar anatomy. ...Ecology & Behavior. Thanks to electronic tags, researchers are uncovering some of the secrets of the whale shark. ...Conservation

Are Petoskey Stones Older Than The Dinosaurs? At 350 million years of age, Petoskey stones are older than the dinosaurs. (Kathy Miling photo) At 350 million years of age, Petoskey stones are older than the dinosaurs, which roamed the earth beginning 165 million years ago.

Is The Grand Canyon Older Than The Dinosaurs?

Karlstrom and his colleagues challenged the idea that the gorge we know as the Grand Canyon was around in the age of the dinosaurs. In research also backed by thermochronology, they argued that though some sections of it are older, the canyon as it exists today is no more than 6 million years old.

Is The Garmin Canadian Topo Map Older Than Dinosaurs? The Garmin Canadian topo map is older than dinosaurs. Unless you want coverage for entire Canada, I don't see why you'd want Garmin topos over Backroad. Location: Po Co, BC, Canada.

Are Alligators Older Than Dinosaurs? American alligators appeared about 84 million years ago, while their ancestors evolved more than 200 million years ago. The only older reptiles are turtles and tortoises. In fact, alligators are more closely related to dinosaurs than to other modern reptiles.

Were Dragons Older Than Dinosaurs? Unlike dragons, dinosaurs existed up to 65 million years ago when they all went extinct during the end of the Cretaceous period in history. Dragons are imaginary creatures that were written about (literature and historical texts) and vary in form and size across various cultures in Europe, Middle-East, and China.

Are Spiders Older Than The Dinosaurs? Scientists have discovered that the "modern" spider has been in existence for longer than the dinosaurs.

Are Petoskey Stones Older Than Dinosaurs?

At 350 million years of age, Petoskey stones are older than the dinosaurs, which roamed the earth beginning 165 million years ago. Like dinosaurs, Petoskey stones are rocks and fossils ( The Complete Guide to Petoskey Stones, Bruce Mueller and William H. Wilde, 2004).

Are Dinosaurs Older Than Jesus Christ? Some Christians might say "but Jesus has always existed" since they believe he's this divine godly being that has always existed. But this ain't true, in fact, Jesus might've been nothing more than a primitive cult leader who got highly exaggerated. So the dinosaurs are much older than Jesus. Feel free to disagree, but this is just me.

Why Are Sharks Older Than Dinosaurs And Jellyfish? What's not interesting is that there older than dinosaurs because dinosaurs are dead trees are very old but sharks are older survive many extinction events that almost no animals could survive and they are still here with us. Jelly fish have been around longer but that doesn't matter sharks are the helpers of the ocean cleaning up the dead animals.

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Are Dinosaurs Older Than Humans And Sharks? Yes. Sharks were here long before dinosaurs, going back over 450 million years ago, while dinosaurs appeared about 220 million years ago. Yes. The earliest known sharks are from some 420 million to 425 million years ago and the earliest known dinosaurs are from some 233 million years ago.